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Skandia Life

Group details Fund types managed
ManagerGroupLogo Skandia Life
Skandia House,
Portland Terrace,
SO14 7AY
023 8022 0464 (Fax Number)
023 8033 4411 (Main Number)
Life Funds
Pension Funds
Customer service rating
Member / Policyholder communications star rating : 4
Administration speed star rating : 4
Administration accuracy star rating : 4
Online services star rating : 5
Group scheme - premium collection star rating : 3

Skandia Life

star rating : 4
Overall rating

659 Funds Managed
1Skandia Aberdeen Asia Pacific and Japan EquityEquityadd to basket
2Skandia Aberdeen Eastern European EquityEquityadd to basket
3Skandia Aberdeen Emerging Markets EquityEquityadd to basket
4Skandia Aberdeen Ethical World EquityEquityadd to basket
5Skandia Aberdeen European EquityEquityadd to basket
6Skandia Aberdeen European Smaller Companies EquityEquityadd to basket
7Skandia Aberdeen Managed DistributionMixed Assetadd to basket
8Skandia Aberdeen Managed Distribution (SDB)Mixed Assetadd to basket
9Skandia Aberdeen MultiManager Cautious ManagedMixed Assetadd to basket
10Skandia Aberdeen MultiManager Constellation PortfolioEquityadd to basket
11Skandia Aberdeen MultiManager Equity ManagedMixed Assetadd to basket
12Skandia Aberdeen MultiManager Multi Asset DistributionMixed Assetadd to basket
13Skandia Aberdeen North American EquityEquityadd to basket
14Skandia Aberdeen Property SharePropertyadd to basket
15Skandia Aberdeen Sterling Corporate BondFixed Interestadd to basket
16Skandia Aberdeen UK EquityEquityadd to basket
17Skandia Aberdeen UK Equity IncomeEquityadd to basket
18Skandia Aberdeen World EquityEquityadd to basket
19Skandia Absolute InsightMixed Assetadd to basket
20Skandia Absolute Insight ApMixed Assetadd to basket
21Skandia Absolute Insight Equity Market NeutralEquityadd to basket
22Skandia Alfred Berg PenningmarknadsFixed Interestadd to basket
23Skandia Alfred Berg Ranteallokering PlusFixed Interestadd to basket
24Skandia Alfred Berg RysslandEquityadd to basket
25Skandia Allianz BrazilEquityadd to basket
26Skandia Allianz BRIC StarsEquityadd to basket
27Skandia Allianz Gilt YieldFixed Interestadd to basket
28Skandia Allianz Global Eco TrendsEquityadd to basket
29Skandia Allianz JapanEquityadd to basket
30Skandia Allianz Sterling Total ReturnFixed Interestadd to basket
31Skandia Allianz UK Equity IncomeEquityadd to basket
32Skandia Allianz UK Mid CapEquityadd to basket
33Skandia Allianz US EquityEquityadd to basket
34Skandia AMR Distribution PortfolioMixed Assetadd to basket
35Skandia AMR Principal PortfolioMixed Assetadd to basket
36Skandia Artemis CapitalEquityadd to basket
37Skandia Artemis Euro GrowthEquityadd to basket
38Skandia Artemis Global EnergyCommodity/Energyadd to basket
39Skandia Artemis Global GrowthEquityadd to basket
40Skandia Artemis Global IncomeEquityadd to basket
41Skandia Artemis High IncomeFixed Interestadd to basket
42Skandia Artemis Strategic AssetsMixed Assetadd to basket
43Skandia Artemis UK GrowthEquityadd to basket
44Skandia Artemis UK Smaller CompaniesEquityadd to basket
45Skandia Aviva Asia Pacific PropertyPropertyadd to basket
46Skandia Aviva Investors DistributionMixed Assetadd to basket
47Skandia Aviva Investors European PropertyPropertyadd to basket
48Skandia Aviva Investors Property TrustPropertyadd to basket
49Skandia AXA Distribution (SDB)Mixed Assetadd to basket
50Skandia AXA Framlington American GrowthEquityadd to basket
51Skandia AXA Framlington BiotechnologyEquityadd to basket
52Skandia AXA Framlington Emerging MarketsEquityadd to basket
53Skandia AXA Framlington Equity IncomeEquityadd to basket
54Skandia AXA Framlington EuropeanEquityadd to basket
55Skandia AXA Framlington FinancialEquityadd to basket
56Skandia AXA Framlington Global OpportunitiesEquityadd to basket
57Skandia AXA Framlington Global TechnologyEquityadd to basket
58Skandia AXA Framlington HealthEquityadd to basket
59Skandia AXA Framlington JapanEquityadd to basket
60Skandia AXA Framlington Managed BalancedMixed Assetadd to basket
61Skandia AXA Framlington Managed IncomeFixed Interestadd to basket
62Skandia AXA Framlington Monthly IncomeEquityadd to basket
63Skandia AXA Framlington UK GrowthEquityadd to basket
64Skandia AXA Framlington UK Select OpportunitiesEquityadd to basket
65Skandia AXA Framlington UK Smaller CompaniesEquityadd to basket
66Skandia AXA Sterling Corporate BondFixed Interestadd to basket
67Skandia Baring EasternEquityadd to basket
68Skandia Baring Eastern EuropeEquityadd to basket
69Skandia Baring Europe SelectEquityadd to basket
70Skandia Baring European GrowthEquityadd to basket
71Skandia Baring German GrowthEquityadd to basket
72Skandia Baring Global BondFixed Interestadd to basket
73Skandia Baring Global Emerging MarketsEquityadd to basket
74Skandia Baring Global GrowthEquityadd to basket
75Skandia Baring Global SelectEquityadd to basket
76Skandia Baring Japan GrowthEquityadd to basket
77Skandia Baring KoreaEquityadd to basket
78Skandia Baring Multi AssetMixed Assetadd to basket
79Skandia Baring PortfolioMixed Assetadd to basket
80Skandia Baring UK GrowthEquityadd to basket
81Skandia BlackRock Absolute Return BondFixed Interestadd to basket
82Skandia BlackRock Balanced Growth PortfolioMixed Assetadd to basket
83Skandia BlackRock Balanced Income PortfolioMixed Assetadd to basket
84Skandia BlackRock CashMoney Marketadd to basket
85Skandia BlackRock Consensus 100Equityadd to basket
86Skandia BlackRock Consensus 35Mixed Assetadd to basket
87Skandia BlackRock Consensus 60Mixed Assetadd to basket
88Skandia BlackRock Consensus 70Mixed Assetadd to basket
89Skandia BlackRock Consensus 85Mixed Assetadd to basket
90Skandia BlackRock Continental EuropeanEquityadd to basket
91Skandia BlackRock Continental European IncomeEquityadd to basket
92Skandia BlackRock Corporate BondFixed Interestadd to basket
93Skandia BlackRock Dynamic Diversified GrowthMixed Assetadd to basket
94Skandia BlackRock Emerging MarketsEquityadd to basket
95Skandia BlackRock Emerging Markets Equity TrackerEquityadd to basket
96Skandia BlackRock European Absolute AlphaEquityadd to basket
97Skandia BlackRock European Dynamic FAEquityadd to basket
98Skandia BlackRock Global BondFixed Interestadd to basket
99Skandia BlackRock Global EquityEquityadd to basket
100Skandia BlackRock Global IncomeEquityadd to basket
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