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You can restrict your search to funds which are domiciled in a specific country, which may have implications for their tax status.

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Selecting a geography allows you to choose funds which invest in a specific geographical region, or regions if you select more than one. The geography does not necessarily reflect the domicile of the fund, where it is legally based.

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Management Groups

Select a specific management group, or groups, to narrow your search to funds managed by individual asset management businesses.

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Investment Focus

Investment Focus allows you to search for funds which invest in a specific industrial sector or sectors.

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Asset Class

You can choose to view funds which invest only in a specific asset class or asset classes, allowing you to focus on a broad swathe of funds which invest specifically in equities, bonds, or commodities – for example.

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FE Risk Score

FE Risk scores tell you how risky an investment is compared to the FTSE100. They do not show you how risky an investment is in absolute terms, but are a useful means to compare potential investments with this most widely known index.

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FE Passive Fund Rating

FE Passive Fund Rating

FE’s way of measuring how successful funds have been in replicating their chosen benchmarks, based predominantly on tracking difference and tracking error. Funds are given between one and five Passive Crowns – five being the highest.

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All Replication Methods

Replication Method

A passive fund can have one of the following replication methods:

Full Replication: A fund that employs full replication will buy every stock or share in the underlying index in order to exactly mimic its makeup. This is theoretically the most reliable way to replicate an index, however it employs a large amount of trading and therefore can take a lot of time, effort and expense to achieve. Due to this it is most suited for large liquid markets which have a manageable amount of companies.

Partial/Sampling: A fund that employs this method of replication buy a representative sample of the index’s holdings, rather than all the constituents. This is well suited to indices which include a large number of holdings for instance the MSCI World or where some companies are too illiquid to hold. The advantages are that transaction costs are kept lower, however because the fund’s holdings will differ from the index, tracking error is likely to be higher.

Synthetic Replication: A fund that employs this method will aim to replicate the index through the use of derivatives. This is typically achieved through the purchase of a swap contract usually from an investment bank (the counterparty) who agrees to pay the return of the index to the fund. Theoretically this means the tracking error should be zero. The risk is that the counterparty may be unable to honour its contract and the fund fails. To counteract this some counterparties post collateral to minimise this risk.

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An index against which funds are compared.

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You can narrow your search by peer groups of funds which are grouped together in sectors, based on similar investment strategies and objectives. Sectors may be defined by an industry body, like the IA, or by FE – which has its own custom sectors.

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Volatility is a measure of risk which shows how the returns of a fund fluctuate relative to its average returns. The more returns fluctuate, the more likely you are to buy or sell during a peak or trough, so more volatile funds tend to be considered a riskier bet.

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Sharpe Ratio

Sharpe Ratio

Sharpe Ratio is a measure which shows how much a fund has returned over and above the returns available from a risk free investment, ultimately showing you how much a fund has returned ‘per unit of risk’ taken.

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Maximum Loss

Maximum Loss

Maximum loss shows the maximum a fund has lost between a single peak and trough, at any time during the period you’ve selected. Effectively it shows you the worst case scenario had you invested at the peak and sold at the trough during that time.

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Fund performance league table: 2960 funds

