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Contact details

6D, route de Treves,
L-2633 Senningerberg,
Grand-duchy of Luxembourg
020 7743 1143 (Fax Number)
084 5740 5405 (Main Number)

Fund managers

* Chris Kelly»27-Jul-2012 to Present
* Laurent Develay»27-Jul-2012 to Present
* Michel Aubenas»27-Jul-2012 to Present
* Sergio Trigo Paz»27-Jul-2012 to Present
Andrew Gordon»02-Oct-2006 to 26-Jul-2012
Imran Hussain»02-Oct-2006 to 26-Jul-2012
Aldo Roldan»01-Oct-2004 to 01-Oct-2006

Investment objectives

The Emerging Markets Bond Fund seeks to maximise total return. The Fund invests at least 70% of its total assets in the fixed income transferable securities of governments and agencies of, and companies domiciled or exercising the predominant part of their economic activity in, emerging markets. The Fund may invest in the full spectrum of available securities, including non-investment grade. Currency exposure is flexibly managed.


performance chart
    1y 3y 5y 12m-24m 24m-36m 36m-48m 48m-60m
+7.2 +18.3 +39.7 -2.9 +13.7 +3.4 +14.2
  FIXED INT - EMERGING MARKETS +2.2+10.6+22.7-3.4+12.0-0.1+11.1
  Bid OfferCurrency+/-YieldCiticodeSEDOLISINCodeWKNDate
pdf BLACKROCK GLOBAL FUNDS EMERGING MARKETS BOND A6 HEDGED HKD 72.98 HKD 0.17 0.00 0Z27 B7MWSD1 LU0764619960 n/a 24-Nov-2014
pdf BLACKROCK GLOBAL FUNDS EMERGING MARKETS BOND A6 USD 9.47 USD 0.02 0.00 10JS B75JT47 LU0764617162 n/a 24-Nov-2014
pdf BLACKROCK GLOBAL FUNDS EMERGING MARKETS BOND D2RF USD 16.20 USD 0.04 0.00 BNB2 B441XX0 LU0297941386 n/a 24-Nov-2014
pdf BLACKROCK GLOBAL FUNDS EMERGING MARKETS BOND A2 HEDGED EUR 15.12 EUR 0.03 0.00 ERS0 B526MQ0 LU0413376566 n/a 24-Nov-2014
pdf BLACKROCK GLOBAL FUNDS EMERGING MARKETS BOND D2RF EUR 13.04 EUR 0.03 0.00 F2DZ n/a LU0827877043 n/a 24-Nov-2014
pdf BLACKROCK GLOBAL FUNDS EMERGING MARKETS BOND D3 USD 10.00 USD 0.02 0.00 F2EA n/a LU0827876821 n/a 24-Nov-2014
pdf BLACKROCK GLOBAL FUNDS EMERGING MARKETS BOND D3 EUR 8.05 EUR 0.02 0.00 F2EB n/a LU0827877126 n/a 24-Nov-2014
pdf BLACKROCK GLOBAL FUNDS EMERGING MARKETS BOND D2 HEDGED EUR 15.31 EUR 0.04 0.00 F2EC n/a LU0827877399 n/a 24-Nov-2014
pdf BLACKROCK GLOBAL FUNDS EMERGING MARKETS BOND A2 USD 15.51 USD 0.03 0.00 YY52 B441X18 LU0200680600 9157341 24-Nov-2014
pdf BLACKROCK GLOBAL FUNDS EMERGING MARKETS BOND A3 USD 9.98 USD 0.02 0.00 YY53 B0346N3 LU0200680782 9157344 24-Nov-2014
pdf BLACKROCK GLOBAL FUNDS EMERGING MARKETS BOND A1 EUR 7.76 EUR 0.02 0.00 YY60 B0347M9 LU0200683703 9157354 24-Nov-2014
pdf BLACKROCK GLOBAL FUNDS EMERGING MARKETS BOND A2 EUR 12.49 EUR 0.03 0.00 YY61 B0347L8 LU0200683885 9157355 24-Nov-2014
pdf BLACKROCK GLOBAL FUNDS EMERGING MARKETS BOND A3 EUR 8.03 EUR 0.02 0.00 YY62 B0347V8 LU0200684008 9157358 24-Nov-2014
pdf BLACKROCK GLOBAL FUNDS EMERGING MARKETS BOND A1 USD 9.64 USD 0.02 0.00 YY93 B0321B0 LU0200680436 9157340 24-Nov-2014
Detailed fund information
Launch date01-Oct-2004
Fund size £637.8m / $1,000.0m (30-Sep-14)
Minimum initial $ 1,000
