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114 funds
Rank ChartFund Group Price Disc NAV NDY 1y 3y 5y 1y 3y 5y  
1[+]chartOxford Technology VCT PLCSeed Capital50.00-21.964.020.00-49.0199.0390.5-8.5189.2157.8add to basket
2[+]chartElderstreet VCTElderstreet86.00-5.090.484.6566.072.7154.840.154.065.6add to basket
3[+]chartOctopus Titan VCT 1Octopus Investments85.50-5.089.955.8510.865.466.49.147.553.3add to basket
4[+]chartOctopus Titan VCT 2Octopus Investments85.50-5.089.955.8510.865.566.49.147.453.2add to basket
5[+]chartUnicorn AIM VCT plc Ord 1PUnicorn Asset Mgt131.50-9.2144.744.5638.757.8227.529.646.6115.5add to basket
6[+]chartRensburg AIM VCTInvestec Wealth & Investment45.00-8.849.333.3320.759.7224.421.044.498.3add to basket
7[+]chartMobeus Income & Growth VCTMobeus Equity Partners94.50-9.2104.074.2315.041.7126.113.343.479.7add to basket
8[+]chartOctopus AIM VCT ORD 1POctopus Investments107.50-5.1113.212.3317.649.0120.020.642.599.0add to basket
9[+]chartBaronsmead VCT 5ISIS Equity Partners77.25-3.379.902.5932.549.360.131.642.155.5add to basket
10[+]chartKings Arms Yard VCT PLC Ord 5PAlbion Ventures LLP19.00-3.619.725.2614.6190.6515.611.941.825.3add to basket
11[+]chartVentus VCT CTemporis Capital101.50-15.1119.512.4621.316.516.519.541.733.7add to basket
12[+]chartHargreave Hale AIM VCT 1 Ord 1PHargreave Hale Limited76.50-2.378.285.2334.950.790.630.041.566.6add to basket
13[+]chartMobeus Income & Growth 2 VCTMobeus Equity Partners109.00-9.5120.404.5962.5105.4169.917.941.369.2add to basket
14[+]chartVentus VCT 2 CTemporis Capital101.50-15.5120.110.0016.77.57.520.341.234.2add to basket
15[+]chartOctopus AIM VCT 2 PlcOctopus Investments80.75-4.884.784.7121.349.465.320.441.157.6add to basket
16[+]chartChrysalis VCT PLCChrysalis63.00-31.692.067.9418.859.254.730.940.955.8add to basket
17[+]chartTP5 VCT Plc ORD 1PTriple Point7.5421.282.5066.32n/an/an/an/a40.5n/aadd to basket
18[+]chartOxford Technology 3 VCT PLCSeed Capital52.50-45.696.480.00- to basket
19[+]chartHazel Renewable Energy VCT1 PLC Ord 0.1PHazel Capital102.50-3.0105.634.8838.028.2n/a35.937.2n/aadd to basket
20[+]chartHazel Renewable Energy VCT2 PLC Ord 0.1PHazel Capital102.50-2.8105.504.8838.028.2n/a35.737.0n/aadd to basket
21[+]chartArtemis VCT PLCArtemis Investment Mgmt LLP62.50-10.369.643.2028.544.691.131.836.883.6add to basket
22[+]chartOctopus Titan VCT 3Octopus Investments86.00-5.190.615.8111.148.041.411.536.033.2add to basket
23[+]chartThe Income and Growth VCT plc ORD 1PMobeus Equity Partners100.00-10.3111.454.007.660.669.710.335.956.6add to basket
24[+]chartNorthern 3 VCT PLCNVM Private Equity Limited95.75-10.0106.445.7411.151.1146.88.935.364.7add to basket
25[+]chartAlbion Development VCT PLC D Ord 50 PAlbion Ventures LLP100.00-6.6107.105.0010.921.3n/a13.634.1n/aadd to basket
26[+]chartNew Century AIM VCT 2M D Barnard & Co46.50- to basket
27[+]chartHygea VCTHygea64.00-28.689.694.694.241.9103.7-5.633.655.3add to basket
28[+]chartNorthern 2 VCT PLCNVM Private Equity Limited77.00-8.283.917.1410.251.1141.78.133.467.4add to basket
29[+]chartNorthern Venture Trust PLC OrdNVM Private Equity Limited79.50-6.484.9622.647.147.0150.0-2.332.697.2add to basket
30[+]chartMaven Income and Growth VCT 1 Plc Ord 10PMaven Capital Partners UK LLP63.50-2.765.238.988.471.1166.95.432.251.6add to basket
31[+]chartBaronsmead VCT 2ISIS Equity Partners97.75-4.6102.4814.8316.750.589.913.232.272.7add to basket
32[+]chartNew Century AIM VCTM D Barnard & Co56.75-24.174.724.2330.2-5.3-5.728.829.827.0add to basket
33[+]chartMaven Income and Growth VCT 5 PLC Ord 10PMaven Capital Partners UK LLP29.13-27.740.290.0023.750.259.621.729.732.6add to basket
