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Pension Funds / Winterthur Life

Section 32 Plan

Fund overview
Funds available within this product205
Number of funds holdable at same time0
Fund switching availabletick
Unlimited free switchestick
No minimum switchtick

Winterthur Life

User rating:

star rating :

Based on 40 respondent(s)
205 funds available
Annual Charges
RankName Basic Additional 1y 3y 5y FE Crown rating 
1AXA Wealth Elite Balanced Managed Pn0.301.1010.1945.2658.663
2AXA Wealth Elite Bond Pn0.301.003.8215.1329.143
3AXA Wealth Elite Cautious Managed Pn0.300.858.0132.6847.712
4AXA Wealth Elite Defensive Managed Pn0.300.857.7124.4941.032
5AXA Wealth Elite European Equity Pn0.301.257.0467.1662.233
6AXA Wealth Elite Extra Cautious Managed Pn0.300.907.9126.6041.692
7AXA Wealth Elite Extra Defensive Managed Pn0.300.907.6920.0035.982
8AXA Wealth Elite Global Equity Pn0.301.2515.0257.8465.433
9AXA Wealth Elite International Pn0.301.2516.5459.8365.413
10AXA Wealth Elite North American Equity Pn0.301.2523.1665.2978.712
11AXA Wealth Elite Stockmarket Managed Pn0.301.2512.0153.0863.673
12AXA Wealth Elite UK Equity Pn0.301.259.5352.7473.043
13FL 7IM AAP Adventurous EP0.300.9515.9456.0058.224
14FL 7IM AAP Balanced EP0.300.9511.8436.0441.742
15FL 7IM AAP Moderately Adventurous EP0.300.9514.3547.6251.223
16FL 7IM AAP Moderately Cautious EP0.300.957.8223.4030.571
17FL Aberdeen Asia Pacific and Japan Equity EP0.301.2012.9331.1945.762
18FL Aberdeen Corporate Bond EP0.300.950.0013.7025.242
19FL Aberdeen Multi-Manager Cautious Managed Portfolio EP0.301.255.2530.1138.333
20FL Aberdeen Multi-Manager Equity Managed Portfolio EP0.301.2510.8446.9651.473
21FL Aberdeen UK Equity Income EP0.301.103.9446.4976.091
22FL Allianz BRIC Stars EP0.301.3516.8027.10-1.013
23FL Allianz Global EcoTrends EP0.301.305.4945.9724.721
24FL Architas MA Active Dynamic EP0.300.6511.6048.5356.733
25FL Architas MA Active Growth EP0.300.6513.2253.1464.653
26FL Architas MA Active Intermediate Income EP0.300.658.0234.4849.665
27FL Architas MA Active Moderate Income EP0.300.656.0623.9130.934
28FL Architas MA Active Progressive EP0.300.6511.1341.1051.753
29FL Architas MA Active Reserve EP0.300.456.8219.5829.925
30FL Architas MA Passive Intermediate EP0.300.5510.6232.2040.821
31FL Architas MA Passive Moderate EP0.300.5510.3929.8042.022
32FL Architas MA Passive Progressive EP0.300.5511.8036.5340.641
33FL Artemis Income EP0.301.2010.2159.7383.474
34FL Artemis Strategic Bond EP0.300.954.7128.9444.364
35FL Artemis UK Special Situations EP0.301.206.8358.0179.941
36FL Aviva Investors Property Trust EP0.301.159.9828.5933.76n/a
37FL AXA Defensive Distribution EP0.300.756.9121.2438.401
38FL AXA Ethical Distribution EP0.300.7510.7242.8561.893
39FL AXA Framlington Blue Chip Equity Income EP0.300.7511.8959.9697.723
40FL AXA Framlington Health EP0.301.2541.94109.47150.593
41FL AXA Framlington UK Select Opportunities EP0.301.2011.7457.7099.693
42FL AXA Framlington UK Smaller Companies EP0.301.2518.03102.56174.135
43FL AXA Global Distribution EP0.300.759.5033.8844.773
44FL AXA Global High Income EP0.300.752.7626.7758.183
45FL AXA Rosenberg American EP0.300.7522.3772.9798.763
