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You are here: FE AFI Cautious Portfolio

FE Adviser Fund Index: AFI Cautious Portfolio

The FE AFI Cautious portfolio outperforms the APCIMS Income Growth index and the IMA Cautious Managed Sector average. All of the AFI portfolios currently provide consistent outperformance across the spectrum of risk, against typical alternative benchmarks.

FE AFI Performance Chart
Index 3m % 6m % 1y % 2013 % since Nov 04 %
AFI Cautious Index 0.8 2.0 4.5 9.8 72.0
FTSE WMA Stock Market Income Index 0.9 1.4 4.2 10.0 84.8
IMA Mixed Investment 20%-60% Shrs 0.3 1.4 3.8 8.8 56.3
Constituent 6m 1y Sector  FE Crown Rating  
Aberdeen Asia Pacific & Japan Equity A Acc-4.8-9.8 Asia Pacific Including Japan2add to basket
Absolute Insight Fp1.92.9 Targeted Absolute Return4add to basket
Absolute Insight Emerging Market Debt B1p USD-0.10.8 Absolute Return4add to basket
Absolute Insight Equity Market Neutral AP GBP1.01.6 Absolute Return4add to basket
Alliance Trust Monthly Income Bond A Acc2.10.6 Sterling Corporate Bond2add to basket
Allianz Gilt Yield C-0.2-5.4 UK Gilts3add to basket
Ardevora UK Equity A6.820.4 Equity - UKunrated sectoradd to basket
Artemis Global Income R Acc6.512.4 Global Equity Income5add to basket
Artemis High Income R5.310.2 Sterling Strategic Bond5add to basket
Artemis Income R Inc1.511.0 UK Equity Income4add to basket
Artemis Strategic Assets R Acc1.77.9 Flexible Investment2add to basket
Artemis Strategic Bond MR Dis4.06.9 Sterling Strategic Bond4add to basket
Aviva Inv Strategic Bond 1 Inc4.06.0 Sterling Strategic Bond4add to basket
Aviva Inv UK Equity Income A1.213.3 UK Equity Income5add to basket
Aviva Inv US Equity Income 1 Acc-0.84.6 North Americaunrated sectoradd to basket
AXA Framlington UK Select Opportunities R Acc2.918.0 UK All Companies4add to basket
AXA Sterling Credit Short Duration Bond R Acc0.60.5 Sterling Corporate Bond2add to basket
AXA US Short Duration High Yield Bond Z Acc1.93.4 Global Bonds2add to basket
Baillie Gifford American A Acc2.28.5 North America1add to basket
Baillie Gifford Corporate Bond A Inc3.63.2 Sterling Strategic Bond5add to basket
Baillie Gifford Japanese A Acc-8.1-4.4 Japan5add to basket
BlackRock Continental European Income D Acc5.517.5 Europe Excluding UKunrated sectoradd to basket
BlackRock European Absolute Alpha P Acc3.05.6 Targeted Absolute Return3add to basket
BlackRock European Dynamic A Acc5.920.4 Europe Excluding UK4add to basket
BlackRock UK Special Situations A Acc0.812.0 UK All Companies3add to basket
BNY Mellon Long Term Global Equity Exempt 2 Acc-1.92.4 Global3add to basket
CF Lindsell Train UK Equity Acc3.914.6 UK All Companies5add to basket
CF Miton Special Situations Portfolio A GBP-3.6-5.5 Flexible Investment1add to basket
CF Miton UK Multi Cap Income A Ret Acc10.233.7 UK Equity Incomeunrated sectoradd to basket
CF Odey Absolute Return Ret GBP3.030.0 Targeted Absolute Return4add to basket
CF Ruffer Total Return C Inc-1.5-2.2 Mixed Investment 20%-60% Shares1add to basket
Charlemagne Magna Emerging Markets Dividend N Acc EUR-3.8-5.7 Equity - Emerging Markets5add to basket