34[+]chartBaronsmead VCT plcISIS Equity Partners75.25-4.478.7212.6216.248.584.113.529.670.7add to basket
35[+]chartForesight Solar VCT PLC Ord 1PForesight Group108.50-0.6109.105.5315.927.5n/a-6.029.4n/aadd to basket
36[+]chartVentus VCTTemporis Capital90.50-23.6118.422.765.039.316.53.928.623.4add to basket
37[+]chartBaronsmead VCT 3ISIS Equity Partners105.00-3.3108.6314.7614.747.178.412.428.061.4add to basket
38[+]chartHargreave Hale AIM VCT 2Hargreave Hale Limited106.50-2.2108.945.6327.136.752.823.024.834.2add to basket
39[+]chartAlbion Enterprise VCT PLCAlbion Ventures LLP90.00-4.694.385.568.133.656.07.424.827.0add to basket
40[+]chartMaven Income and Growth VCT 2 Plc Ord 10PMaven Capital Partners UK LLP53.88-7.558.223.438.648.0172.69.024.542.5add to basket
41[+]chartAmati VCT 2 PLC Ord 5PAmati Global Investors112.75-4.5118.035.9910.244.460.111.223.831.3add to basket
42[+]chartDowning TWO VCT plc CDowning Protected Managers65.00-26.988.893.85-13.4-3.2- to basket
43[+]chartAlbion Development VCT PLCAlbion Ventures LLP70.00-3.572.507. to basket
44[+]chartMobeus Income & Growth 4 VCTMobeus Equity Partners108.75-9.5120.205.5211.425. to basket
45[+]chartBaronsmead VCT 4ISIS Equity Partners92.75-3.896.4414.029.933.763.89.522.150.0add to basket
46[+]chartProVen Growth & Income VCTBeringea78.50-5.683.145.1012.133.4n/a6.821.7112.9add to basket
47[+]chartOctopus Titan VCT 4Octopus Investments99.50-6.8106.814.0223.425.6n/a24.121.5n/aadd to basket
48[+]chartCrown Place VCTAlbion Ventures LLP30.00-3.230.978.338.528.2136.38.520.837.1add to basket
49[+]chartMaven Income and Growth VCT 3 Plc Ord 10PMaven Capital Partners UK LLP73.25-5.977.850.00-5.561.4159.61.520.436.7add to basket
50[+]chartOctopus Eclipse VCTOctopus Investments34.25-10.538.272.922.12.312.024.719.134.4add to basket
51[+]chartDowning Three VCT plc CDowning Protected Managers72.50-18.288.593.45- to basket
52[+]chartMaven Income and Growth VCT 6 Plc Ord 50pMaven Capital Partners UK LLP42.00-25.856.580.0018.354.9193.76.617.831.9add to basket
53[+]chartProVen VCTBeringea93.75-4.698.315.3315.027.969.07.717.242.3add to basket
54[+]chartAlbion Technology & General VCTAlbion Ventures LLP78.00-5.482.418.019.624.567. to basket
55[+]chartMaven Income and Growth VCT 4 Plc 10p OrdMaven Capital Partners UK LLP89.00-8.497.175.2211.745.0153.85.316.840.1add to basket
56[+]chartDowning Structured Opportunities VCT 1Downing Protected Managers87.50-2.789.902.8612.619.443.71.616.735.9add to basket
57[+]chartBritish Smaller Companies VCT 2 PLC Ord 10PYFM Group58.50-9.764.817.697.947.484.49.516.524.3add to basket
58[+]chartAmati VCT PlcAmati Global Investors74.25-4.377.616.7315.29.384.521.116.380.7add to basket
59[+]chartOctopus Apollo VCT PLC Ord 10POctopus Investments80.50-4.684.403.110.317.724.52.312.719.7add to basket
60[+]chartOxford Technology 4 VCT PLCSeed Capital45.00-35.770.000.0018.4n/an/a1.912.2-17.5add to basket
61[+]chartAlbion VCT PLCAlbion Ventures LLP67.25-6.171.603.723.322.564.16.611.619.7add to basket
62[+]chartVentus VCT 2Temporis Capital58.00-18.571.153.02-1.142.4- to basket
63[+]chartInvestec Structured Products Calculus VCT PLC Ord 1PInvestec Asset Management Ltd85.50-3.688.680.00-2.3-4.0n/a-3.66.6n/aadd to basket
64[+]chartOctopus VCT 2 PLC Ord 1POctopus Investments98. to basket
65[+]chartOctopus VCT Plc 1P OrdOctopus Investments86.50-9.695.651.162.4-3.1n/a3.86.5n/aadd to basket
66[+]chartDowning Structured Opportunities VCT 1 BDowning Protected Managers80.00-1.681.300.001.3-13.0n/a2.02.5n/aadd to basket
67[+]chartTP Income VCT plcTriple Point50.00-36.779.0312.40-6.310.7- to basket
68[+]chartForesight VCTForesight Group84.00-8.892.1311.909.827.680.7-1.41.970.6add to basket
69[+]chartDowning Planned Exit VCT 2011 PLC General ADowning Protected Managers7.5021. to basket