46FL AXA Rosenberg Asia Pacific ex Japan EP0.300.7514.2238.1547.073
47FL AXA Rosenberg European EP0.300.754.1067.7652.682
48FL AXA Rosenberg Global EP0.300.7513.6256.6162.703
49FL AXA Rosenberg Japan EP0.300.7528.3951.5732.731
50FL AXA Sterling Corporate Bond EP0.300.955.8821.6338.282
51FL AXA Sterling Long Corporate Bond EP0.300.9512.8629.9154.023
52FL AXA Sterling Long Gilt EP0.300.9517.0216.7252.043
53FL AXA Sterling Strategic Bond EP0.300.958.1813.9437.141
54FL Baillie Gifford Emerging Markets Leading Companies EP0.301.256.4424.0412.053
55FL Baillie Gifford International EP0.301.0018.0866.1376.18n/a
56FL Baillie Gifford Investment Grade Bond EP0.300.858.0324.1444.923
57FL Baillie Gifford Japanese EP0.301.0025.2783.3977.334
58FL Baillie Gifford Managed EP0.300.859.8344.3663.723
59FL BlackRock (50:50) Global Equity Index (Aquila C) EP0.300.4011.6157.3267.602
60FL BlackRock (60:40) Global Equity (Ascent Life) EP0.300.4010.8256.3469.002
61FL BlackRock (70:30) Global Equity Index (Aquila C) EP0.300.4010.6457.2669.092
62FL BlackRock Cash (Aquila C) EP0.300.400.160.551.352
63FL BlackRock Consensus (Aquila C) EP0.300.3010.2444.9155.313
64FL BlackRock European Equity Index (Aquila C) EP0.300.405.9569.6958.902
65FL BlackRock Gold and General EP0.301.30-3.20-43.87-50.425
66FL BlackRock Japanese Equity Index (Aquila C) EP0.300.4028.8660.4142.693
67FL BlackRock Over 15 Year Corporate Bond Index (Aquila C) EP0.300.4013.6132.1956.514
68FL BlackRock Over 15 Year Gilt Index (Aquila C) EP0.300.4018.7319.1958.392
69FL BlackRock Over 5 Year Index-Linked Gilt Index (Aquila C) EP0.300.4016.8523.2661.515
70FL BlackRock Overseas Consensus Equity (Aquila C) EP0.300.4016.4865.2770.143
71FL BlackRock Pacific Rim Equity Index (Aquila C) EP0.300.404.6031.2241.452
72FL BlackRock UK Equity Index (Aquila C) EP0.300.407.4651.1267.13n/a
73FL BlackRock UK Smaller Companies EP0.301.2510.4075.57122.932
74FL BlackRock UK Special Situations EP0.301.209.0449.0579.491
75FL BlackRock US Equity Index (Aquila C) EP0.300.4023.6174.1299.68n/a
76FL BlackRock World ex UK Equity Index (Aquila C) EP0.300.4018.5165.8874.914
77FL Cash EP0.300.400.150.351.004
78FL F&C Responsible UK Income EP0.301.1513.6162.6189.014
79FL Fidelity American EP0.301.3520.9162.7973.111
80FL Fidelity European EP0.301.2511.2461.5168.063
81FL Fidelity India Focus EP0.301.2526.7763.8932.623
82FL Fidelity Japan Smaller Companies EP0.301.3529.7966.3257.803
83FL Fidelity Multi Asset Income EP0.301.057.2629.2544.31n/a (sector not rated)
84FL Fidelity Multi Asset Strategic EP0.301.1011.5029.1334.991
85FL Fidelity South-East Asia EP0.301.3523.5743.0745.283
86FL Fidelity Target 2015 EP0.301.203.6115.4122.881
87FL Fidelity Target 2020 EP0.301.209.5935.5739.002
88FL Fidelity Target 2025 EP0.301.2011.8245.5348.183
89FL Fidelity Target 2030 EP0.301.2015.0655.8757.404
90FL Fidelity Wealthbuilder EP0.301.3516.4058.9163.455
91FL First State Asia Pacific Leaders EP0.301.2018.8051.4372.585
92FL First State Global Emerging Markets Leaders EP0.301.206.4529.8751.065
93FL First State Global Listed Infrastructure EP0.301.2015.2655.9076.575
94FL First State Worldwide Leaders EP0.301.259.8550.6058.611
