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Contact details

201 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 3AE
0845 608 8703 (Dealing)
0800 832 832 (Main Number)

Fund managers

* John Bennett»01-Dec-2010 to Present
Eleanor Cameron»01-May-2011 to 31-May-2011
Roger Guy»01-Jan-1993 to 30-Nov-2010

Investment objectives

The Company seeks to maximise total return from a focused portfolio of listed Continental European Stocks.

Key Information

Fund vs sector

  1y 3y
Position 1 / 8 1 / 8
Quartile 1 1

Fund ratings

FE Crown Rating: 4 FE
Crown Rating


  1y 3y
Volatility 12.35 12.35
Alpha 5.16 5.16
Beta 1.01 1.01
Sharpe 1.00 1.00
InfoRatio 0.86 0.86
R2 0.77 0.77
Quartiles:   1  2   3  4   help with ratios
vs. Europe»


performance chart
    1y 3y 5y 12m-24m 24m-36m 36m-48m 48m-60m
+20.0 +106.5 +90.2 +42.3 +20.9 -8.3 +0.5
  NAV +19.5+84.0+80.0+24.4 +23.8-4.1+2.0
  Europe +10.8+73.1+79.5+32.4+18.0-3.5+7.5
Share Price
 SharePriceDatePrem/DiscDiluted NAVGearingDiv yield
EstimLast pub.NetGross
pdf HENDERSON EUROPEAN FOCUS TRUST ORD 50P 955.50 (p) 15-Sep-2014 -.26 962.48 964.30
107 2.86 2.86
Capital structure & income
Share Type Exchange Nominal value Issued Market value (m) Wind-up date Splits News
HENDERSON EUROPEAN FOCUS TRUST ORD 50P UNIT LONDON 50 17,873,000 171.58 n/a n/a company announcements
Share identifiers: TIDM: HEFT; SEDOL: 0526885; ISIN: GB0005268858
Detailed fund information
Fund type flag United Kingdom-registered Investment Trusts
Gross assets£184.5m / $299.4m
Sector Europe
Asset ClassEquity
Own ISA wrapper Fund has ISA Wrapper help with ISA
Savings plan Fund has Savings Plan Minimum: GBX 50.0 Monthly
Annual accountsannual (Click to order)
Last report / accounts08-May-2014
Last AGM24-Jan-2014
Next AGMJanuary 2015
Stockbroker(s)Winterflood Investment Trusts
Management contractManagement agreement terminable on one years notice. The management fee is calculated monthly in arrear at 0.75% per annum on the value of the Company's Total Assets (before deducting bank loan). The Company's key performance indicator is the movement of the NAV compared with the movement of the FTSE World Index - Europe (ex UK) in sterling terms (the Index). The investment management agreement provides for an additional performance-related fee to the Manager in years when the NAV decreases based on the degree to which NAV exceeds that of the index. No performance related fee is payable for the year to 30-Sep-08.
Borrowing limitFacility total = '50,000,000
Continuation / Wind-up provisionThe Fund has an unlimited life. The board intends to introduce a discount management policy, Shares available in the market at prices representing discounts greater than 3.5% to NAV will be repurchased by the Company. At the AGM held on 30-Jan-09 the Company renewed its authority to repurchase up to 14.99% of its issued share capital. The Company did not appoint the Carrousel nominees to the Board of Directors. The Company revised its discount management policy at no greater than 3.5% to NAV; effective 09-Mar-07.
Dividend policyn/a
Investment restrictionsThe cost of any particular holding is restricted to 10% of the market value of the total assets.
Reconstruction proposaln/a
Settlement detailsn/a
Tax policyn/a
Peer groups
Region Asset Class Investment Focus Sector
Europe Ex UK Equity Mixed Europe
Largest holdings, 31-Jul-2014
Holding (%) Rank Holding (%) Rank
BAYER AG3.605UCB S.A.2.8010
Regional weightings, 31-Jul-2014
Region (%) Rank  
Germany 24.30 1 24.30% Germany
Switzerland 21.30 2 21.30% Switzerland
Others 15.79 3 15.79% Others
France 12.70 4 12.70% France
Denmark 6.30 5 6.30% Denmark
Belgium 6.10 6 6.10% Belgium
Sweden 6.00 7 6.00% Sweden
Italy 5.00 8 5.00% Italy
Netherlands 3.30 9 3.30% Netherlands
Finland 3.30 10 3.30% Finland
USA 3.20 11 3.20% USA
Money Market -7.29 12 -7.29% Money Market
Sector weightings, 31-Jul-2014
Sector (%) Rank  
Health Care 30.12 1 30.12% Health Care
Consumer Goods 20.84 2 20.84% Consumer Goods
Financials 17.37 3 17.37% Financials
Industrials 12.44 4 12.44% Industrials
Utilities 9.28 5 9.28% Utilities
Basic Materials 7.59 6 7.59% Basic Materials
Technology 3.82 7 3.82% Technology
Oil & Gas 3.33 8 3.33% Oil & Gas
Consumer Services 1.55 9 1.55% Consumer Services
Telecommunications 0.95 10 0.95% Telecommunications
Money Market -7.29 11 -7.29% Money Market

All prices in Pence Sterling (GBX) unless otherwise specified. Price total return performance figures are calculated using closing mid prices and with net income (dividends) reinvested. NAV total return performance figures are calculated using fully diluted (where applicable) daily estimated NAV figures from Thomson Financial Datastream and with gross income (dividends) reinvested.

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Asset allocation

German Equities, 24.30%
24.3000% ofGerman Equities
Swiss Equities, 21.30%
21.3000% ofSwiss Equities
International Equities, 15.79%
15.7900% ofInternational Equities
French Equities, 12.70%
12.7000% ofFrench Equities
Danish Equities, 6.30%
6.3000% ofDanish Equities
Belgian Equities, 6.10%
6.1000% ofBelgian Equities
Swedish Equities, 6.00%
6.0000% ofSwedish Equities
Italian Equities, 5.00%
5.0000% ofItalian Equities
Dutch Equities, 3.30%
3.3000% ofDutch Equities
Finnish Equities, 3.30%
3.3000% ofFinnish Equities
US Equities, 3.20%
3.2000% ofUS Equities
Money Market, -7.29%
-7.2900% ofMoney Market

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