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Contact details

6, route de Trèves,
L-2633 Senningerberg,
00352 3410 3020 (Main Number) ;

Fund managers

* Stephen Chang»01-Jul-2004 to Present
* Jeffrey Roskell»01-Jan-2010 to Present
* Julie Ho»01-Jan-2014 to Present
* Shaw Ho»01-Jan-2014 to Present
Adam Upton»01-Jun-2012 to 25-Sep-2012
Joanna Kwok»01-Jan-2010 to 30-Apr-2012
Arthur Lau»01-Sep-2006 to 31-Dec-2009
Victor Lee»01-Sep-2006 to 30-Nov-2006

Investment objectives

To provide income and long term capital growth by investing primarily in income generating securities of countries in the Asia Pacific region (excluding Japan).


performance chart
    1y 3y 5y 12m-24m 24m-36m 36m-48m 48m-60m
+13.3 +26.0 +50.3 +7.8 +3.2 +9.9 +8.5
  MIXED ASSET - BALANCED +11.9+17.7+30.8+6.8-1.4+8.7+2.2
  Bid OfferCurrency+/-YieldCiticodeSEDOLISINCodeWKNDate
pdf JPM ASIA PACIFIC INCOME A ACC $ 19.46 20.44 USD 0.05 - 0A4C n/a LU0210527791 n/a 01-Sep-2014
pdf JPM ASIA PACIFIC INCOME A ACC NAV $ 19.46 USD 0.05 - 0A4D n/a LU0210527791 n/a 01-Sep-2014
pdf JPM ASIA PACIFIC INCOME A DIS $ 31.16 32.72 USD 0.09 - ABHH n/a LU0117844026 n/a 01-Sep-2014
pdf JPM ASIA PACIFIC INCOME A DIS NAV $ 31.16 USD 0.09 - ABJD n/a LU0117844026 n/a 01-Sep-2014
pdf JPM ASIA PACIFIC INCOME A DIS USD 31.00 32.72 USD 0.09 - CK09 n/a LU0117844026 n/a 01-Sep-2014
pdf JPM ASIA PACIFIC INCOME B ACC 14.35 14.35 USD 0.04 - DRG6 n/a LU0129499017 n/a 01-Sep-2014
pdf JPM ASIA PACIFIC INCOME B ACC NAV 14.35 USD 0.04 - DRG7 7099885 LU0129499017 795310 01-Sep-2014
pdf JPM ASIA PACIFIC INCOME C DIS NAV USD 117.69 USD 0.32 - F2VN B8DKGY8 LU0822046792 A1J323 01-Sep-2014
pdf JPM ASIA PACIFIC INCOME C DIS USD 117.69 117.69 USD 0.32 - F2VO n/a LU0822046792 n/a 01-Sep-2014
pdf JPM ASIA PACIFIC INCOME D ACC 25.81 27.24 USD 0.07 - JQ39 n/a LU0117844612 n/a 01-Sep-2014
pdf JPM ASIA PACIFIC INCOME A ACC NAV USD 19.46 USD 0.05 - JS66 B1FMZN5 LU0210527791 A0DQQ5 01-Sep-2014
pdf JPM ASIA PACIFIC INCOME A ACC USD 19.36 20.43 USD 0.05 - JS67 n/a LU0210527791 n/a 01-Sep-2014
pdf JPM ASIA PACIFIC INCOME A DIS NAV USD 31.16 USD 0.09 - RT32 7103560 LU0117844026 577345 01-Sep-2014
pdf JPM ASIA PACIFIC INCOME D ACC NAV 25.94 USD 0.07 - RT34 7111831 LU0117844612 796138 01-Sep-2014
Detailed fund information
Launch date15-Jun-2001
Fund size £1,643.3m / $2,730.2m (30-Jun-14)
Minimum initial $ 35,000
Minimum additional $ 5,000
Savings plan Fund has Savings Plan 
FE Trustnet Sector Mixed Asset - Balanced
Asset ClassMixed Asset
Pricing times0:00 DD
Dealing frequencyn/a
Distributor statusFund distributor status
Peer groups
Region Asset Class Sector
Luxembourg Mixed Asset Mixed Asset - Balanced
Largest holdings, 30-Jun-2014
Holding (%) Rank Holding (%) Rank
Regional weightings, 30-Jun-2014
China22.301 22.30% China
Hong Kong15.002 15.00% Hong Kong
Australia13.103 13.10% Australia
Singapore9.204 9.20% Singapore
Korea7.905 7.90% Korea
Taiwan6.506 6.50% Taiwan
Thailand5.507 5.50% Thailand
India4.808 4.80% India
Cash4.609 4.60% Cash
Indonesia3.7010 3.70% Indonesia
Philippines2.7011 2.70% Philippines
New Zealand2.1012 2.10% New Zealand
Malaysia1.6013 1.60% Malaysia
Macau0.5014 0.50% Macau
Sri Lanka0.5015 0.50% Sri Lanka
Sector weightings, 30-Jun-2014
Equities57.201 57.20% Equities
Fixed Interest38.202 38.20% Fixed Interest
Cash4.603 4.60% Cash

