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Group performance summary / ReAssure Limited

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ReAssure Limited

    349 funds
    Rank ChartFund Focus Sector BidOffer1m 3m 6m 1y 3y 5y  
    1[+]chartReAssure Aegon Aggressive Portfolio S2EquityFlexible Investment718.00759.800.0-2.51.521.935.4134.7add to basket
    2[+]chartReAssure Aegon Balanced S2Mixed AssetMixed Investment 40%-85% Shares1,317.401,394.100.9- to basket
    3[+]chartReAssure Aegon Cautious Portfolio S2Mixed AssetMixed Investment 40%-85% Shares374.10395.800.3- to basket
    4[+]chartReAssure Aegon Elite S2EquityUK All Companies404.90428.500.4-1.71.915.022.675.3add to basket
    5[+]chartReAssure Aegon Equity Bond S1EquityUK All Companies3,567.303,774.900.3-1.62.418.630.7100.1add to basket
    6[+]chartReAssure Aegon European S2EquityEurope Excluding UK594.30628.901.30.22.718.220.052.4add to basket
    7[+]chartReAssure Aegon Far East S2EquityAsia Pacific Including Japan301.00318.504.60.7- to basket
    8[+]chartReAssure Aegon Fixed Interest Bond S1Fixed InterestSterling Fixed Interest934.40988.800.21.21.1-4.68.313.2add to basket
    9[+]chartReAssure Aegon Home Owners S1PropertyUK Direct Property422.80447.500.21.21.1-4.68.313.2add to basket
    10[+]chartReAssure Aegon International S2EquityGlobal Equities1,165.001,232.801.4-0.80.415.121.872.0add to basket
    11[+]chartReAssure Aegon Managed Bond S1Mixed AssetMixed Investment 40%-85% Shares1,615.401,709.400.9- to basket
    12[+]chartReAssure Aegon Managed Investment AccMixed AssetMixed Investment 40%-85% Shares1,291.401,366.500.9- to basket
    13[+]chartReAssure Aegon Money Bond S2Money MarketMoney Market406.50430.200.0-0.1-0.2-0.3-0.40.5add to basket
    14[+]chartReAssure Aegon North American S2EquityNorth America837.20885.90-0.3- to basket
    15[+]chartReAssure Aegon Perpetual ManagedEquityFlexible Investment298.60316.001.4-0.80.415.121.872.0add to basket
    16[+]chartReAssure Aegon Property Bond S1PropertyUK Direct Property2,201.902,330. to basket
    17[+]chartReAssure Aegon Tulip S1Mixed AssetMixed Investment 40%-85% Shares2,856.003,022.200.9-0.51.411.719.564.6add to basket
    18[+]chartReAssure Aegon UK Equity S2EquityUK All Companies1,887.901,997.800.3-1.62.418.630.7100.1add to basket
    19[+]chartReAssure Aegon With ProfitsWith ProfitsWith Profits323.37342. to basket
    20[+]chartReAssure AEtna 3 Way Pre 1982 SerMixed AssetMixed Investment 40%-85% Shares1,870.601,870.600.9-0.51.411.719.564.6add to basket
    21[+]chartReAssure AEtna Bear AccMixed AssetMixed Investment 40%-85% Shares53.9556.790.3- to basket
    22[+]chartReAssure AEtna Bond Pre 1982 SerFixed InterestSterling Fixed Interest1,696.901,696.900.21.31.2- to basket
    23[+]chartReAssure AEtna Bull AccMixed AssetMixed Investment 40%-85% Shares50.3152.960.8- to basket
    24[+]chartReAssure AEtna Cash Dep 1982 SerMoney MarketMoney Market337.10354.800.0-0.1-0.2-0.4-0.40.5add to basket
    25[+]chartReAssure AEtna Deposit Acc AccMoney MarketMoney Market23.3724.60-0.1-0.2-0.4-0.8-1.8-2.0add to basket
    26[+]chartReAssure AEtna Equity Pre 1982 SerEquityUK All Companies3,567.903,567.900.3-1.52.518.931.7102.6add to basket
    27[+]chartReAssure AEtna European Acc AccEquityEurope Excluding UK47.1549.631.30.12.517.618.148.6add to basket
    28[+]chartReAssure AEtna Far Eastern AccEquityAsia Pacific Including Japan30.4732.084.50.6-4.8-0.33.673.6add to basket
    29[+]chartReAssure AEtna Fixed Interest AccFixed InterestSterling Fixed Interest38.1740. to basket
    30[+]chartReAssure AEtna Gilt Edged AccFixed InterestSterling Fixed Interest40.4642.590.21.10.8-5.16.710.3add to basket
    31[+]chartReAssure AEtna Index Linked AccFixed InterestUK Index - Linked Gilts38.3140.321.42.92.5- to basket
    32[+]chartReAssure AEtna Managed 1982 SerMixed AssetMixed Investment 40%-85% Shares944.70994.500.9- to basket
