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UK Merchant debuts Barclays-backed autocall

Thursday March 18, 2010 at 12:00

Merchant Capital Kick Out Plan is a six-year strategy linked to the FTSE100 index with a 50% soft protection on the downside.

The product will mature early with a growth payment of 8.55% pa (simple rate) starting in year two with a 17.1% return if the underlying index is at or above its strike level at any annual observation date. At maturity investor's initial investment will be returned in full as long as the underlying index is not below 50% of its strike level at that time in which case capital will be reduced on a 1:1 basis with the fall of the underlying.

Merchant Capital is delighted to be offering its first kick out or autocallable structured product investment plan, especially one which offers a competitive return in the current uncertain economic environment where no one knows how quickly the world economy will recover, said a Merchant Capital spokes person.

There is a place in this market for independent product providers and Merchant Capital is excited to be taking its place as a provider of innovative but straightforward structured products offering investors a real alternative to other offerings in the market

Assets are provided by Barclays which is rated 'AA-' by Standard & Poor's. The Merchant Capital Kick Out Plan will be available to investors until 4 May 2010.

Minimum investment is £3,000.

This product will be available shortly in Recent Additions (UK).


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