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2960 funds
Rank ChartFund Group FE Passive Fund Rating Replication Method Benchmark OCF/TER  
826[+]BetaShares FTSE Rafi U.S.1000 ETFBetaShares Capital--n/a
827[+]PS S&P 500 VEQTOR UCITS ETF USDInvesco PowerShares--n/a
828[+]Vanguard S&P 500 ETFVanguard Group Inc-S&P 500n/a
829[+]iShares Currency Hedged MSCI EMU ETFBlackRock Fund Advisors--n/a
830[+]Handelsbanken XACT Derivat BearHandelsbanken Kapfrvaltning ASSynthetic Replication-n/a
831[+]ETFS 3x Short JPY Long EURETF SecuritiesSynthetic Replication-n/a
832[+]ETFS 3x Long JPY Short EURETF SecuritiesSynthetic Replication-n/a
833[+]ETFS 3x Long CHF Short EURETF SecuritiesSynthetic Replication-n/a
834[+]ETFS 3x Long AUD Short EURETF SecuritiesSynthetic Replication-n/a
835[+]ETFS 3x Short CHF Long EURETF SecuritiesSynthetic Replication-n/a
836[+]ETFS 3x Short USD Long EURETF SecuritiesSynthetic Replication-n/a
837[+]UBS ETFs plc - HFRX Global Hedge Index SF UCITS ETF (USD) A AccUBS AGSynthetic ReplicationHFRX Global Hedge Fund0.33
838[+]UBS ETFs plc - CMCI Composite SF UCITS ETF (USD) A AccUBS AGSynthetic Replication-0.37
839[+]Amundi ETF MSCI Europe Energy EURAmundiSynthetic ReplicationMSCI Europe/Energy0.25
840[+]ETFS 3x Long USD Short EURETF SecuritiesSynthetic Replication-n/a
841[+]Amundi ETF Global Emerging Bond Markit IboxxAmundiSynthetic Replication-0.30
842[+]ProShares Ultrashort EuroUS ProShares--n/a
843[+]Global X FTSE Asean 40Global X Funds--n/a
844[+]ProShares Ultrashort YenUS ProShares--n/a
845[+]iShares Alternatives Completion Portfolio BuilderBlackRock Asset Mgt Canada Ltd--n/a
846[+]ProShares Ultra Bloomberg Crude OilUS ProSharesSynthetic Replication-n/a
847[+]iShares S&P/TSX Global Gold IndexBlackRock Asset Mgt Canada Ltd--n/a
848[+]ETFS 3x Long CAD Short EURETF SecuritiesSynthetic Replication-n/a
849[+]ETFS 3x Short AUD Long EURETF SecuritiesSynthetic Replication-n/a
850[+]ETFS 3x Short CAD Long EURETF SecuritiesSynthetic Replication-n/a
851[+]ETFS 3x Short GBP Long EURETF SecuritiesSynthetic Replication-n/a
852[+]ETFS 3x Long GBP Short EURETF SecuritiesSynthetic Replication-n/a
853[+]iShares Barclays 0-5 Year TIPS BondBlackRock Fund AdvisorsSampled Physical Replication-n/a
854[+]iShares MSCI Poland UCITS ETF USDiSharesFull Physical ReplicationMSCI Poland0.74
855[+]DB X-Trackers DB Commodity Booster Light Energy Benchmark UCITS ETF 1C EURDB Platinum Advisors ETFSynthetic ReplicationDB Commodity Boostern/a
856[+]SSGA SPDR S&P Health Care EquipmentSSgA Funds ManagementSampled Physical ReplicationS&P Health Care Services Select Industryn/a
857[+]DB X-Trackers DB Commodity Booster Bloomberg UCITS ETF 2C EURDB Platinum Advisors ETFSynthetic Replication-n/a
858[+]Lyxor UCITS ETF iBoxx Liquid Emerging Markets SovereignsLyxor Asset MgtSynthetic Replication-n/a
859[+]Deka Deutsche Boerse EUROGOV® France UCITS ETFDeka ETFs--n/a
860[+]Lyxor UCITS ETF iBoxx EUR Liquid High Yield 30 Ex-FinancialLyxor Asset MgtSynthetic Replication-n/a
861[+]Deka Deutsche Boerse EUROGOV® France 1-3 UCITS ETFDeka ETFs--n/a
862[+]Deka Deutsche Boerse EUROGOV® France 5-10 UCITS ETFDeka ETFs--n/a
863[+]Deka Deutsche Boerse EUROGOV® France 3-5 UCITS ETFDeka ETFs--n/a
864[+]DB X-Trackers SLI UCITS ETF 1D CHFDB Platinum Advisors ETFSynthetic Replication-n/a
865[+]DB X-Trackers DAX UCITS ETF (DR) 1C EURDB Platinum Advisors ETFFull Physical ReplicationDeutsche Borse Xetra DAX EURn/a
