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Contact details

1 Grosvenor Place, London, SW1X 7JJ
020 7314 7699 (Broker Line)
084 4620 7600 (Customer Support)
084 4620 7602 (Enquiries)
084 4620 7603 (Fax Number)
050 0050 098 (Literature)

Fund managers

* Ben Whitmore01-Jan-2013 to Present
Philip Matthews»01-Mar-2011 to 30-Apr-2013
Anthony Nutt»01-May-2000 to 31-Dec-2012

Investment objectives

The Fund's objective is to produce a high income increasing at least in line with inflation, from a managed portfolio chiefly invested in UK equities and fixed interest stocks, although it may have some overseas exposure.

Key Information

Fund vs sector

  1y 3y
Position 46 / 92 59 / 88
Quartile 2 3

Fund ratings

NeutralMstar OBSR
FE Crown Rating: 3 FE Crown Rating


  1y 3y
Volatility 9.19 9.18
Alpha -0.27 -1.06
Beta 1.09 0.98
Sharpe 0.22 1.02
Info Ratio 0.05 -0.46
R2 0.91 0.89
Quartiles:   1  2  3  4   help with ratios
vs. UK Equity Income»
performance chart
INC +3.8+38.3+51.5+21.0+10.2-1.8+11.6
  UK EQUITY INCOME   +2.3+43.4+60.1+20.8+16.1-4.2+16.5
Clean share class
   Bid OfferDateYieldOCF help CiticodeSEDOL
pdf JUPITER INCOME TRUST I ACC ACC 564.11 (p) 567.48 (p) 18-Dec-2014 4.20 0.95% 09PU B5VXKR9
pdf JUPITER INCOME TRUST I INC INC 497.31 (p) 500.68 (p) 18-Dec-2014 4.20 0.95% 09PV B6QR255
Other share classes
   Bid OfferDateYieldOCF help CiticodeSEDOL
pdf JUPITER INCOME TRUST INC INC 479.44 (p) 507.04 (p) 18-Dec-2014 4.30 1.70% JU01 0479138

The Ongoing Charges Figure (OCF) shows the drag on performance caused by operational expenses associated with a fund.

Expenses which are represented by this figure include payments to the manager, the trustee the custodian and their representatives. The figure also includes registration, regulatory, audit and legal fees, and the costs of distribution.

Performance fees, transaction costs, interest on borrowing, costs associated with derivatives, entry and exit fees and soft commissions are not included in the OCF calculation, and should be factored in separately by the investor.

The OCF is calculated by taking the sum of these expenses incurred in the last 12 months and dividing this by the average net assets of that class for the last 12 months.

Total Expense Ratio (TER) is a formula designed to show the ongoing costs to the investor associated with a fund, including some charges which are not factored into the annual management fee. In addition the fund’s annual fee, charges such as trading fees, audit and legal fees, and operational expenses are included in the TER, which is worked out by dividing the total cost of the fund by its total assets to arrive at a percentage.

Unlike the Ongoing Charges Figure, the TER takes into account performance fees. It does not include transaction costs paid to the custodian.

Detailed fund information
Fund type flag UK Unit Trust
Own ISA wrapper Fund has ISA Wrapper help with ratios Fund size£1,959.4m / $3,066.9m (18-Dec-14)
Savings plan Fund has Savings Plan Minimum: £ 50.0 Monthly Launch03-Aug-1987
Pricing times12:00 Daily Dealing frequencyMonday-Friday
Dealing timesMon-Fri 09:00 to 17:30
Minimum initial£ 500
Minimum additional£ 50
Initial charge5.00%
Annual management charge1.50%
Note to chargesInitial Charges: ;
Trustee / DepositaryNational Westminster Bank plc
RegistrarJupiter Unit Trust Managers Ltd
Dividend policyJan 01 (Final), Jul 01
Peer groups
Region Asset Class Investment Focus Sector
United Kingdom Equity Mixed UK Equity Income
Largest holdings, 30-Nov-2014
Holding (%) Rank Fund factsheet Equity factsheet
AstraZeneca 6.30 1 - *
BP 5.70 2 - *
GlaxoSmithKline 4.67 3 - *
BAE Systems 3.66 4 - *
Aviva 3.51 5 - *
HSBC 3.44 6 - *
Wolters Kluwer 3.42 7 - -
Vodafone 3.10 8 - -
Sage Group 3.06 9 - -
Hewlett-Packard 2.96 10 - -
Regional weightings, 30-Nov-2014
United Kingdom92.591 92.59% United Kingdom
Cash7.412 7.41% Cash
Sector weightings, 30-Nov-2014
Financials18.911 18.91% Financials
Health Care13.342 13.34% Health Care
Consumer Services13.273 13.27% Consumer Services
Industrials10.394 10.39% Industrials
Consumer Goods10.325 10.32% Consumer Goods
Technology8.276 8.27% Technology
Telecommunications7.887 7.88% Telecommunications
Oil & Gas7.778 7.77% Oil & Gas
Cash7.419 7.41% Cash
Utilities2.4410 2.44% Utilities

All prices in Pence Sterling (GBX) unless otherwise specified. Price total return performance figures are calculated on a bid price to bid price basis (mid to mid for OEICs) with net income (dividends) reinvested. Performance figures are shown in Sterling unless otherwise specified.