Minimum additional $ 800
Savings plan Fund has Savings Plan 
FE Trustnet Sector Fixed Int - Emerging Markets
Asset ClassFixed Interest
Pricing times0:00 DD
Dealing frequencyDaily
Distributor statusFund distributor status
Peer groups
Region Asset Class Sector
Luxembourg Fixed Interest Fixed Int - Emerging Markets
Largest holdings, 31-Aug-2014
Holding (%) Rank Holding (%) Rank
TREASURY BOND 2.875 05/15/20434.711SOUTH AFRICA(REPUBLIC OF) 4.665% BDS 17/01/24 USD10001.186
BRAZIL(FEDERATIVE REPUBLIC OF) 2.625% BDS 05/01/23 USD10001.422PETROLEOS MEXICANOS 3.5% BDS 30/01/23 USD10000 144A1.157
MEXICO (UNITED MEXICAN STATES) 5.75 10/12/21101.303INDONESIA(REPUBLIC OF) 3.375% BDS 15/04/23 USD1000144A1.148
COLOMBIA(REPUBLIC OF) 2.625% BDS 15/03/23 USD10001.274COLOMBIA(REPUBLIC OF) 6.125% BDS 18/01/41 USD1000001.029
PHILIPPINES(REPUBLIC OF) 4.2% BDS 21/01/24 USD10001.265POLAND(REPUBLIC OF) 3% BDS 17/03/23 USD10001.0010
Regional weightings, 31-Oct-2014
Money Market11.971 11.97% Money Market
Brazil7.922 7.92% Brazil
Russia6.773 6.77% Russia
Mexico6.014 6.01% Mexico
Indonesia4.775 4.77% Indonesia
Philippines4.536 4.53% Philippines
Venezuela3.797 3.79% Venezuela
Hungary3.668 3.66% Hungary
Colombia3.469 3.46% Colombia
South Africa3.2010 3.20% South Africa
Chile3.0911 3.09% Chile
Kazakhstan2.8812 2.88% Kazakhstan
Peru2.6913 2.69% Peru
Turkey2.6214 2.62% Turkey
Poland2.6115 2.61% Poland
Croatia2.2916 2.29% Croatia
Romania1.7717 1.77% Romania
Panama1.5818 1.58% Panama
Sri Lanka1.5819 1.58% Sri Lanka
El Salvador1.4520 1.45% El Salvador
Serbia1.4521 1.45% Serbia
Uruguay1.4322 1.43% Uruguay
Lithuania1.4123 1.41% Lithuania
China1.4024 1.40% China
Malaysia1.3925 1.39% Malaysia
Costa Rica1.3626 1.36% Costa Rica
Africa1.3627 1.36% Africa
Dominican Republic1.2528 1.25% Dominican Republic
Hong Kong0.9929 0.99% Hong Kong
India0.8230 0.82% India
Iraq0.6731 0.67% Iraq
Morocco0.6432 0.64% Morocco
Latvia0.5533 0.55% Latvia
Pakistan0.5534 0.55% Pakistan
Zambia0.4935 0.49% Zambia
Emerging Asia0.4736 0.47% Emerging Asia
European Emerging Markets0.4737 0.47% European Emerging Markets
Ecuador0.4338 0.43% Ecuador
Kenya0.4339 0.43% Kenya
Ghana0.4240 0.42% Ghana
Belarus0.3941 0.39% Belarus
United Arab Emirates0.3542 0.35% United Arab Emirates
Vietnam0.3343 0.33% Vietnam
Nigeria0.3244 0.32% Nigeria
Guatemala0.2945 0.29% Guatemala
Mozambique0.2346 0.23% Mozambique
Korea0.2247 0.22% Korea
Qatar0.1548 0.15% Qatar
Eastern Europe0.1449 0.14% Eastern Europe
Central America0.1350 0.13% Central America
Singapore0.1351 0.13% Singapore
Saudi Arabia0.1252 0.12% Saudi Arabia
Thailand0.1253 0.12% Thailand
Others0.1154 0.11% Others
Namibia0.0855 0.08% Namibia
Czech Republic0.0756 0.07% Czech Republic
Slovenia0.0757 0.07% Slovenia
Israel0.0558 0.05% Israel
Caribbean0.0559 0.05% Caribbean
Argentina0.0360 0.03% Argentina
Sector weightings, 31-Oct-2014
Government Bonds82.741 82.74% Government Bonds
Cash & Cash Equivalents11.972 11.97% Cash & Cash Equivalents
Others5.293 5.29% Others

