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Research Archive

Bears, the Tories and Charles Tan’s house: FE Trustnet’s best stories of the week By Alex Paget 22-Aug-2014 04:30 PM
The FE Trustnet team round up their favourite articles of the week, including stories about underperforming global funds and a possible housing crash.

FE Research: The biggest stories affecting markets this week By FE Research 22-Aug-2014 03:30 PM
The FE Research team rounds up the macroeconomic news that has had the biggest effect on markets over the past seven days.

Which group has the best range of funds across the board? By Joshua Ausden 22-Aug-2014 01:00 PM
Invesco Perpetual was dealt a heavy blow when Neil Woodford handed in his resignation in October last year, but strength in depth has helped them weather the storm.

The "star" managers who have yet to go through a crash By Daniel Lanyon 22-Aug-2014 11:00 AM
FE Trustnet highlights three managers that have hit the ground running, but are yet to be tested with their current mandate during a crash.

Coombs: I’m convinced there will be a correction in the coming months By Alex Paget 22-Aug-2014 08:00 AM
The FE Alpha Manager has allowed his cash weighting to build up across his multi-asset funds, believing poor liquidity and low volatility signal a market sell-off is imminent.

Emerging markets are rallying: So is it time to invest or sell? By Joshua Ausden 21-Aug-2014 06:00 PM
The asset class has shrugged off an awful 2013 and delivered strong returns this year, but experts question whether investors should jump on the band wagon.

Three reasons why gold is set to rally for the rest of 2014 By Scott Winship 21-Aug-2014 03:00 PM
Scott Winship, portfolio manager of the Investec Global Gold fund, explains why gold is set to build on a strong first half of the year.

Five top-performing global funds that have justified their fees By Daniel Lanyon 21-Aug-2014 01:30 PM
FE Trustnet highlights some of the few actively managed global funds with a proven ability of beating their benchmarks.

Return of the bears: Tulloch, Stout, Wood & co back to winning ways in 2014 By Joshua Ausden 21-Aug-2014 11:00 AM
Defensive managers with a constant eye on downside protection often go through bursts of underperformance – but their strategy proves to be spot-on time and time again.

Fidelity Special Sits or Schroder Recovery: Which value fund is right for you? By Alex Paget 21-Aug-2014 08:00 AM
In the next article in the series, FE Trustnet compares and contrasts these two popular UK funds to find out which is best for different investors.

Podger: Why investors can still afford to be bullish By Jeremy Podger 20-Aug-2014 05:30 PM
FE Alpha Manager Jeremy Podger says that although headwinds persist, equity investors can take positives from the growing level of confidence among company management teams.

More than 75% of global funds underperform over three and five years By Daniel Lanyon 20-Aug-2014 05:15 PM
They have the world at their feet, but research shows that most IMA Global funds fail to outperform their benchmark.

Hermes: The areas most exposed to a liquidity crisis in bonds By Alex Paget 20-Aug-2014 04:30 PM
Hermes’ Mitch Reznick says the time has come to protect yourself from a “sustained” sell-off in fixed income – particularly high yield.

Three low-cost global tracker funds smashing their active rivals By Daniel Lanyon 20-Aug-2014 02:00 PM
With a small percentage of funds in the IMA Global sector beating their benchmark here, we look at cheap passives trouncing their active rivals.

Five top-performing funds that have given you the roughest ride By Alex Paget 20-Aug-2014 08:00 AM
These funds have all delivered market beating returns over the long-term, but will have undoubtedly given their investors a few sleepless nights.

Pain for UK small and mid cap funds coming to an end, says Banyard By Daniel Lanyon 19-Aug-2014 06:00 PM
The Schroders manager is feeling more optimistic after a torrid 2014 for companies at the lower end of the UK market.

Evan-Cook: Why you should always be wary of investing in star managers By Jenna Voigt 19-Aug-2014 03:30 PM
The fund of funds manager at Premier reveals why he’s sold out of some of the UK’s most highly rated fund managers, including Schroders’ Paul Marriage.

FTSE trackers outperform in 2014 – but some by more than others By Joshua Ausden 19-Aug-2014 01:30 PM
Investors would have been better off being in passive funds than the average active UK fund this year, but the range of returns is stark even only over a short period.

Consistency or long-term outperformance: What do you want from your fund? By Alex Paget 19-Aug-2014 12:00 PM
FE Trustnet examines the relationship between the most consistent and the top-performing funds over the long-term.

Square Mile: Our four favourite funds for income and growth By Daniel Lanyon 19-Aug-2014 08:00 AM
Square Mile, the investment research firm and FE’s strategic partner, reveals its top-rated funds for income investors who also want capital growth.

Three funds to cash in on “the next dividend growth story” By Jenna Voigt 18-Aug-2014 06:00 PM
In spite of economic turmoil, European companies have hit back with the highest dividend growth in five years.

Ignore the bulls – US equities are fully valued, warns F&C's MM team By Gary Jackson 18-Aug-2014 04:30 PM
Gary Potter and Rob Burdett are not convinced by recent arguments that the US is looking attractive compared with its historic valuations.

Is now the perfect time to buy the RIT Capital Partners IT? By Daniel Lanyon 18-Aug-2014 03:00 PM
The trust has had a miserable three years or so, but Numis Securities’ Ewan Lovett-Turner says the uncertainty creeping into markets suits its style.

A one-stop-shop UK Equity Income fund for your portfolio By Alex Paget 18-Aug-2014 01:15 PM
Despite a difficult period during and immediately after the financial crises, Premier’s Ian Rees tells FE Trustnet why investors should consider George Luckraft’s AXA Framlington Monthly Income fund for their portfolio.

Are these “expensive” funds worth the extra cost? By Joshua Ausden 18-Aug-2014 11:00 AM
FE Trustnet highlights a selection of funds that have justified their above-average ongoing charges figures (OCFs) in recent years.

Ruffer or Trojan: Which multi-asset fund is right for you? By Alex Paget 18-Aug-2014 08:00 AM
In the next article in the series, FE Trustnet compares two of the largest and most popular funds for investors looking for a multi-asset fund to give them diversification.

The most disappointing fund launches of recent years By Daniel Lanyon 17-Aug-2014 02:00 PM
Hargreaves Lansdown’s Mark Dampier, Investec’s Max King and Spear Financial’s Chris Spear reveal the funds they bought at the first opportunity – then wished they hadn’t.

I’m so bearish I’ve sold my house, says Cantor’s Tan By Alex Paget 17-Aug-2014 07:00 AM
The analyst at Cantor Fitzgerald says that the global economy faces a downturn similar to 2008, and wants as little exposure as possible to risk assets as a result.

Luthman: Why I’m expecting a bull market if Cameron gets a majority By Joshua Ausden 16-Aug-2014 02:00 PM
The FE Alpha Manager highlights three reasons why he is bullish on UK equities for the coming years, though says another coalition could put the brakes on any rise.

Ten steps to successful value investing By Dylan Ball 16-Aug-2014 07:00 AM
Franklin Templeton’s Dylan Ball outlines the firm’s 10 key elements for making money over the long-term.

Failing funds, confident managers and life after Woodford: The best stories of the week By Jenna Voigt 15-Aug-2014 04:30 PM
The FE Trustnet team round up their favourite articles of the week, including the failing funds that haven’t beaten cash and a warning from Bill McQuaker.

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