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Warning to FE Trustnet users

FE Trustnet does not under any circumstances offer cash prizes, investment advice or the opportunity to buy and sell financial products.

If you have found this page because you've received an email, letter, or any other form of communication from FE Trustnet offering you money, the opportunity to win money, or the opportunity to buy or sell financial products then it is likely that this is the result of an attempt at fraud, where someone is using our logo and website illegally as a means to give credibility to this crime.
We are aware that a company calling itself FE Trustnet International and illegally using our logos/trademarks has been involved in targeting investors with false offers of shares - shares which do not exist - in reputable companies.

A number of people have fallen victim to this scam, and FE Trustnet users should be aware that we do not offer any transactional facilities or investment advice, and have no association or affiliation with FE Trustnet International whatsoever.

Fraud involving false share offers, investment advice and pressurised selling of investments are sometimes referred to as 'boiler room' scams and they are not uncommon.

The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators Registrars Group (ICSA) issued this warning after a recent upturn in this type of fraud.

Warning to Shareholders

Over the last year many companies have become aware that their shareholders have received unsolicited phone calls or correspondence concerning investment matters.

These are typically from overseas based 'brokers' who target UK shareholders offering to sell them what often turn out to be worthless or high risk shares in US or UK investments.

They can be very persistent and extremely persuasive and a 2006 survey by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has reported that the average amount lost by investors is around £20,000. It is not just the novice investor that has been duped in this way; many of the victims had been successfully investing for several years.

Shareholders are advised to be very wary of any unsolicited advice, offers to buy shares at a discount or offers of free company reports.

If you receive any unsolicited investment advice:

  • Make sure you get the correct name of the person and organisation.

  • Check that they are properly authorised by the FCA before getting involved. You can check at

  • The FCA also maintains on its website a list of unauthorised overseas firms who are targeting, or have targeted, UK investors and any approach from such organisations should be reported to the FCA so that this list can be kept up to date and any other appropriate action can be considered. If you deal with an unauthorised firm, you would not be eligible to receive payment under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. The FCA can be contacted by completing an online form at

  • Inform our compliance department. Contact [Tim Bentley] on [01483 783 929] or email []

Details of any sharedealing facilities that the company endorses will be included in company mailings. More detailed information on this or similar activity can be found on the FCA website

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