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Contact details

6D, route de Treves,
L-2633 Senningerberg,
Grand-duchy of Luxembourg
020 7743 1143 (Fax Number)
084 5740 5405 (Main Number)

Fund managers

* Dhiren Shah»01-Mar-2012 to Present
* Luiz Soares»01-Mar-2012 to Present
Imran Hussain»14-Apr-2011 to 01-Mar-2012
Andrew Gordon»30-Nov-1993 to 30-Nov-2011
Daniel Tubbs»01-Apr-2009 to 14-Apr-2011
Sam Vecht»01-Apr-2009 to 14-Apr-2011
Plamen Monovski»01-Sep-2007 to 31-May-2009
Alain Bourrier»01-Sep-2007 to 30-Apr-2008
Will Landers»01-Sep-2007 to 30-Apr-2008

Investment objectives

The Emerging Markets Fund seeks to maximise total return. The Fund invests globally at least 70% of its total assets in the equity securities of companies domiciled in, or exercising the predominant part of their economic activity in, emerging markets. Investment may also be made in the equity securities of companies domiciled in, or exercising the predominant part of their economic activity in, developed markets that have significant business operations in emerging markets.


performance chart
    1y 3y 5y 12m-24m 24m-36m 36m-48m 48m-60m
+13.8 -0.2 +37.1 +3.7 -15.5 +16.7 +17.7
  EQUITY - EMERGING MARKETS +13.2+0.4+37.7+6.6-16.8+14.3+20.0
  Bid OfferCurrency+/-YieldCiticodeSEDOLISINCodeWKNDate
pdf BLACKROCK GLOBAL FUNDS EMERGING MARKETS D2 USD 34.06 USD 0.01 - BMT1 B441YY8 LU0252970164 n/a 28-Jul-2014
pdf BLACKROCK GLOBAL FUNDS EMERGING MARKETS D2 EUR 25.35 EUR 0.02 - BMT2 B441YW6 LU0252967376 n/a 28-Jul-2014
pdf BLACKROCK GLOBAL FUNDS EMERGING MARKETS A2 USD 31.99 USD 0.01 - MM74 4938237 LU0047713382 973010 28-Jul-2014
pdf BLACKROCK GLOBAL FUNDS EMERGING MARKETS A2 EUR 23.81 EUR 0.02 - XM22 B17P9V8 LU0171275786 A0BMAK 28-Jul-2014
Detailed fund information
Launch date30-Nov-1993
Fund size £438.5m / $745.2m (30-Jun-14)
Minimum initial $ 5,000
Minimum additional $ 1,000
Savings plan Fund has Savings Plan 
FE Trustnet Sector Equity - Emerging Markets
Asset ClassEquity
Pricing times0:00 DD
Dealing frequencyDaily
Distributor statusFund distributor status
Peer groups
Region Asset Class Sector
Luxembourg Equity Equity - Emerging Markets
Largest holdings, 30-Jun-2014
Holding (%) Rank Holding (%) Rank
Regional weightings, 30-Jun-2014
China19.481 19.48% China
Korea18.022 18.02% Korea
Brazil11.763 11.76% Brazil
Taiwan10.464 10.46% Taiwan
India8.635 8.63% India
Mexico7.306 7.30% Mexico
Russia5.567 5.56% Russia
South Africa2.918 2.91% South Africa
Philippines2.519 2.51% Philippines
Turkey2.4810 2.48% Turkey
Greece2.3811 2.38% Greece
Indonesia2.1612 2.16% Indonesia
Peru1.9313 1.93% Peru
Poland1.6714 1.67% Poland
Thailand1.1715 1.17% Thailand
Panama0.9216 0.92% Panama
Money Market0.6717 0.67% Money Market
Sector weightings, 30-Jun-2014
Financials29.681 29.68% Financials
Information Technology24.672 24.67% Information Technology
Consumer Discretionary15.513 15.51% Consumer Discretionary
Materials8.204 8.20% Materials
Energy6.885 6.88% Energy
Industrials4.206 4.20% Industrials
Consumer Staples3.777 3.77% Consumer Staples
Health Care3.068 3.06% Health Care
Telecommunications2.799 2.79% Telecommunications
Cash & Cash Equivalents0.6710 0.67% Cash & Cash Equivalents
Utilities0.5611 0.56% Utilities

Price total return performance figures are calculated on a bid price to bid price basis (mid to mid where applicable) with gross income (dividends) reinvested. Performance figures are shown in fund’s native currency unless otherwise specified – performance figures can be rebased to Pence Sterling (GBX) using the rebasing option.

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  1y 3y
Volatility 13.73 19.01
Alpha -1.45 -0.51
Beta 1.08 0.99
Sharpe 0.73 -0.01
Info Ratio -0.17 -0.15
R2 0.95 0.96
Quartiles:   1  2  3  4  help with ratios
vs. Equity - Emerging Markets»

Fund vs sector

  1y 3y
Position 104 / 243 111 / 189
Quartile 2 3

Fund ratings

FE Crown Rating: 2 FE
Crown Rating

SilverS&P Rating


Asset allocation

Chinese Equities, 19.48%
19.4800% ofChinese Equities
South Korean Equities, 18.02%
18.0200% ofSouth Korean Equities
Brazilian Equities, 11.76%
11.7600% ofBrazilian Equities
Taiwanese Equities, 10.46%
10.4600% ofTaiwanese Equities
Indian Equities, 8.63%
8.6300% ofIndian Equities
Mexican Equities, 7.30%
7.3000% ofMexican Equities
Russian Equities, 5.56%
5.5600% ofRussian Equities
South African Equities, 2.91%
2.9100% ofSouth African Equities
Philippine Equities, 2.51%
2.5100% ofPhilippine Equities
Turkish Equities, 2.48%
2.4800% ofTurkish Equities
Greek Equities, 2.38%
2.3800% ofGreek Equities
Indonesian Equities, 2.16%
2.1600% ofIndonesian Equities
Peruvian Equity, 1.93%
1.9300% ofPeruvian Equity
Polish Equities, 1.67%
1.6700% ofPolish Equities
Thai Equities, 1.17%
1.1700% ofThai Equities
American Emerging Equities, 0.92%
0.9200% ofAmerican Emerging Equities
Money Market, 0.67%
0.6700% ofMoney Market

Sector analysis


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