Price total return performance figures are calculated on a bid price to bid price basis (mid to mid where applicable) with gross income (dividends) reinvested. Performance figures are shown in fund’s native currency unless otherwise specified – performance figures can be rebased to Pence Sterling (GBX) using the rebasing option.

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  1y 3y
Volatility 5.10 6.94
Alpha 5.32 3.83
Beta 0.66 0.70
Sharpe 0.44 0.31
Info Ratio 1.63 0.80
R2 0.85 0.86
Quartiles:   1  2  3  4  help with ratios
vs. Fixed Int - Emerging Markets»

Fund vs sector

  1y 3y
Position 33 / 175 32 / 129
Quartile 1 1

Fund ratings

FE Crown Rating: 4 FE
Crown Rating


Asset allocation

American Emerging Fixed Interest, 15.25%
15.2500% ofAmerican Emerging Fixed Interest
Money Market, 11.97%
11.9700% ofMoney Market
European Emerging Fixed Interest, 11.09%
11.0900% ofEuropean Emerging Fixed Interest
Brazilian Fixed Interest, 7.92%
7.9200% ofBrazilian Fixed Interest
Russian Fixed Interest, 6.77%
6.7700% ofRussian Fixed Interest
Mexican Fixed Interest, 6.01%
6.0100% ofMexican Fixed Interest
Indonesian Fixed Interest, 4.77%
4.7700% ofIndonesian Fixed Interest
Philippine Fixed Interest, 4.53%
4.5300% ofPhilippine Fixed Interest
Hungarian Fixed Interest, 3.66%
3.6600% ofHungarian Fixed Interest
South African Fixed Interest, 3.20%
3.2000% ofSouth African Fixed Interest
Chilean Fixed Interest, 3.09%
3.0900% ofChilean Fixed Interest
Asia Pacific Emerging Fixed Interest, 2.93%
2.9300% ofAsia Pacific Emerging Fixed Interest
African Fixed Interest, 2.91%
2.9100% ofAfrican Fixed Interest
Kazakhstan Fixed Interest, 2.88%
2.8800% ofKazakhstan Fixed Interest
Peruvian Fixed Interest, 2.69%
2.6900% ofPeruvian Fixed Interest
Polish Fixed Interest, 2.61%
2.6100% ofPolish Fixed Interest
Middle East & African Fixed Interest, 1.78%
1.7800% ofMiddle East & African Fixed Interest
Chinese Fixed Interest, 1.40%
1.4000% ofChinese Fixed Interest
Malaysian Fixed Interest, 1.39%
1.3900% ofMalaysian Fixed Interest
Hong Kong Fixed Interest, 0.99%
0.9900% ofHong Kong Fixed Interest
Indian Fixed Interest, 0.82%
0.8200% ofIndian Fixed Interest
GCC Fixed Interest, 0.62%
0.6200% ofGCC Fixed Interest
South Korean Fixed Interest, 0.22%
0.2200% ofSouth Korean Fixed Interest
Singapore Fixed Interest, 0.13%
0.1300% ofSingapore Fixed Interest
Thai Fixed Interest, 0.12%
0.1200% ofThai Fixed Interest
Global Fixed Interest, 0.11%
0.1100% ofGlobal Fixed Interest
Czech Fixed Interest, 0.07%
0.0700% ofCzech Fixed Interest
Slovenian Fixed Interest, 0.07%
0.0700% ofSlovenian Fixed Interest

Sector analysis


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