70[+]chartDowning Structured Opportunities VCT 1 CDowning Protected Managers0. to basket
71[+]chartEdge Performance VCT plcEdge Investment Management IT9.500.0028.8n/an/a0.00.0-96.4add to basket
72[+]chartProVen Planned Exit VCT PLC Ord 0.1PBeringea77.50-1.278.4011.612.1-7.3n/a9.1-0.2n/aadd to basket
73[+]chartOctopus Titan VCT 5 Ord 10POctopus Investments92.50-1.293.630.00-4.6-7.5n/a4.4-0.5n/aadd to basket
74[+]chartDowning TWO VCT D plcDowning Protected Managers56.00-25.274.870.00-18.2-29.6n/a3.1-0.7n/aadd to basket
75[+]chartForesight Planned Exit 2 VCTForesight Group86.00-0.986.805.81-4.4-8.0n/a0.0-1.0n/aadd to basket
76[+]chartEdge Performance VCT plc FEdge Investment Management IT70.50-0.270.610.00-9.0-28.8n/a1.3-1.0n/aadd to basket
77[+]chartForesight Planned Exit VCTForesight Group83.00-0.883.706.02-10.8-11.2n/a0.0-1.4n/aadd to basket
78[+]chartEdge Performance VCT plc EEdge Investment Management IT53.50-11.560.4313.08-5.3-3.4n/a7.3-2.8-6.3add to basket
79[+]chartPuma High Income VCT Plc Ord 1PShore Capital63.50-4.466.420.00-9.9-18.0n/a1.6-2.8n/aadd to basket
80[+]chartPUMA VCT VII PLC ORD 1PShore Capital75.00-2.977.236.670.0-10.652.90.5-2.9n/aadd to basket
81[+]chartIona Environmental VCT Ord 0.1PIona Capital78.00-9.386.000.00-22.0-22.0n/a1.6-3.1n/aadd to basket
82[+]chartCore VCT plcIndependently Managed27.25-54.960.410.0029.8-20.6-46.318.9-3.7-17.7add to basket
83[+]chartBritish Smaller Companies VCTYFM Group91.25-10.3101.732.1912.418.797.012.5-5.082.8add to basket
84[+]chartDowning One VCT PLC Ord1PDowning Protected Managers93.75-2.996.565.8734. to basket
85[+]chartNeptune Calculus Income & Growth VCTCalculus Capital35.00-25.346.838.578.7-27.6-28.6-9.9-8.8-20.3add to basket
86[+]chartEdge Performance VCT plc DEdge Investment Management IT33.00-9.836.570.00-45.0-52.2-55.9-5.8-10.2-3.2add to basket
87[+]chartEdge Performance VCT plc GEdge Investment Management IT73.000.672.570.00-12.0-27.0n/a-2.9-10.6n/aadd to basket
88[+]chartIngenious Entertainment VCT 2 CIngenious Ventures50.5024.940.4539.60-17.1-17.3-13.2-4.4-10.9-15.8add to basket
89[+]chartIngenious Entertainment VCT 1 CIngenious Ventures50.5024.940.4539.60-17.1-12.2-12.4-4.4-10.9-15.8add to basket
90[+]chartForesight 3 VCTForesight Group62.00-20.277.693.2316.1-23.3-5.31.0-12.9-6.8add to basket
91[+]chartForesight 4 VCTForesight Group59.50-33.088.750.00-17.2-34.8-0.7-3.0-13.13.8add to basket
92[+]chartOxford Technology 2 VCT PLCSeed Capital18.00-30.826.000.00-10.0-7.7-33.3-0.6-13.4-51.3add to basket
93[+]chartDowning Planned Exit VCT 7 PLCDowning Protected Managers55.75-5.659.070.0041.1-12.4-21.0-2.9-14.8-17.1add to basket
94[+]chartDowning Planned Exit VCT 6 PLCDowning Protected Managers59.250.459.000.0036.2-6.0-15.2-2.9-14.9-17.1add to basket
95[+]chartCore VCT VCore Capital25.50-50.451.390.0013.3-39.5-47.013.7-23.8-25.2add to basket
96[+]chartForesight 2 VCT plcForesight Group37.63-45.869.390.00-13.5-48.3-41.6-10.9-25.2-7.8add to basket
97[+]chartCore VCT IVCore Capital24.00- to basket
98[+]chartEdge Performance VCT plc CEdge Investment Management IT21.50-12.324.510.00-21.8-26.1-33.3-19.6-29.0-12.1add to basket
99[+]chartIBIS Media VCT 1IBIS Capital40.00- to basket
100[+]chartForesight 2 VCT plc Infrastructure ORD 1PForesight Group91.000.290.802.75-6.7n/an/a-0.7n/an/aadd to basket
Price total return performance figures are calculated using closing mid prices and with net income (dividends) reinvested.
NAV total return performance figures are calculated using fully diluted (where applicable) daily estimated NAV figures from Thomson Financial Datastream and with gross income (dividends) reinvested.
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