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Life Funds / A-Z Product Factsheets

66 Products
RankGroup Product FRR 
1Aegon/Scottish Equitable plcInvestment Control - Secure Income Option
2Aegon/Scottish Equitable plcInvestment Control Protected - Initial
3Aegon/Scottish Equitable plcInvestment Control - Clean option
4Aegon/Scottish Equitable plcInvestment Control Protected - Establishment charge
5Aegon/Scottish Equitable plcInvestment Control Protected - Clean
6Aegon/Scottish Equitable plcInvestment Bond (Unit Linked) - Single Priced Option
7Aegon/Scottish Equitable plcInvestment Control - Initial charge option
8Aegon/Scottish Equitable plcInvestment Control - Establishment Charge Option
9Aegon/Scottish Equitable plcInvestment Bond (Unit Linked) - High Allocation Option
10AlicoRSP – Advantage Investment Plan
11AlicoSPB – Investment Bond within Select
12Aviva Life & Pensions UK LtdPortfolio - Step Down Option
13Aviva Life & Pensions UK LtdPortfolio - Level Option
14AXA Sun LifePremium Select Bond
15AXA Sun LifeStep Down Yearly Charge
16AXA Sun LifeTiered Allocation
17AXA Sun LifeEasy Access
18Canada Life LtdFlexible Investment Bond - Level option
19Canada Life LtdTotal Access Bond No Exit Penalty
20Canada Life LtdFlexible Investment Bond - Deferred option
21Canada Life LtdSelect Investment Bond
22Clerical Medical Invest GroupInvestment Bond - Level Allocation
23Clerical Medical Invest GroupInvestment Bond - Initial Allocation
24Clerical Medical Invest GroupInvestment Bond - Level Allocation (five year)
25CoFundsLegal & General Portfolio Bond - Initial Charge
26CoFundsLegal & General Portfolio Bond - Standard
27CoFundsLegal & General Portfolio Bond - High Allocation
28Friends Provident Life&Pen LtdInvestment Portfolio Bond/Ethical Investment Bond
29Friends Provident Life&Pen LtdFRIENDS® Wealth Solutions Bond
30Friends Provident Life&Pen LtdProtected Investment Portfolio Bond
31FundsNetworkFundsNetwork Investment Bond
32Legal & General Assurance SocPortfolio Bond - Standard
33Legal & General Assurance SocInvestment Bond with Death Guarantee
34Legal & General Assurance SocPortfolio Bond - High Allocation
35Legal & General Assurance SocPortfolio Bond - Initial Charge
36LV=Flexible Guaranteed Bond
37MetLifeMetLife Income for Life Investment Bond
38MetLifeInvestment Bond - Fully Accessible
39MetLifeGuaranteed Investment Bond International
40MetLifeGuaranteed Investment Bond - Maximum Allocation
41MetLifeMetLife Guaranteed Investment Bond
42MetLifeMetLife Income for Life Investment Bond - Internat
43MetLifeInvestment Bond - Maximum Allocation
44MetLifeGuaranteed Investment Bond - Fully Accessible
45Prudential Assurance CompanyFlexible Investment Plan - Managed Bond (Initial Charge/3 year withdrawal option)
46Prudential Assurance CompanyPrudential Investment Plan - Establishment Charge
47Prudential Assurance CompanyPrudential Investment Plan - Initial Charge
48Prudential Assurance CompanyFlexible Investment Plan - Managed Bond (Initial Charge/5 year withdrawal option)
49Prudential Assurance CompanyFlexible Investment Plan - Managed Bond (No Initial Charge/3 year withdrawal option)
50Prudential Assurance CompanyFlexible Investment Plan - Managed Bond (No Initial Charge/5 year withdrawal option)
51Scottish LifeCapital Investment Bond
52Scottish Mutual AssuranceFlexible Investment Bond
53Scottish Widows PlcFlexible Options Bond - No Establishment Charge
54Scottish Widows PlcFlexible Options Bond - Establishment Charge
55Skandia LifeEnhanced Allocation Bond
56Skandia LifeCapital & Income Bond
57Skandia LifeRSP - Maximum Investment Plan
58Skandia LifeInvestment Bond
59Standard Life Assurance CoTailored Investment Bond
60Standard Life Assurance CoCapital Investment Bond - Level option
61Standard Life Assurance CoCapital Investment Bond - Stepped option
62Winterthur LifeInvestment Bond
63Zurich Assurance LtdSterling Investment Bond - Flexible
64Zurich Assurance LtdSterling Investment Bond - No exit penalty
65Zurich Assurance LtdSterling Investment Bond - Standard
66Zurich Assurance LtdSterling Investment Bond - High Allocation

FRR: Fund Range Rating

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