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You are here: Manager factsheet

Toby Ricketts

Margetts Fund Management, Premier Portfolio Managers Ltd
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FE Trustnet verdict
Overall, performing better than the peer group composite. Over a long track record, the manager has, period by period, consistently managed to outperform the peer group. Stockpicking has made a contribution to results, which have not been particularly exposed to falling markets.
Manager profile
Toby joined Margetts in 1994. Toby is widely regarded as a leading professional in collective investment management, being regularly profiled in the major financial publications and national press. Toby is the Chief Executive Officer of Margetts Fund Management Ltd.He holds a position on the investment committee of one of our third party fund ranges. Toby performs numerous presentational engagements each year, including PIMS 2001 (on board Oriana) and the Institute of Financial Planning Conferences 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2009 as a main platform speaker, and an industry expert panel member in 2007.
Total return for Toby Ricketts
Rolling Alpha Quartile: Discrete three year periods
Rolling Alpha Quartile shows a manager's alpha score in quartile terms, plotting his or her risk adjusted performance against all other managers in the UT & OEICs universe. The best managers are those who are consistently ranked in the first or second quartile.
Quartile 1
Quartile 2
Quartile 3
Quartile 4
Discrete calendar year performance : Toby Ricketts

Manager career performance
Discrete performance
  0-12m 12-24m 24-36m 36-48m 48-60m 60-72m 72-84m 84-96m 96-108m 108-120m
Toby Ricketts 8.4 12.4 8.9 4.7 9.1 -1.4 -3.2 12.0 14.2 20.9
Peer Group Composite 8.0 14.3 6.6 5.1 7.5 -5.3 -4.5 8.9 11.3 19.8
Over / Under 0.4 -1.9 2.3 -0.4 1.6 3.9 1.3 3.1 2.9 1.1
Performance vs peer group composite: Toby Ricketts
How a manager matches up against his peers gives you some idea of how talented he is. Very few managers perform equally well in rising and falling markets, so knowing which type of market a manager is capable of performing well within is also important.
Overall markets
Outperformed peer group composite
8 years
out of a possible 10
Overall markets
Underperformed peer group composite
2 years
out of a possible 10
Rising markets
Outperformed peer group composite
6 years
out of a possible 8
Falling markets
Outperformed peer group composite
2 years
out of a possible 2
Funds currently managed
Fund Sole/Co-managed Sector Periods
Margetts International Strategy Lead manager UT Global since Jun 20 1992 to present
Margetts Providence Strategy Lead manager UT Mixed Investment 20%-60% Shares since Feb 01 1995 to present
Margetts Venture Strategy Lead manager UT Flexible Investment since Feb 01 1995 to present
Margetts Select Strategy Lead manager UT Mixed Investment 40%-85% Shares since Mar 20 1995 to present
Margetts Opes Growth Co-managed (deputy) UT Global since Jan 14 2003 to present
Margetts Opes Income Co-managed (deputy) UT Flexible Investment since Jan 14 2003 to present
Sentinel Enterprise Portfolio Lead manager UT Global since Sep 01 2012 to present
Funds managed previously
Fund Periods
No previously managed funds
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