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Life Funds / Friends Provident Life&Pen Ltd

FRIENDS® Wealth Solutions Bond

Fund overview
Funds available within this product29
Number of funds holdable at same time10
Fund switching availabletick
Unlimited free switchescross
Number of free switches p.a12
Switching charge (£/%)£ 15
No minimum switchcross
Minimum amount per switch (£/%)1.00 %

Friends Provident Life&Pen Ltd

User rating:

star rating :

Based on 60 respondent(s)
29 funds available
Annual Charges
RankName Basic Additional 1y 3y 5y FE Crown rating 
1FL Aberdeen European Frontiers0.801.50-5.205.2216.413
2FL Allianz BRIC Stars0.801.7019.283.4612.763
3FL BlackRock UK Absolute Alpha0.801.557.935.221.451
4FL F&C Global Climate Opportunities0.801.404.9935.4832.742
5FL F&C Latin American Equity0.801.5016.162.6217.844
6FL F&C Maximum Income Bond0.801.207.7827.7650.792
7FL Henderson European Growth0.801.554.1040.4757.404
8FL Impax Environmental Markets0.801.6511.1235.4437.122
9FL JPM Japan0.801.552.0321.1127.901
10FL Jupiter Emerging European Opportunities0.801.70-7.49-11.71-0.643
11FL Jupiter Merlin Balanced Portfolio0.801.555.7328.9843.793
12FL Jupiter Merlin Growth Portfolio0.801.556.7828.5247.733
13FL Jupiter Merlin Income Portfolio0.801.554.9225.4144.033
14FL Kames Strategic Bond0.801.355.7819.4939.692
15FL M&G American0.801.558.8954.6763.341
16FL M&G High Yield Corporate Bond0.801.407.9131.7443.992
17FL M&G Managed Growth0.801.554.7510.3630.541
18FL Martin Currie North American0.801.5512.6056.9269.691
19FL Neptune European Opportunities0.801.709.3232.0231.622
20FL Neptune Global Equity0.801.707.6620.7637.481
21FL Newton Global Higher Income0.801.556.3136.6763.654
22FL Old Mutual Corporate Bond0.801.358.3425.0048.065
23FL Old Mutual UK Mid Cap0.801.559.6878.1597.022
24FL Schroder Global Climate Change0.801.555.7535.8738.431
25FL Schroder MM Diversity0.801.301.5421.4732.074
26FL Schroder Tokyo0.801.551.5629.4531.243
27FL Stewardship Corporate Bond0.801.056.5717.0333.102
28FL Stewardship Managed0.800.808.4742.1658.794
29FL UK Equity Income0.800.806.2338.3861.491
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