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IMA Unit Trusts & OEICs / A-Z Group Factsheets

220 Groups
RankPerfGroup Number of Funds
101performanceJP Morgan Liquidity Fund1
102performanceJupiter Asset Management10
103performanceJupiter Unit Trust Mgrs Ltd38
104performanceKames Capital19
105performanceLazard Fund Managers12
106performanceLegal & General UT Mgr Ltd58
107performanceLegg Mason Funds ICVC11
108performanceLegg Mason Global Funds Plc15
109performanceLindsell Train2
110performanceLiontrust Fund Partners LLP9
111performanceM&G UK54
112performanceMajedie Asset Management3
113performanceManek Investment Management1
114performanceMargetts Fund Management22
115performanceMarks & Spencer UT Managers4
116performanceMarlborough Fund Managers21
117performanceMartin Currie Global Funds2
118performanceMartin Currie Unit Trusts Ltd9
119performanceMatthews Asia7
120performanceMayfair Capital Inv Management1
121performanceMcInroy & Wood Portfolios Ltd4
122performanceMelchior Investment Funds4
124performanceMFS Meridian Funds20
125performanceMirabaud Asset Management (Europe) SA3
127performanceMomentum Global Investment Mgt4
128performanceMontanaro Eurpn Smaller Co Plc1
129performanceMontello Pvt Fin Grl Ptnrs Ltd1
130performanceMorgan Stanley Invest Mgmt UK3
131performanceNatixis Global Asset Mgmt S.A.11
132performanceNatWest Investment Funds4
133performanceNeptune Investment Management29
134performanceNeuberger Berman Europe Ltd3
135performanceNew Capital Fund Management6
136performanceNewton & BNY Mellon Asset Mgmt28
137performanceNewton Investment Managers1
138performanceNFU Mutual Unit Managers Ltd9
139performanceOctopus Investments1
140performanceOdey Asset Management5
141performanceOld Mutl Glbl Investors(UK)Ltd80
142performanceOptimum Investment Management Limited4
144performanceOriel Asset Management LLP3
145performancePFS Hawksmoor Open End Invt Cm2
146performancePhoenix Fund Services (UK) Ltd5
147performancePictet Funds (Europe) S.A.21
148performancePIMCO Global Advisors(IRL) Ltd16
149performancePioneer Investments7
150performancePolar Capital9
151performancePremier Asset Management25
152performancePremier Portfolio Managers Ltd8
153performancePrincipal Global Investors8
154performancePrudential Unit Trusts Limited7
155performancePSigma Unit Trust Managers Ltd3
156performanceQuerns Asset Managers LLP1
157performanceRathbone Unit Trust Mgmt Ltd11
158performanceRBS Collective Invst Fds Ltd5
159performanceReliance UT Managers1
160performanceRiver & Mercantile Asset Mgmt8
161performanceRLUM (CIS) Ltd11
162performanceRockspring Property UT1
163performanceRothschild Private Fund Mgmt16
164performanceRoyal Bank of Scotland15
165performanceRoyal Bk of Scotland Coll Inv12
166performanceRoyal London Asset Mgmt (IRL)3
167performanceRoyal London Unit Tst Mgrs Ltd26
169performanceS&W Fund Administration Ltd60
170performanceSaltus Partners LLP5
171performanceSand Aire Limited3
172performanceSanlam Universal Funds plc4
173performanceSantander Asset Mgmt UK Ltd28
174performanceSaracen Fund Managers2
175performanceSarasin Investment Funds Ltd19
176performanceSchroder Investment Management2
177performanceSchroder Investmt Mgt(LUX)S.A.23
178performanceSchroder UT Managers74
179performanceScottish Friendly Assurance2
180performanceScottish Mutual Invest Mgmt9
181performanceScottish Wid UT Mgr Limited56
182performanceScottish Widows Sh Cl HIFML36
183performanceSeneca Investment Managers Ltd2
186performanceSmith & Williamson Invest Mgmt13
187performanceSomerset Capital Management2
188performanceSovereign Unit Trust Mgrs Ltd4
189performanceSSGA UK5
190performanceSt. Jamess Place UT Group Ltd31
191performanceStandard Life Investments65
192performanceStandard Life Trust Management8
193performanceStandard Life Wealth4
194performanceSVM Asset Management Ltd6
196performanceT. Bailey Fund Managers Ltd3
197performanceT. Bailey Fund Mgrs Ltd (ACD)3
198performanceThe 140 Investment Managers3
199performanceThesis Unit Trust Mgmt Ltd72
200performanceThreadneedle Inv Services Ltd80
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