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Investment Trusts / A-Z Fund Factsheets

427 Funds
Rank  Fund Group Focus Currency  
101 company announcements Carador Income PLCIndependently ManagedFixed InterestUSDadd to basket
102 company announcements CATCo Reinsurance OpportunitiesCATCo Investment ManagementEquityUSDadd to basket
103 company announcements Central GoldTrustCentral GoldTrustCommodity/EnergyUSDadd to basket
104annual accounts company announcements Chelverton Growth Trust plcChelverton Asset Mgmt LtdEquityGBXadd to basket
105 company announcements China Growth Opportunities LtdChina Growth Opportunities LtdEquityGBXadd to basket
106 company announcements City Merchants High Yield Trust LimitedInvesco Asset ManagementMixed AssetGBXadd to basket
107annual accounts company announcements City Natural Resources High Yield TrustNew City Investment ManagersCommodity/EnergyGBXadd to basket
108 company announcements Commerz HausInvestCommerz Real AGPropertyEURadd to basket
109 company announcements CQS Diversified LtdCQS DiversifiedHedgeGBXadd to basket
110 company announcements Crystal AmberCrystal Amber Fund LtdMixed AssetGBXadd to basket
111 company announcements CS 1A Immo PKCredit Suisse AGPropertyCHFadd to basket
112 company announcements CS Real Estate Green PropertyCredit Suisse AGPropertyCHFadd to basket
113 company announcements CS Real Estate HospitalityCredit Suisse AGPropertyCHFadd to basket
114 company announcements CS Real Estate InternationalCredit Suisse AGPropertyCHFadd to basket
115 company announcements CS Real Estate InterSwissCredit Suisse AGPropertyCHFadd to basket
116 company announcements CS Real Estate LivingPlusCredit Suisse AGPropertyCHFadd to basket
117 company announcements CS Real Estate Property PlusCredit Suisse AGPropertyCHFadd to basket
118 company announcements CS Real Estate SiatCredit Suisse AGPropertyCHFadd to basket
119 company announcements Custodian REIT PLC Ord 1PCustodian Capital LimitedPropertyGBXadd to basket
120 company announcements CVC Credit Partners European Opportunities LimitedCVC Credit PartnersEquityEURadd to basket
121 company announcements DCG Iris Limited Red StgDexion CapitalEquityGBXadd to basket
122 company announcements Derwent LondonIndependently ManagedPropertyGBXadd to basket
123 company announcements Dexion AbsoluteDexion CapitalHedgeGBXadd to basket
124annual accounts company announcements Dolphin Capital InvestorsDolphin Capital InvestorsPropertyGBXadd to basket
125 company announcements Duet Real Estate Finance LimitedDRC CapitalPropertyGBXadd to basket
126annual accounts company announcements Dunedin Enterprise IT plcDunedin LLPEquityGBXadd to basket
127annual accounts company announcements Dunedin Income Growth Trust PLCAberdeen Asset ManagersEquityGBXadd to basket
128 company announcements Dunedin Smaller Companies IT PLCAberdeen Asset ManagersEquityGBXadd to basket
129 company announcements Eastern European Property LtdElysiumPropertyGBXadd to basket
130 company announcements Ecofin Water & Power OpportunitiesEcofinEquityGBXadd to basket
131annual accounts company announcements Edinburgh Dragon Trust plcAberdeen Asset ManagersEquityGBXadd to basket
132 company announcements Edinburgh Investment Tst plcInvesco Asset ManagementEquityGBXadd to basket
133annual accounts company announcements Edinburgh Worldwide IT PLCBaillie Gifford & CompanyEquityGBXadd to basket
134 company announcements El OroEl Oro LtdCommodity/EnergyGBXadd to basket
135annual accounts company announcements Electra Private Equity plcElectra PartnersEquityGBXadd to basket
136 company announcements Elephant Capital PlcPromethean Investments LLPEquityGBXadd to basket
137 company announcements Energiser Investments PLCEnergiser Investments PLCEquityGBXadd to basket
138 company announcements EP Global Opportunities TrustEdinburgh PartnersEquityGBXadd to basket
139 company announcements EPE Special OpportunitiesEPIC Private EquityMixed AssetGBXadd to basket
140annual accounts company announcements Establishment Investment TrustBlackfriarsMixed AssetGBXadd to basket
141annual accounts company announcements European Assets TrustF&C Management LimitedEquityGBXadd to basket
142 company announcements European Covergence Development CoIndependently ManagedPropertyEURadd to basket
143 company announcements European Real Estate Investment Trust LimitedEuropean Real Estate InvTstLdPropertyGBXadd to basket
144 company announcements European Wealth Group LimitedIndependently ManagedEquityGBXadd to basket
145 company announcements F&C Capital & Income IT PLCF&C Management LimitedEquityGBXadd to basket
146annual accounts company announcements F&C Commercial PropertyF&C Management LimitedPropertyGBXadd to basket
147annual accounts company announcements F&C Global Smaller CompaniesF&C Management LimitedEquityGBXadd to basket
148annual accounts company announcements F&C Managed Portfolio Trust GrowthF&C Management LimitedEquityGBXadd to basket
149 company announcements F&C Managed Portfolio Trust IncomeF&C Management LimitedEquityGBXadd to basket
150 company announcements F&C Private Equity TrustF&C Management LimitedEquityGBXadd to basket
151annual accounts company announcements F&C UK Real Estate Investments LimitedF&C Management LimitedPropertyGBXadd to basket