Price total return performance figures are calculated on a bid price to bid price basis (mid to mid where applicable) with gross income (dividends) reinvested. Performance figures are shown in fund’s native currency unless otherwise specified – performance figures can be rebased to Pence Sterling (GBX) using the rebasing option.

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  1y 3y
Volatility 6.04 6.04
Alpha 6.35 6.35
Beta 0.57 0.57
Sharpe 1.63 1.63
Info Ratio 0.24 0.24
R2 0.40 0.40
Quartiles:   1  2  3  4  help with ratios
vs. Mixed Asset - Balanced»

Fund vs sector

  1y 3y
Position 45 / 130 27 / 117
Quartile 2 1

Fund ratings

FE Crown Rating: 3 FE
Crown Rating

n/aS&P Rating


FSA fines Close Investments

12:30 PM | 07-Jun-2010

Latest Fundswire  

Asset allocation

Chinese Fixed Interest, 13.30%
13.3000% ofChinese Fixed Interest
Australian Equities, 13.00%
13.0000% ofAustralian Equities
Hong Kong Equities, 9.30%
9.3000% ofHong Kong Equities
Chinese Equities, 9.00%
9.0000% ofChinese Equities
Singapore Equities, 7.70%
7.7000% ofSingapore Equities
Taiwanese Equities, 6.40%
6.4000% ofTaiwanese Equities
Hong Kong Fixed Interest, 5.70%
5.7000% ofHong Kong Fixed Interest
Money Market, 4.60%
4.6000% ofMoney Market
South Korean Equities, 4.30%
4.3000% ofSouth Korean Equities
Indonesian Fixed Interest, 3.70%
3.7000% ofIndonesian Fixed Interest
South Korean Fixed Interest, 3.60%
3.6000% ofSouth Korean Fixed Interest
Indian Fixed Interest, 3.40%
3.4000% ofIndian Fixed Interest
Thai Equities, 3.20%
3.2000% ofThai Equities
Thai Fixed Interest, 2.30%
2.3000% ofThai Fixed Interest
New Zealand Equities, 2.10%
2.1000% ofNew Zealand Equities
Philippine Fixed Interest, 1.90%
1.9000% ofPhilippine Fixed Interest
Malaysian Fixed Interest, 1.60%
1.6000% ofMalaysian Fixed Interest
Singapore Fixed Interest, 1.50%
1.5000% ofSingapore Fixed Interest
Indian Equities, 1.40%
1.4000% ofIndian Equities
Macau & Sri Lanka, 1.00%
1.0000% ofMacau & Sri Lanka
Philippine Equities, 0.80%
0.8000% ofPhilippine Equities
Australian Fixed Interest, 0.10%
0.1000% ofAustralian Fixed Interest
Taiwanese Fixed Interest, 0.10%
0.1000% ofTaiwanese Fixed Interest

Sector analysis


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