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Exchange Traded Funds / Sector Performance

85 sectors
RankChartSector name 1m 3m 6m 1y 2y 3y 5y 
1chartAbsolute Return1.
2chartCommodity & Energy-1.0-0.6-0.50.9-4.2-9.69.7
4chartCurrency - Euro0.
5chartCurrency - Other-0.1-0.1-0.3-0.5-1.8-3.00.0
6chartCurrency - Sterling0.00.40.1-1.3-1.0-2.2-5.3
7chartCurrency - US Dollar-0.3-0.1-0.10.9-0.2-1.7-1.5
8chartEquity - Asia Pacific ex Japan0.65.411.519.724.429.953.8
9chartEquity - Asia Pacific inc Japan-
10chartEquity - Asia Pacific Single Country1.05.511.520.422.730.662.6
11chartEquity - Australia1.11.64.910.825.934.659.4
12chartEquity - Canada1.06.610.721.926.922.844.6
13chartEquity - China-
14chartEquity - Emerging Europe-1.1-
15chartEquity - Emerging Markets0.95.012.417.413.112.329.2
16chartEquity - Ethical0.12.24.618.942.443.451.2
17chartEquity - Europe ex UK-0.8-2.30.511.022.128.520.9
18chartEquity - Europe inc UK-0.5-
19chartEquity - Europe Single Country-1.3-2.91.311.
20chartEquity - Financial0.
21chartEquity - Greater China1.97.410.114.327.527.435.9
22chartEquity - India1.97.335.664.240.735.552.5
23chartEquity - International-
24chartEquity - Japan-
25chartEquity - Korea0.83.48.918.116.825.254.1
26chartEquity - Latin America2.
27chartEquity - MENA2.31.29.635.148.449.241.6
28chartEquity - North America2.05.38.422.538.470.7131.8
29chartEquity - Other-
30chartEquity - Other Specialist0.
31chartEquity - Pharma Health & Biotech2.96.94.525.558.284.8121.2
32chartEquity - Small Cap Europe-1.4-4.3-3.817.051.759.470.9
33chartEquity - Small Cap Japan-
34chartEquity - Small Cap USA1.32.10.611.531.245.370.9
35chartEquity - South Africa-1.13.314.624.111.820.963.1
36chartEquity - Tech Media & Telecom1.04.14.522.141.356.674.6
37chartEquity - UK0.3-0.1-0.26.822.237.053.0
38chartEquity - USA1.22.84.314.829.645.871.7
39chartFixed Int - Asia Pacific0.
40chartFixed Int - Emerging Markets0.
41chartFixed Int - EUR0.
42chartFixed Int - EUR Corporate Bond0.
43chartFixed Int - EUR Government1.
44chartFixed Int - EUR High Yield0.
45chartFixed Int - EUR Index Linked0.
46chartFixed Int - EUR Investment Grade0.
47chartFixed Int - EUR Long Maturity2.65.710.117.422.932.444.5
48chartFixed Int - EUR Short/ Medium Maturity0.0-0.5-1.1-2.1-4.6-9.4-11.1
49chartFixed Int - Europe0.52.21.3-0.5-0.15.310.9
50chartFixed Int - GBP Corporate Bond1.
51chartFixed Int - GBP Government3.
52chartFixed Int - GBP Index Linked2.
53chartFixed Int - GBP Short/ Medium Maturity-2.2-2.7-4.0-5.0-0.9-9.8n/a
54chartFixed Int - Global0.
55chartFixed Int - Global High Yield0.
56chartFixed Int - Other-2.9-4.6-3.9-3.3-3.1n/an/a
57chartFixed Int - Other Single Corporate0.
58chartFixed Int - Other Single Currency0.
59chartFixed Int - Other Single Government0.
60chartFixed Int - Other Single Index Linked0.
61chartFixed Int - Other Single Long Maturity1.
62chartFixed Int - Other Single Short/Med Mat0.
63chartFixed Int - USD0.
64chartFixed Int - USD Corporate Bond0.
65chartFixed Int - USD Government-0.4-0.6-0.9-1.4-1.7-0.6-1.1
66chartFixed Int - USD High Yield0.
67chartFixed Int - USD Index Linked0.
68chartFixed Int - USD Investment Grade0.
69chartFixed Int - USD Long Maturity1.
70chartFixed Int - USD Securitised0.
71chartFixed Int - USD Short/ Medium Maturity0.0-
72chartHedge/Stru Prod - Commodity0.00.0-3.2-1.9-28.4-42.5n/a
73chartHedge/Stru Prod - Currency-0.2-0.6-11.2-27.5-43.7n/an/a
74chartHedge/Stru Prod - Equity-2.6-8.2-6.5-10.8-11.6-6.3n/a
75chartHedge/Stru Prod - Fixed Int0.00.1-1.1-3.6-12.6n/an/a
76chartHedge/Stru Prod - Mixed-
77chartMixed Asset - Aggressive0.42.15.615.526.439.155.5
78chartMixed Asset - Balanced0.61.64.412.416.224.639.3
79chartMixed Asset - Cautious0.
80chartMixed Asset - Flexible0.
81chartMixed Asset - Intl1.
82chartProperty - Asia-1.26.313.77.228.647.449.7
83chartProperty - Europe1.13.07.523.031.444.063.2
84chartProperty - International0.23.610.318.724.940.872.9
85chartProperty - North America1.12.86.716.319.247.192.7
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