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IMA Unit Trusts & OEICs / Sector Performance

37 sectors
RankChartSector name 1m 3m 6m 1y 2y 3y 5y 
1chartIMA Asia Pacific Excluding Japan3.
2chartIMA Asia Pacific Including Japan1.75.12.8-1.718.87.550.6
3chartIMA China/Greater China3.44.4-0.65.720.3-0.427.9
4chartIMA Europe Excluding UK-4.3-3.1-1.95.844.021.865.6
5chartIMA Europe Including UK-3.0-1.7-1.55.940.324.672.6
6chartIMA European Smaller Companies-4.5-4.4-2.68.346.227.2103.9
7chartIMA Flexible Investment-
8chartIMA Global-
9chartIMA Global Bonds0.20.51.8-
10chartIMA Global Emerging Market Bond0.82.75.0-4.1-2.23.833.3
11chartIMA Global Emerging Markets2.
12chartIMA Global Equity Income-
13chartIMA Japan0.48.4-3.2-6.527.814.538.8
14chartIMA Japanese Smaller Companies2.311.2-
15chartIMA Mixed Investment 0%-35% Shrs0.
16chartIMA Mixed Investment 20%-60% Shrs-
17chartIMA Mixed Investment 40%-85% Shrs-
18chartIMA Money Market0.
19chartIMA North America0.
20chartIMA North American Smaller Companies-3.2-1.4-4.80.336.933.3117.0
21chartIMA Personal Pensions-0.70.9-
22chartIMA Property1.
23chartIMA Protected-
24chartIMA Short Term Money Market0.
25chartIMA Specialist0.
26chartIMA Sterling Corporate Bond0.
27chartIMA Sterling High Yield-
28chartIMA Sterling Strategic Bond0.
29chartIMA Targeted Absolute Return0.
30chartIMA Technology & Telecoms-0.22.5-1.79.329.931.1100.9
31chartIMA UK All Companies-1.0-0.6-2.26.935.731.890.8
32chartIMA UK Equity & Bond Income-
33chartIMA UK Equity Income-
34chartIMA UK Gilts1.
35chartIMA UK Index - Linked Gilts1.
36chartIMA UK Smaller Companies-2.0-5.4-5.514.348.841.0138.7
37chartIMA Unclassified-
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