95FL Fixed Interest EP0.300.458.2814.5935.662
96FL Fixed Interest EP0.300.458.2013.2833.182
97FL FP Argonaut European Alpha EP0.301.357.7879.9979.633
98FL FP Argonaut European Income EP0.301.207.3463.9258.662
99FL Franklin UK Equity Income EP0.301.2011.4761.7591.464
100FL Franklin UK Opportunities EP0.301.2011.4056.4374.513
101FL Franklin UK Rising Dividends EP0.301.2011.4056.8879.703
102FL Franklin UK Smaller Companies EP0.301.2516.3888.07102.951
103FL GLG American Growth EP0.301.2523.0765.5183.961
104FL Global Managed EP0.300.7510.2948.4058.663
105FL Goldman Sachs BRICs Portfolio EP0.301.2518.4832.325.311
106FL Henderson China Opportunities EP0.301.2538.1274.1647.934
107FL Henderson Emerging Markets Opportunities EP0.301.2010.3620.8212.203
108FL Henderson European Growth EP0.301.2514.1373.3478.273
109FL Henderson European Selected Opportunities EP0.301.3011.0881.3383.164
110FL Henderson Fixed Interest Monthly Income EP0.301.006.4933.2546.644
111FL Henderson Global Equity Income EP0.301.2012.3162.1985.933
112FL Henderson Global Financials EP0.301.2513.7778.2953.833
113FL Henderson Global Growth EP0.301.2025.2673.7996.262
114FL Henderson Institutional Long Dated Gilt EP0.300.6517.2717.2753.952
115FL Henderson Preference & Bond EP0.301.055.9429.8145.564
116FL Henderson Sterling Bond EP0.301.057.4425.0546.781
117FL Henderson UK Property EP0.301.2012.0333.3741.47n/a
118FL Henderson US Growth EP0.301.2521.0360.2860.031
119FL Index-Linked EP0.300.4513.6019.9456.51n/a
120FL Index-Linked EP0.300.4513.5317.6247.64n/a
121FL Invesco Perpetual Corporate Bond EP0.301.054.2529.1441.544
122FL Invesco Perpetual Distribution EP0.301.155.8441.3164.775
123FL Invesco Perpetual Global Smaller Companies EP0.301.2516.3070.8880.994
124FL Invesco Perpetual High Income EP0.301.2016.5964.54105.735
125FL Invesco Perpetual Income EP0.301.2016.5364.80104.795
126FL Invesco Perpetual Monthly Income Plus EP0.301.155.2337.3656.715
127FL Invesco Perpetual Pacific EP0.301.2019.7865.3255.454
128FL Investec American EP0.301.2021.8559.5543.161
129FL Investec Cautious Managed EP0.300.855.9024.5436.181
130FL Investec Global Strategic Equity EP0.301.2522.5681.5987.784
131FL Investec UK Special Situations EP0.301.206.3652.8072.573
132FL JPM Asia EP0.301.2516.5039.5833.644
133FL JPM Emerging Markets EP0.301.253.4114.609.202
134FL JPM Europe EP0.301.256.1375.3368.203
135FL JPM Natural Resources EP0.301.30-20.62-34.43-44.221
136FL JPM New Europe EP0.301.25-14.00-7.05-23.635
137FL JPM Sterling Liquidity EP0.300.400.100.240.834
138FL Jupiter Asian EP0.301.2520.5540.7441.384
139FL Jupiter China EP0.301.2541.1076.8637.004
140FL Jupiter Distribution EP0.301.108.4030.4949.764
141FL Jupiter Ecology EP0.301.259.9953.1352.661
142FL Jupiter Financial Opportunities EP0.301.2515.2364.9327.371
143FL Jupiter High Income EP0.301.2511.3650.0372.073
144FL Jupiter Income EP0.301.258.6749.9768.383
145FL Jupiter India EP0.301.2530.9560.6529.104
146FL Jupiter UK Growth EP0.301.2021.88104.62123.143
147FL Kames Ethical Cautious Managed EP0.301.0513.1853.6177.915
148FL Kames Ethical Corporate Bond EP0.300.958.5023.8942.363
149FL Kames Sterling Corporate Bond EP0.301.006.7127.5445.333
