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1528 Managers
 Manager 1m 6m 1y 3y 5y 7y 9y 10y Funds managed
24 Asset Management0.24.411.039.6n/an/an/an/aOld Mutual Bond 1
7IM - Asset Allocation1.64.59.628.441.635.455.483.2CF 7IM AAP Moderately Adventurous
CF 7IM AAP Moderately Cautious
CF 7IM AAP Balanced
CF 7IM AAP Adventurous
CF 7IM Personal Injury
CF 7IM Sustainable Balance
CF 7IM Adventurous
CF 7IM Moderately Adventurous
CF 7IM Balanced
CF 7IM AAP Income
CF 7IM Moderately Cautious
Aaron Barnfather1.9-1.77.845.144.848.490.8143.9Lazard European Alpha
Aberdeen Asset Managers Limited2.713. Mutual Aberdeen Asia Pacific
Aberdeen Pan-European Equity Team1.7n/an/an/an/an/an/an/aSWIP European Real Estate
Adam Avigdori2.73.314.246.4n/an/an/an/aBlackRock UK Income
Adam Carroll1.7- Mutual UK Equity Income
Adam J. Petryk1.1-0.47.940.758.115.538.370.1Legg Mason UK Equity
Adam McConkey0.1-4.811.245.7n/an/an/an/aHenderson UK & Irish Smaller Companies
Adam Mossakowski0.42.76.9n/an/an/an/an/aInsight Strategic Bond
Insight Inflation Linked Corporate Bond
Adam Parker2.6- UK Growth
Majedie UK Equity
Majedie Special Situations Investment
Adam Ryan0.80.65.312.527.440.450.5n/aBlackRock Dynamic Diversified Growth
Adam Walker1.23.310.1n/an/an/an/an/aIgnis High Income Bond
Ignis Corporate Bond
Adrian Bignell0.9-3.715.854.495.129.196.9201.1Invesco Perpetual European Opportunities
Invesco Perpetual European Smaller Companies
FE Alpha managerAdrian Frost1.52.310.052.380.058.698.1144.4Artemis Income
Artemis High Income
Adrian Gosden1.52.310.052.380.058.698.1144.4Artemis Income
Artemis High Income
Adrian Pankiw0.20.2n/an/an/an/an/an/aHenderson Inst Emerging Market Debt Absolute Return
Ainslie McLennan1.05.210.721.550.4n/an/an/aHenderson UK Property OEIC
FE Alpha managerAjay Gambhir-0.4-2.6-0.510.714.714.772.6123.3RWC Europe Absolute Alpha
Akira Yoshimi- Japan Advantage
Alan Beaney1.4- UK Primary Opportunities
Alan Borrows1. Seneca Diversified Income
Alan Bridges3. Wid Gilt
Scot Wid HIFML UK Gilt
Scot Wid HIFML UK Index Linked Gilt
SWIP Defensive Gilt
SWIP Gilt Plus
SWIP Sterling Index Linked Bond
Scot Wid UK Fixed Interest Tracker
Scot Wid UK Index Linked Tracker
Alan Clifford2.1-3.111.763.7100.554.0124.5189.7Lazard Multicap UK Income
Lazard UK Smaller Companies
Alan Custis1.90.110.548.664.435.267.8106.2Lazard UK Alpha
Lazard Diversified Charity CIF
Lazard UK Omega
Lazard Multicap UK Income
Lazard Managed Balanced
Alan Dobbie1.83.29.949.692.4n/an/an/aRathbone Blue Chip Income & Growth
Alan McIntosh1.51.37.433.452.836.8n/an/aDiscovery Balanced
Discovery Managed Growth
TM Cheviot Balanced
Alan Porter0.93.14.344.051.5n/an/an/aMartin Currie Global Equity Income
Alan Rowsell3.6- Life Investments Global Smaller Companies
Alan Wilde2.12.7-0.4- Global Bond
Alasdair Birch4.0-4.9n/an/an/an/an/an/aSVM Continental Europe
Alasdair Ross1. European Bond
Threadneedle Monthly Extra Income
Threadneedle Credit Opportunities
Threadneedle UK Short Dated Corporate Bond
Threadneedle Medium & Long Dated Corporate Bond
Threadneedle European Corporate Bond
Alastair George1.20.70.3n/an/an/an/an/an/a
Alastair Gunn1.62.311.934.2n/an/an/an/aJupiter High Income
Jupiter Distribution
Alastair Mundy2. Global Special Situations
Investec UK Special Situations
Investec Cautious Managed
Alastair Reynolds2.411.96.1- Currie Emerging Markets
Aled Smith2.33.57.848.765.852.492.6160.4M&G American
M&G Global Leaders
Aleem Siddiqui2.22.69.536.082.366.0119.4169.0n/a
Alex Brandreth1.82.59.3n/an/an/an/an/an/a
Alex Breese2.3-1.410.658.072.966.9n/an/aSchroder UK Equity
L&G UK Select Equity
FE Alpha managerAlex Grispos0.8- Ruffer Equity & General
Alex Illingworth1.41.46.338.944.628.364.296.3Artemis Global Select
Alex Lee0.04.01.828.3n/an/an/an/aCF Canlife Japan
Alex Lyle2. Global Equity
Threadneedle Global Equity & Bond
Threadneedle Equity & Bond
FP Omnis Threadneedle Cautious
Threadneedle Navigator Adventurous Managed
Threadneedle Navigator Balanced Managed
Threadneedle Navigator Cautious Managed
Threadneedle Navigator Growth Managed
Threadneedle Navigator Growth
Threadneedle Navigator UK Index Tracker
Alex Ralph0.52.78.628.152.249.463.0n/aArtemis High Income
Artemis Strategic Bond
Alex Ross1.87.727.851. Pan European Property
FE Alpha managerAlex Savvides1.9-0.712.973.387.2n/an/an/aJOHCM UK Dynamic
Alex Stanic1.70.55.830.539.55.533.573.4R&M Global Equity
Alex Walker0.7n/an/an/an/an/an/an/aKames Property Income Feeder
FE Alpha managerAlex Wright2.3-4.210.1113.3230.7n/an/an/aFidelity Special Situations
Fidelity UK Smaller Companies
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