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Group factsheet / Aviva Life & Pensions UK Ltd

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Aviva Life & Pensions UK Ltd

Group details Fund types managed
ManagerGroupLogo Aviva Life & Pensions UK Ltd
2 Rougier Street,
Y090 1UU
Life Funds
Pension Funds
Customer service rating
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Aviva Life & Pensions UK Ltd

Overall rating

Fund range quality rating Coverage Depth Quality Overall
Portfolio - Level Option coverage: 2 depth: 3 quality: 1 rating: 3
Portfolio - Step Down Option coverage: 2 depth: 3 quality: 1 rating: 3
363 Funds Managed
1Aviva Aberdeen Asia Pacific EquityEquityadd to basket
2Aviva Aberdeen Multi AssetMixed Assetadd to basket
3Aviva Aberdeen World EquityEquityadd to basket
4Aviva Alliance Trust Sustainable Future Absolute GrowthEquityadd to basket
5Aviva Alliance Trust Sustainable Future Cautious ManagedMixed Assetadd to basket
6Aviva Alliance Trust Sustainable Future Corporate BondFixed Interestadd to basket
7Aviva Alliance Trust Sustainable Future Defensive ManagedMixed Assetadd to basket
8Aviva Alliance Trust Sustainable Future European GrowthEquityadd to basket
9Aviva Alliance Trust Sustainable Future Global GrowthEquityadd to basket
10Aviva Alliance Trust Sustainable Future ManagedMixed Assetadd to basket
11Aviva Alliance Trust Sustainable Future UK GrowthEquityadd to basket
12Aviva Alliance Trust UK EthicalEquityadd to basket
13Aviva Allianz Gilt YieldFixed Interestadd to basket
14Aviva AM Equity NUEquityadd to basket
15Aviva AM European NUEquityadd to basket
16Aviva AM Fixed Interest NUFixed Interestadd to basket
17Aviva AM North American NUEquityadd to basket
18Aviva AM Pacific NUEquityadd to basket
19Aviva AM Stock Market Managed NUMixed Assetadd to basket
20Aviva AmericanEquityadd to basket
21Aviva AmericanEquityadd to basket
22Aviva American CGUEquityadd to basket
23Aviva American GAEquityadd to basket
24Aviva Artemis European OpportunitiesEquityadd to basket
25Aviva Artemis Global GrowthEquityadd to basket
26Aviva Artemis Global IncomeEquityadd to basket
27Aviva Artemis High IncomeFixed Interestadd to basket
28Aviva Artemis IncomeEquityadd to basket
29Aviva Artemis Strategic BondFixed Interestadd to basket
30Aviva Artemis UK GrowthEquityadd to basket
31Aviva Artemis UK Smaller CompaniesEquityadd to basket
32Aviva Artemis UK Special SituationsEquityadd to basket
33Aviva Artemis US SelectEquityadd to basket
34Aviva Asia Pacific PropertyPropertyadd to basket
35Aviva AXA Framlington Managed BalancedMixed Assetadd to basket
36Aviva Black Rock UK Absloute AlphaEquityadd to basket
37Aviva BlackRock Balanced Growth PortfolioMixed Assetadd to basket
38Aviva BlackRock ChinaEquityadd to basket
39Aviva BlackRock Continental EuropeanEquityadd to basket
40Aviva BlackRock European Absolute AlphaEquityadd to basket
41Aviva BlackRock European DynamicEquityadd to basket
42Aviva BlackRock Fixed Income Global OpportunitiesFixed Interestadd to basket
43Aviva BlackRock Gold & GeneralCommodity/Energyadd to basket
44Aviva BlackRock UKEquityadd to basket
45Aviva BlackRock UKEquityadd to basket
46Aviva BlackRock UK Smaller CompaniesEquityadd to basket
47Aviva BlackRock UK Special SituationsEquityadd to basket
48Aviva BlackRock US DynamicEquityadd to basket
49Aviva BlackRock US OppsEquityadd to basket
50Aviva CF Woodford Equity IncomeEquityadd to basket
51Aviva CIS Corporate Bond IncomeFixed Interestadd to basket
52Aviva CIS European GrowthEquityadd to basket
53Aviva CIS Open Portfolio (20-60% Shares)Mixed Assetadd to basket
54Aviva CIS Open Portfolio (40-85% Shares)Mixed Assetadd to basket
55Aviva CIS Open Portfolio (50%-100% shares)Mixed Assetadd to basket
56Aviva CIS Select Portfolio (20-60% Shares)Mixed Assetadd to basket
57Aviva CIS Select Portfolio (40-85% Shares)Mixed Assetadd to basket
58Aviva CIS Select Portfolio (50%-100% shares)Mixed Assetadd to basket
59Aviva CIS Sustainable DiversifiedMixed Assetadd to basket
60Aviva CIS Sustainable LeadersEquityadd to basket
61Aviva CIS Sustainable Leaders TrustEquityadd to basket
62Aviva CIS Sustainable World TrustMixed Assetadd to basket
63Aviva CIS UK GrowthEquityadd to basket
64Aviva CIS UK Income with GrowthMixed Assetadd to basket
65Aviva CIS UK Income with Growth TrustMixed Assetadd to basket
66Aviva CIS US GrowthEquityadd to basket
67Aviva Corporate BondFixed Interestadd to basket
68Aviva Corporate Bond NUFixed Interestadd to basket
69Aviva DepositMoney Marketadd to basket
70Aviva Deposit & TreasuryMoney Marketadd to basket
71Aviva Deposit & TreasuryMoney Marketadd to basket
72Aviva Deposit (CGU)Money Marketadd to basket
73Aviva Deposit (GA)Money Marketadd to basket
74Aviva Deposit GAMoney Marketadd to basket
75Aviva Deposit NUMoney Marketadd to basket
76Aviva Deposit NUMoney Marketadd to basket
77Aviva DistributionMixed Assetadd to basket
78Aviva Distribution S5Mixed Assetadd to basket
79Aviva EuropeanEquityadd to basket
80Aviva EuropeanEquityadd to basket
81Aviva European CGUEquityadd to basket
82Aviva European EquityEquityadd to basket
83Aviva European Equity NUEquityadd to basket
84Aviva European GAEquityadd to basket
85Aviva European PropertyPropertyadd to basket
86Aviva Far EastEquityadd to basket
87Aviva Far EastEquityadd to basket
88Aviva Fidelity AmericanEquityadd to basket
89Aviva Fidelity EEMEAEquityadd to basket
90Aviva Fidelity Emerging MarketsEquityadd to basket
91Aviva Fidelity Euro OpportunitiesEquityadd to basket
92Aviva Fidelity EuropeanEquityadd to basket
93Aviva Fidelity JapanEquityadd to basket
94Aviva Fidelity Money Builder IncomeFixed Interestadd to basket
95Aviva Fidelity Moneybuilder DividendEquityadd to basket
96Aviva Fidelity Multi Asset StrategicMixed Assetadd to basket
97Aviva Fidelity South East AsiaEquityadd to basket
98Aviva Fidelity UK GthEquityadd to basket
99Aviva Fidelity UK SelectEquityadd to basket
100Aviva Fidelity WealthbuilderEquityadd to basket