150FL Kames Strategic Bond EP0.301.052.3520.4534.121
151FL Kames UK Opportunities EP0.301.2016.3962.7875.441
152FL Lazard Emerging Markets EP0.301.250.7218.3715.283
153FL Lazard European Alpha EP0.301.209.2173.6466.143
154FL Lazard Global Equity Income EP0.301.204.2742.3655.061
155FL Lifestyle Retirement 2010 EP0.300.759.8724.7042.484
156FL Lifestyle Retirement 2015 EP0.300.759.4129.9449.245
157FL Lifestyle Retirement 2020 EP0.300.759.7746.6860.604
158FL Lifestyle Retirement 2025 EP0.300.759.5056.1365.763
159FL Lifestyle Retirement 2030 EP0.300.759.5556.4966.223
160FL Lifestyle Retirement 2035 EP0.300.759.4956.4766.133
161FL Lifestyle Retirement 2040 EP0.300.759.4456.2365.883
162FL Lifestyle Retirement 2045 EP0.300.759.5456.3366.253
163FL Lifestyle Retirement 2050 EP0.300.759.4556.2266.003
164FL Liontrust Global Income EP0.301.206.2449.5466.801
165FL Liontrust UK Growth EP0.301.2011.4948.4397.762
166FL M&G Corporate Bond EP0.301.056.9821.7742.802
167FL M&G Global Basics EP0.301.256.6318.4321.614
168FL M&G Global Leaders EP0.301.2510.2748.7547.751
169FL M&G Recovery EP0.301.20-0.0622.2740.211
170FL Managed EP0.300.758.3440.3549.642
171FL Martin Currie Global Equity Income EP0.301.207.0340.7463.101
172FL Money Market EP0.300.40-0.21-0.58-0.561
173FL Newton Global Equity EP0.300.8517.5863.3069.404
174FL Newton Global Income EP0.301.1511.6344.4271.082
175FL Newton International Bond EP0.300.851.49-4.362.492
176FL Newton Managed EP0.300.8517.5361.8171.804
177FL Newton Multi-Asset Diversified Return EP0.301.206.9723.3734.551
178FL Newton UK Equity EP0.300.8519.1957.6570.301
179FL Old Mutual Corporate Bond EP0.301.055.7828.8150.773
180FL Old Mutual Japanese Equity EP0.301.2524.4262.7463.572
181FL Old Mutual UK Mid Cap EP0.301.2027.49109.91150.403
182FL Overseas EP0.300.7512.3161.6062.252
183FL Property EP0.300.7515.1427.9941.87n/a
184FL Rathbone Income EP0.301.2012.5266.0098.975
185FL Retirement Distribution EP0.300.758.7534.8857.802
186FL Schroder Equity EP0.300.6010.5760.8273.083
187FL Schroder European Opportunities EP0.301.255.6779.9466.084
188FL Schroder Global Equity Income EP0.301.2016.6059.1577.203
189FL Schroder Global Property Securities EP0.301.2015.8438.4258.352
190FL Schroder Income Maximiser EP0.301.209.6967.9368.575
191FL Schroder Managed EP0.300.6012.5153.2164.303
192FL Schroder Tokyo EP0.301.2528.6160.0155.142
193FL Schroder UK Alpha Plus EP0.301.207.5068.3284.524
194FL Schroder UK Smaller Companies EP0.301.2511.9093.52142.354
195FL Standard Life UK Equity High Income EP0.301.2014.0566.3582.004
196FL Templeton Growth EP0.301.2512.7985.4569.703
197FL Threadneedle Absolute Return Bond EP0.301.105.876.377.381
198FL Threadneedle American Select EP0.301.2020.2763.5284.401
199FL Threadneedle Global Select EP0.301.2018.2458.7266.712
200FL Threadneedle Latin America EP0.301.25-14.76-19.38-26.063
201FL Threadneedle Pensions Property EP0.301.1523.2033.5747.38n/a
202FL Threadneedle Pensions Property EP0.301.1523.2033.5747.38n/a
203FL Threadneedle UK Equity Income EP0.301.2010.3267.91102.915
204FL UBS Global Allocation (UK) EP0.300.9010.2242.7247.284
205FL UK Equity EP0.300.757.7353.0068.101