152 company announcements Fair Oaks Income Fund Limited Ord NPVFair Oaks Capital LimitedEquityUSDadd to basket
153annual accounts company announcements Fidelity Asian Values PLCFidelity (FIL Invt Intl)EquityGBXadd to basket
154 company announcements Fidelity China Special Situations PlcFidelity (FIL Invt Intl)EquityGBXadd to basket
155annual accounts company announcements Fidelity European Values PLCFidelity (FIL Invt Intl)EquityGBXadd to basket
156annual accounts company announcements Fidelity Japanese Values PLCFidelity (FIL Invt Intl)EquityGBXadd to basket
157annual accounts company announcements Fidelity Special Values PLCFidelity (FIL Invt Intl)EquityGBXadd to basket
158annual accounts company announcements Finsbury Growth & Income Trust PLCFrostrow Capital LLPEquityGBXadd to basket
159 company announcements Fisher BarramundiFisher Funds Management LtdEquityNZDadd to basket
160annual accounts company announcements Foreign & Colonial Investment TrustF&C Management LimitedEquityGBXadd to basket
161 company announcements Fundsmith Emerging Equities TrustFundsmithEquityGBXadd to basket
162 company announcements GCP Infrastructure Investments LdGravis Capital Partners LLPFixed InterestGBXadd to basket
163 company announcements GCP Student Living PlcGravis Capital Partners LLPPropertyGBXadd to basket
164annual accounts company announcements Geiger CounterNew City Investment ManagersCommodity/EnergyGBXadd to basket
165 company announcements Genesis Emerging MarketGenesis Fund Managers ITEquityGBXadd to basket
166 company announcements GLI Finance LimitedT2 AdvisersFixed InterestGBXadd to basket
167 company announcements Global Fixed Income Realisation LimitedGottex Fund Management Sarl ITHedgeGBXadd to basket
168 company announcements Globalworth Real Estate Investments LimitedGlobalworth Asset ManagersPropertyEURadd to basket
169annual accounts company announcements Golden Prospect Precious MetalNew City Investment ManagersCommodity/EnergyGBXadd to basket
170annual accounts company announcements Graphite Enterprise Trust PLCGraphite Capital Mgmt LLPEquityGBXadd to basket
171annual accounts company announcements Great Portland Estates plcGreat Portland EstatesPropertyGBXadd to basket
172 company announcements Greencoat UK Wind PLCGreencoat Capital LLPEquityGBXadd to basket
173annual accounts company announcements Gresham House PLCGresham House ITEquityGBXadd to basket
174 company announcements Ground Rents Income PlcGround Rents Income Fund PlcEquityGBXadd to basket
175 company announcements Hammerson plcHammersonPropertyGBXadd to basket
176 company announcements Hansa Trust PLCHansa Capital Partners LLPEquityGBXadd to basket
177 company announcements Hansteen Holdings PLCHansteen Holding PLCPropertyGBXadd to basket
178 company announcements HarbourVest Global Private EquityHarbourVest Advisers LPEquityUSDadd to basket
179 company announcements HarbourVest Senior Loans EuropeSpire Partners LLPEquityGBXadd to basket
180 company announcements Harewood Energy Base Metals Secure GrowthHarewood SolutionsCommodity/EnergyGBXadd to basket
181 company announcements Harewood Enhanced IncomeHarewood SolutionsEquityGBXadd to basket
182 company announcements Harewood UK Enhanced IncomeHarewood SolutionsEquityGBXadd to basket
183 company announcements Harewood US Enhanced IncomeHarewood SolutionsEquityUSDadd to basket
184 company announcements Henderson Diversified IncomeHenderson Global Investors LtdFixed InterestGBXadd to basket
185 company announcements Henderson Euro TrustHenderson Global Investors LtdEquityGBXadd to basket
186annual accounts company announcements Henderson European Focus TrustHenderson Global Investors LtdEquityGBXadd to basket
187 company announcements Henderson Far East Income LtdHenderson Global Investors LtdEquityGBXadd to basket
188annual accounts company announcements Henderson Global TrustHenderson Global Investors LtdEquityGBXadd to basket
189 company announcements Henderson High Income TrustHenderson Global Investors LtdMixed AssetGBXadd to basket
190 company announcements Henderson International Income Trust plcHenderson Global Investors LtdEquityGBXadd to basket
191annual accounts company announcements Henderson Opportunities TrustHenderson Global Investors LtdEquityGBXadd to basket
192annual accounts company announcements Henderson Smaller Companies Investment TrustHenderson Global Investors LtdEquityGBXadd to basket
193annual accounts company announcements Henderson Value Trust plcHenderson Global Investors LtdEquityGBXadd to basket
194annual accounts company announcements Herald Investment Trust plcHerald Investment Mgmt LtdEquityGBXadd to basket
195annual accounts company announcements HgCapital Trust plcHgCapitalEquityGBXadd to basket
196 company announcements HICL InfrastructureInfraRed Capital PartnersEquityGBXadd to basket
197annual accounts company announcements Highcroft Investments PLCHighcroft InvestmentsPropertyGBXadd to basket
198 company announcements ICG-Longbow Senior Secured UK Property Debt Investments LimitedICG-LongbowFixed InterestGBXadd to basket
199annual accounts company announcements Impax Environmental MarketsImpax Asset Management LtdEquityGBXadd to basket
200 company announcements Independent Investment TrustIndependent Investment TrustEquityGBXadd to basket
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