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harvey curtis Feb 25th, 2014 at 02:11 PM


chandra Oct 12th, 2011 at 05:01 PM

can anyone enlighten me as why this fund is underperforming in spite of a good portfolio; i rely on income.

Theo Jun 30th, 2011 at 07:49 PM

If this fund carries on like that, pretty soon Manec will have a rival. In the mean time with funds at £2.42bln and TER 1.69% it is collecting £41 million annually.... Success has its rewards.

David Porter Feb 23rd, 2011 at 10:38 PM

investec smaller companies similar stocks may be but the fund will excel,just as the prophecy says below the fund will recover,and so will we all when we are not down trodden ridiculed and treted like nit wits everyones opinions matter and we can all shed some light on best way forward if only the others would shut up at the top and listened to a bit of kind common sense instead of vip celebrity over hype and mania evryone really does matter and has to be served and looked afeter when they are sick and they should be helped kindely not bullied all the time like i have been and made to feel i don't matter,its shameful,and no i don't look up to the bullies and these stupid demeaning forms sent to sivk people by a bunch of bullying idiots with no medical knowledge,have you ever fad any one sick,no ....well I have many times helped others so you better start taking a page out of my book.

David Porter Feb 23rd, 2011 at 10:09 PM

may be by looking at what other funds invest in could enhance income and growth Investec smaller companies seems to do quite well,as a top quartile fund over three years may be funds supplying income should invest in same companies to make performance and income the same for all customers,hope this is not too naive ,but fair shares all round springs to mind and if merging funds/making thigs fairer for all then this should be the goal of all stock brokers in my opinion,fairness for customers and fairness in good stocks making up the funds in which we invest. kinder society would be better than just a big society....fair shares all round would make things right,no more unkindness killings and wrong cut backs or people will die before they should,already people are being starved in their hospital beds unless relatived or friends take food in same in old peoles homes ,Britain pull your socks up and be fair to all sick people or you may one day get a taste of your own medicine should you yourself be sick and go in old ag or need to hospital,its shameful to bash those who can't feed themselves they should be fed with a spoon just like I did when I was a nurse food is necessary for all patients and old people to or they will die of starvation,which is cold blooded murder!!!Wake up would you like to be starved to death,well feed those who need help and stop being so wicked,you won't escape either unless you mend your ways and quickly,no more sitting around feed these poor people show mercy or you will not receive mercy either when you need help and are sick or old .Well it needs saying and it needs doing or we are all doomed if the selfishness carries on.

David Porter Feb 23rd, 2011 at 09:41 PM

they say history repeats itself,in the past i had this fund and it was at one time excellent performer,but much has changed,fund managers and fund stock pickings,could do well soon depending on canny stock pickings may be.

geddes Nov 25th, 2010 at 03:46 PM

can floraid tell us which jupiter fund is better than the monthly income. I have lost £3800 since investing many years ago. so much for long term

walter Jul 24th, 2010 at 10:30 AM

This fund is performing very badly against both the UK equity Income and the Footsie All Share Index and has a very poor record against similar income funds.
Is this likely to improve?
Why is it soo bad over the last 5 years?

john kisby Mar 16th, 2010 at 06:26 PM

This fund will recover

florald Nov 08th, 2009 at 05:37 PM

I have held this fund for a long time but have realised it is not a good performer. I asked HL for an opinion and the response was incomprehensible. They list it as one of their GOLD star funds but I don't know why? Probably not a good time to sell.

Black Jack Jan 29th, 2010 at 04:43 PM

My sentiments exactly. How can this fund still be top rated? I'd like to get out too but seem to have left it too late, so much for long term investments

florald Mar 22nd, 2010 at 10:50 AM

Jupiter have another OEIC which has performed must better than the Income fund. I will see if there is a charge for switching. S&P still have it as AAA but Intnl Express show it as one crown only which is more realistic on recent performance.


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UK Equities, 92.59%
92.5900% ofUK Equities
Cash, 7.41%
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