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Investment Trusts / A-Z Group Factsheets

241 Groups
RankPerfGroup Number of Funds
1performance3i Group Plc2
2performanceAberdeen Asset Management1
3performanceAberdeen Asset Managers16
4performanceAberforth Partners2
5performanceAdvance Emerging Capital2
6performanceAisi Capital1
7performanceAlbion Ventures LLP7
9performanceAlliance Trust1
10performanceAllianz Global Investors UK3
11performanceAlpha Real Capital2
12performanceAlpha Tiger Property Trust Ltd1
14performanceAltus Capital Ltd1
15performanceAmati Global Investors2
16performanceAmber Infrastructure1
17performanceAmbrian Asset Management Ltd1
18performanceARA CWT Trust Mgmt Cache Ltd1
19performanceArtemis Investment Mgmt LLP3
20performanceAseana Properties Ltd1
21performanceAshmore Gbl Opportunities Ltd1
22performanceAsset Value Investors1
23performanceAthelney Trust plc1
24performanceAtlantis Fund Mgmt (GSY) Ltd1
25performanceAurora Russia Limited1
26performanceAXA Real Estate Invest Mgrs1
27performanceB P Marsh & Partners PLC1
29performanceBaillie Gifford & Company7
30performanceBaker Steel Resources Trust1
31performanceBaring Asset Mgt1
32performanceBarings International Group1
33performanceBBGI Group Global Investments1
36performanceBetter Capital1
37performanceBig Yellow Group1
38performanceBlack Sea Property Limited1
40performanceBlackRock (Channel Island)1
41performanceBlackRock Invest Managers Ltd10
43performanceBlue Planet Invest Mgt Ltd1
44performanceBlueCrest Capital Management2
45performanceBluefield Partners LLP1
46performanceBoussard & Gavaudan Hldg Ltd1
47performanceBrevan Howard Offshore Mgmt3
48performanceBritish & American IT1
49performanceBritish Land1
50performanceBrompton Asset Management LLP1
51performanceCalculus Capital1
52performanceCaledonia IT1
53performanceCandover Investments1
54performanceCapital Gearing Asset Mgmt1
55performanceCapital Shopping Centre Gr PLC1
56performanceCATCo Investment Management1
57performanceCayenne Asset Management Ltd1
58performanceCentral GoldTrust1
59performanceChelverton Asset Mgmt Ltd3
60performanceChina Growth Opportunities Ltd1
62performanceCommerz Real AG1
63performanceCore Capital2
64performanceCP Cogent1
65performanceCQS Diversified1
66performanceCredit Suisse AG7
67performanceCrystal Amber Fund Ltd1
68performanceCVC Credit Partners1
69performanceDexion Capital2
70performanceDiscretionary Unit Fd Mgrs Ltd1
71performanceDolphin Capital Investors1
72performanceDowning Protected Managers12
73performanceDRC Capital1
74performanceDunedin LLP1
76performanceEdge Investment Management IT8
77performanceEdinburgh Partners2
78performanceEl Oro Ltd1
80performanceElectra Partners1
82performanceEnergiser Investments PLC1
83performanceEPIC Private Equity1
85performanceEuropean Real Estate InvTstLd1
87performanceF&C Management Limited11
88performanceFabien Pictet & Partners Ltd1
89performanceFidelity (FIL Invt Intl)5
90performanceFirst State Investments IT1
91performanceFisher Funds Management Ltd1
92performanceForesight Group10
93performanceFranklin Templeton Investments1
94performanceFrostrow Capital LLP4
96performanceGenesis Fund Managers IT1
97performanceGlobalworth Asset Managers1
98performanceGottex Fund Management Sarl IT1
99performanceGraphite Capital Mgmt LLP1
100performanceGravis Capital Partners LLP3
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