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Offshore Funds / A-Z Group Factsheets

424 Groups
RankPerfGroup Number of Funds
1performance2CG Funds Plc2
2performanceAbacus Financial Services2
3performanceAberdeen Asset Management1
4performanceAberdeen Asset Mgmt France SA1
5performanceAberdeen Fund Managers Limited1
6performanceAberdeen Global Services S.A.70
7performanceAbsolute Fund Management2
8performanceACPI Investments Limited3
9performanceAdelphi Europe1
10performanceAdvance Emerging Capital1
11performanceAlceda Fund Management5
13performanceAlken Asset Management3
14performanceAllan Gray Intl (Prop) Ltd1
15performanceAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.A15
16performanceAllianz Gbl Invstr Ireland Ltd8
17performanceAllianz Global Investors Lux44
18performanceAllied Dunbar International8
19performanceAlquity Investment Managmt Ltd1
20performanceAmerican Century Investments2
22performanceAmundi Luxembourg SA1
23performanceApollo Multi Asset Management2
24performanceArab Bank1
26performanceAria Structured Investments4
27performanceArmajaro Asset Management LLP1
28performanceArmstrong Investment Managers5
29performanceAshburton (Jersey) Limited5
30performanceAshburton Emerging Markets Ltd1
31performanceAshburton Fund Managers Ltd3
32performanceAshmore Investment Mgt Ltd11
33performanceAspect Capital1
34performanceAtlantis Investment Mgmt (Ire)4
35performanceAtlas Capital1
36performanceAviva Investors Luxembourg SA16
37performanceAXA Investment Managers30
38performanceAXA Rosenberg Management Ireland Limited20
39performanceAxxion S.A1
40performanceBaker Steel Capital Mgrs LLP2
41performanceBarclays Funds and Advisory14
42performanceBarclays Intl Funds (JSY)1
43performanceBarclays Invest Funds (LUX)27
44performanceBarclays Private Clients20
45performanceBarclays Wealth4
46performanceBaring Intl Fund Mgr (Ire) Ltd26
47performanceBarings International Group1
48performanceBDT Invest LLP (IRL)3
49performanceBearbull Managers1
50performanceBelgrave Capital Management1
51performanceBellevue Asset Management7
52performanceBelmont Investments1
53performanceBelvedere Management Ltd7
54performanceBernheim Dreyfus & Co1
55performanceBlackpoint Mgmt Ltd (GSY)2
56performanceBlackRock (Channel Island)1
57performanceBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.95
58performanceBlackRock Active Selection Fd3
59performanceBlackRock Fixed Inc Dub Fd plc2
60performanceBlackRock Index Selection Fund1
61performanceBlackRock Inv Mgt (Dublin) Ltd2
62performanceBLME Asset Management2
63performanceBlueBay Asset Management13
64performanceBNP Paribas Global Liquidity1
65performanceBNP Paribas Invest Partners Lux176
66performanceBNY Mellon Fund Mgmt S.A.9
67performanceBNY Mellon Investment Management EMEA Ltd35
68performanceBofAML Invest Funds1
69performanceBraemar Group PCC Limited2
70performanceBrandeaux Managers (BVI)1
71performanceBrandes Investment4
72performanceBrookfield Invmt Mgmt Ltd (UK)3
73performanceBrooks Macdonald Asset Mgmt3
74performanceBrown Advisory LLC5
75performanceBrown Brothers Harriman & Co1
76performanceBTG Pactual Asset Management SA4
77performanceCalamos Advisors4
78performanceCallander Managers SA3
79performanceCanaccord Genuity Wealth Mgmnt9
81performanceCapfi Delen Asset Management6
82performanceCapital Group19
83performanceCarmignac Gestion15
84performanceCarne Global Fund Managers (Ireland) Ltd1
85performanceCarnegie Asset Management8
86performanceCastle Trust19
87performanceCG Asset Management Ltd4
88performanceCharlemagne Capital10
89performanceChina Asset Management HK1
90performanceCIMB-Principal Islamic Ass Mgt3
91performanceCitiFirst Investments plc2
92performanceCity of London1
93performanceClareville Management1
94performanceCMI Asset Management (LUX)20
95performanceCMI Fund Managers (IOM)3
96performanceComgest SA19
97performanceCommerz Funds Solutions S.A.1
98performanceCoral Portfolio1
99performanceCoronation Fund Manager3
100performanceCoupland Cardiff Asset Mgt LLP4
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