    33[+]chartReAssure AEtna North American AccEquityNorth America41.0143.17-0.3-1.91.823.532.269.8add to basket
    34[+]chartReAssure AEtna OSeas Inv Pre 1982 SerEquityGlobal Equities906.10906.101.3-0.80.314.820.969.9add to basket
    35[+]chartReAssure AEtna Owl AccMixed AssetMixed Investment 40%-85% Shares67.3670.910.3-1.22.315.928.187.4add to basket
    36[+]chartReAssure AEtna Property AccPropertyUK Direct Property26.3527.741. to basket
    37[+]chartReAssure AEtna Sp Opportunts 1982 SerEquityFlexible Investment1,323.801,393.50-0.1-2.61.321.634.4131.8add to basket
    38[+]chartReAssure AEtna Squirrel AccMoney MarketMoney Market29.4330.980.0-0.1-0.2-0.3-0.30.5add to basket
    39[+]chartReAssure AEtna Stag AccEquityFlexible Investment62.8766.18-0.1- to basket
    40[+]chartReAssure AEtna UK Equity AccEquityUK All Companies45.1947.570.3-1.72.318.329.797.6add to basket
    41[+]chartReAssure AL Aberdeen Asia Pacific GBPEquityAsia Pacific Excluding Japan2.42
    5.63.1-4.0-7.3-8.061.9add to basket
    42[+]chartReAssure AmericanEquityNorth America924.90973.50-0.2- to basket
    43[+]chartReAssure BalancedMixed AssetMixed Investment 40%-85% Shares442.30465.500.3- to basket
    44[+]chartReAssure Balanced Growth S4Mixed AssetMixed Investment 40%-85% Shares165.60165.600.4- to basket
    45[+]chartReAssure BL 500 2 AccEquityUK All Companies1,033.091,087.470.3- to basket
    46[+]chartReAssure BL America 2 AccEquityNorth America989.931,042.04-0.4-1.23.423.133.782.8add to basket
    47[+]chartReAssure BL Barclay BondMixed AssetMixed Investment 40%-85% Shares1,947.612,050.110.7-0.71.512.318.856.7add to basket
    48[+]chartReAssure BL Corporate Bond 2&3Fixed InterestSterling Fixed Interest167.80176.640.31.22.2-0.214.530.5add to basket
    49[+]chartReAssure BL Enterprise 2 AccEquityUK All Companies444.82468.230.3- to basket
    50[+]chartReAssure BL Equity 1 AccEquityUK All Companies2,901.453,054.150.1-1.72.317.827.185.9add to basket
    51[+]chartReAssure BL European Growth 2 AccEquityEurope Excluding UK1,070.281,126.610.6-0.62.622.823.945.1add to basket
    52[+]chartReAssure BL Far Eastern Growth 2 AccEquityAsia Pacific Excluding Japan716.90754.645.73.3-3.1-4.7-4.364.4add to basket
    53[+]chartReAssure BL Far Eastern Growth Ser 3 AccEquityAsia Pacific Excluding Japan716.90754.645.73.3-3.1-4.7-4.364.4add to basket
    54[+]chartReAssure BL Gilt Edged 1 AccFixed InterestUK Gilts973.441,024.670.21.21.1-4.67.913.0add to basket
    55[+]chartReAssure BL International 1 AccEquityGlobal Equities1,044.961,099.961.2-0.60.816.418.663.9add to basket
    56[+]chartReAssure BL Japan & General 2 AccEquityJapan240.61253.270.2-8.2- to basket
    57[+]chartReAssure BL Managed 1 AccMixed AssetMixed Investment 40%-85% Shares1,502.731,581.820.6-0.81.311.716.953.2add to basket
    58[+]chartReAssure BL Managed Alpha Life 2 AccEquityUK All Companies1,175.021,236.860.1- to basket
    59[+]chartReAssure BL Money 1 AccMoney MarketMoney Market476.71501.800.0-0.1-0.2-0.3-0.2-0.8add to basket
    60[+]chartReAssure BL Property 1 AccPropertyUK Direct Property731.89770.411. to basket
    61[+]chartReAssure BL Smaller Companies 2 AccEquityUK Smaller Companies741.79780.83-1.9-3.94.631.043.9147.5add to basket
    62[+]chartReAssure BL UK Growth 2 AccEquityUK All Companies866.75912.370.1- to basket
    63[+]chartReAssure BL Unitised Combined Income 2 AccMixed AssetMixed Investment 40%-85% Shares1,727.831,818.770.6- to basket
    64[+]chartReAssure BL Universal Worldwide 2 AccEquityGlobal Equities430.58453.241.2-0.70.716.117.760.9add to basket
    65[+]chartReAssure Building Society Accumulator S1Money MarketMoney Market407.60429.000.0-0.1-0.2-0.3-0.30.6add to basket
    66[+]chartReAssure Building Society S3Money MarketMoney Market389.30409.80-0.1-0.2-0.3-0.6-1.1-0.7add to basket