866[+]DB X-Trackers SMI UCITS ETF (DR) 1D CHFDB Platinum Advisors ETFFull Physical ReplicationSwiss Marketn/a
867[+]DB X-Trackers II Iboxx Global Inflation-Linked UCITS ETF 1C EURDB Platinum Advisors ETFSynthetic Replication-n/a
868[+]DB X-Trackers II Iboxx Sovereigns Eurozone 15+ Total Return UCITS ETF 1C EURDB Platinum Advisors ETFSynthetic Replication-n/a
869[+]ComStage PSI 20 UCITS ETFCommerzbank AGSynthetic Replication-n/a
870[+]SSGA SPDR S&P TransportationSSgA Funds ManagementSampled Physical ReplicationS&P Transportation Select Industryn/a
871[+]SSGA SPDR S&P TelecomSSgA Funds ManagementSampled Physical ReplicationS&P Telecom Select Industryn/a
872[+]HSBC MSCI China USDHSBC Asset Management (IRL)Sampled Physical ReplicationMSCI China0.60
873[+]ComStage PSI 20 Leverage UCITS ETFCommerzbank AGSynthetic ReplicationEuronext PSI 20 Leveragen/a
874[+]HSBC S&P BRIC 40 USDHSBC Asset Management (IRL)Full Physical Replication-0.60
875[+]iShares MSCI EMU CHF Hedged UCITS ETF Hedged CHFiSharesFull Physical Replication-0.38
876[+]China ChinaAMC CSI 300 Index ETF RMBChina Asset Management HK-CSI China Securities 300n/a
877[+]China CES China A80 Index ETF RMBChina Asset Management HK--n/a
878[+]UBS ETF (CH) - Palladium (USD) A DisUBS AGFull Physical Replication-0.35
879[+]Lyxor UCITS ETF Daily Leveraged SMI C CHFLyxor Asset MgtSynthetic Replication-n/a
880[+]UBS ETF (CH) - Silver (USD) A DisUBS AGFull Physical Replication-0.45
881[+]Vanguard MSCI Index International Shares HedgedVanguard Investments Australia--n/a
882[+]Australian Dividend Index TrustSmartshares LimitedFull Physical Replication-n/a
883[+]DNB OBXDNB Asset Management ASSynthetic Replication-n/a
884[+]Australian Property Index TrustSmartshares LimitedFull Physical Replication-n/a
885[+]iShares MSCI Target UK Real Estate UCITS ETF GBPiSharesSampled Physical Replication-0.40
886[+]iShares iBonds Sep 2018 USD Corporate UCITS ETF USDiShares--0.10
887[+]iShares MSCI Europe ex-UK GBP Hedged UCITS ETF GBPiShares--0.40
888[+]iShares MSCI Russia Capped IndexBlackRock Fund Advisors-MSCI Russia 25/50n/a
889[+]iShares JPX-Nikkei 400 EUR Hedged UCITS ETF EURiShares--0.45
890[+]iPath Short Enhanced MSCI EAFE IndexBarclays CapitalSynthetic ReplicationMSCI EAFEn/a
891[+]Russell Australian Responsible Investment ETFRussell Investment Management--n/a
892[+]iShares MSCI Philippines Investable Market IndexBlackRock Fund Advisors-MSCI Philippines IMIn/a
893[+]LYXOR UCITS ETF WIG20Lyxor Asset Mgmt Luxembourg SASynthetic Replication-n/a
894[+]Lyxor UCITS ETF Daily Double Short SMI C CHFLyxor Asset MgtSynthetic Replication-n/a
895[+]iShares MSCI Brazil Small Cap IndexBlackRock Fund AdvisorsSampled Physical Replication-n/a
896[+]iShares MSCI New Zealand Capped Investable Market IndexBlackRock Fund Advisors-MSCI New Zealand IMI 25/50n/a
897[+]iShares MSCI China Small Cap IndexBlackRock Fund AdvisorsSampled Physical ReplicationMSCI China Small Capn/a
898[+]Ashmore EM Total Return Source UCITS ETF NAVAshmore Investment Mgt Ltd--n/a
899[+]Ashmore EM Corporate DebtSource UCITS ETF NAVAshmore Investment Mgt Ltd--n/a
900[+]Ossiam Shiller Barclay Cape Europe Sector Val TR UCITS ETF 1C EURLSE ETFs--n/a

Price total return performance figures are calculated on a mid price to mid price basis. Performance figures are shown in fund’s native currency unless otherwise specified with gross income (dividends) reinvested.