    67[+]chartReAssure Combined Balanced AccMixed AssetMixed Investment 40%-85% Shares269.50283.700.3- to basket
    68[+]chartReAssure Combined Managed AccMixed AssetMixed Investment 40%-85% Shares651.60685.901.4-0.80.314.820.969.8add to basket
    69[+]chartReAssure Continental DepositMoney MarketMoney Market386.30406.600.0-0.1-0.2-0.3-0.30.6add to basket
    70[+]chartReAssure Continental EquityEquityUK All Companies1,085.201,142.300.3-1.62.418.630.7100.1add to basket
    71[+]chartReAssure Continental InternationalEquityGlobal Equities652.40686.701.4-0.80.415.121.872.0add to basket
    72[+]chartReAssure Continental Investment TrustsMixed AssetMixed Investment 40%-85% Shares560.20589.700.9- to basket
    73[+]chartReAssure Continental ManagedMixed AssetMixed Investment 40%-85% Shares1,153.301,214.000.9- to basket
    74[+]chartReAssure Continental Monitored Bond AccFixed InterestMoney Market527.90555.700.9- to basket
    75[+]chartReAssure Continental PropertyPropertyUK Direct Property1,095.801,153.401. to basket
    76[+]chartReAssure Continental Special SituationsEquityFlexible Investment720.80758.700.0-2.51.521.935.4134.8add to basket
    77[+]chartReAssure Continental Top GradeFixed InterestSterling Fixed Interest697.90734.600.21.21.1-4.68.313.1add to basket
    78[+]chartReAssure Crown American S3 AccEquityNorth America374.00393.70-0.3-1.91.923.933.371.9add to basket
    79[+]chartReAssure Crown CoronetMixed AssetMixed Investment 40%-85% Shares1,487.601,565.900.9- to basket
    80[+]chartReAssure Crown Equity AccEquityUK All Companies2,813.002,961.100.3-1.52.518.931.7102.6add to basket
    81[+]chartReAssure Crown European AccEquityEurope Excluding UK862.10907.501.30.22.718.119.952.4add to basket
    82[+]chartReAssure Crown Fixed Interest AccFixed InterestSterling Fixed Interest839.90884. to basket
    83[+]chartReAssure Crown High Income AccEquityUK All Companies2,320.002,442.100.4-1.81.714.621.773.2add to basket
    84[+]chartReAssure Crown International AccEquityGlobal Equities1,382.301,455.101.4-0.70.515.422.774.2add to basket
    85[+]chartReAssure Crown Investment Trust AccMixed AssetMixed Investment 40%-85% Shares2,319.202,441.300.9- to basket
    86[+]chartReAssure Crown Japanese AccEquityJapan322.30339.201.1-6.7-8.615.813.334.3add to basket
    87[+]chartReAssure Crown Managed AccMixed AssetMixed Investment 40%-85% Shares1,706.701,796.500.9- to basket
    88[+]chartReAssure Crown Money AccMoney MarketMoney Market485.80511.300.0-0.1-0.2-0.3-0.30.6add to basket
    89[+]chartReAssure Crown Property AccPropertyUK Direct Property572.90603. to basket
    90[+]chartReAssure DepositMoney MarketMoney Market448.70472.400.0-0.1-0.2-0.4-0.40.6add to basket
    91[+]chartReAssure Deposit Growth S4Money MarketMoney Market127.00127.000.0-0.1-0.2-0.5-0.9-0.5add to basket
    92[+]chartReAssure Equity CapitalEquityUK All Companies611.30643.500.1- to basket
    93[+]chartReAssure European Growth S4EquityEurope Excluding UK142.30142.301.40.22.717.919.250.8add to basket
    94[+]chartReAssure Far EastEquityAsia Pacific Including Japan988.301,040.304.60.7- to basket
    95[+]chartReAssure Far East Growth S4EquityAsia Pacific Including Japan209.90209.904.60.7- to basket
    96[+]chartReAssure Fully ManagedMixed AssetMixed Investment 40%-85% Shares1,129.501,188.900.6-1.6- to basket
    97[+]chartReAssure GiltFixed InterestUK Gilts896.00943. to basket
    98[+]chartReAssure Gilt Accumulator S1Fixed InterestUK Gilts896.00943. to basket
    99[+]chartReAssure Gilt Growth S4Fixed InterestUK Gilts159.70159.700.21.10.9-4.87.612.1add to basket
    100[+]chartReAssure GLP Credit Suisse Fellowship 1990 Loyalty S1EquityUK All Companies234.00246.301.0-0.60.913.519.178.7add to basket
    Performance figures are calculated on a bid price to bid price basis.
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