Dimensional Emerging Markets Core Equity Acc-5.3-7.9 Global Emerging Markets3add to basket
Dimensional Global Short Dated Bond Acc0.3-0.2 Global Bonds4add to basket
Fidelity Cash A Acc GBP0.00.1 Short Term Money Market4add to basket
Fidelity Global Dividend A Acc GBP1.75.3 Global Equity Incomeunrated sectoradd to basket
Fidelity Moneybuilder Dividend Inc6.610.8 UK Equity Income5add to basket
Fidelity Moneybuilder Income Inc1.6-0.8 Sterling Corporate Bond2add to basket
Fidelity Strategic Bond Inc2.91.5 Sterling Strategic Bond3add to basket
First State Asia Pacific Leaders A GBP Acc-2.3-4.0 Asia Pacific Excluding Japan4add to basket
FP Argonaut European Enhanced Income A Hedged Acc GBP6.517.6 Europe Excluding UK4add to basket
Henderson Inst Cash Ret Acc0.10.2 Money Market1add to basket
Henderson UK Property Inc4.78.7 Property1add to basket
Hermes Asia ex Japan Equity R Acc USD5.9n/a Equity - Asia Pacific ex Japanunrated sectoradd to basket
IFSL Brooks Macdonald Defensive Capital B1.54.4 Mixed Investment 20%-60% Shares3add to basket
Ignis Corporate Bond A Inc2.30.7 Sterling Corporate Bond3add to basket
Ignis UK Property A Acc5.48.1 Property2add to basket
Invesco Perpetual Balanced Risk 8 Acc1.31.4 Specialistunrated sectoradd to basket
Invesco Perpetual Corporate Bond Acc2.53.6 Sterling Corporate Bond4add to basket
Invesco Perpetual Distribution Acc3.36.0 Mixed Investment 20%-60% Shares5add to basket
Invesco Perpetual Global Bond Acc-2.1-5.1 Global Bonds5add to basket
Invesco Perpetual Global Targeted Returns Acc2.9n/a Targeted Absolute Returnunrated sectoradd to basket
Invesco Perpetual UK Strategic Income No Trail Inc7.718.4 UK Equity Income5add to basket
Investec Cautious Managed A Acc GBP-0.91.4 Mixed Investment 20%-60% Shares2add to basket
Investec Short Dated Bond A Acc GBP0.1n/a Specialistunrated sectoradd to basket
Investec UK Special Situations A Inc GBP2.711.7 UK All Companies4add to basket
JOHCM UK Equity Income B Acc3.017.6 UK Equity Income4add to basket
JOHCM UK Opportunities B Acc3.510.8 UK All Companies5add to basket
JPM US Equity Income A Acc2.47.7 North America4add to basket
Jupiter Strategic Bond Acc4.36.1 Sterling Strategic Bond5add to basket
Kames Ethical Cautious Managed A Acc3.511.3 Mixed Investment 20%-60% Shares5add to basket
Kames High Yield Bond A Acc4.15.6 Sterling High Yield3add to basket
Kames Strategic Bond A Acc3.83.6 Sterling Strategic Bond2add to basket
L&G All Stocks Gilt Index M Inc0.4-3.9 UK Gilts3add to basket
L&G Dynamic Bond R Acc3.95.0 Sterling Strategic Bond1add to basket
L&G UK Property Trust R Acc6.29.5 Property3add to basket
Legg Mason ClearBridge US Aggressive Growth A(A) Dis USD10.026.9 Equity - USA3add to basket
Legg Mason Global Multi Strategy Bond A Inc1.2-2.6 Global Bonds1add to basket
Legg Mason Income Optimiser A Inc3.32.0 Sterling Strategic Bondunrated sectoradd to basket
Liontrust Macro Equity Income (R) Acc4.316.4 UK Equity Income3add to basket
M&G Global Convertibles A Acc GBP-0.65.0 Specialist1add to basket
M&G Global Dividend A Acc GBP0.86.3 Global4add to basket
M&G Global Macro Bond A Acc GBP-2.4-6.7 Global Bonds4add to basket
M&G Optimal Income A Acc GBP3.15.8 Sterling Strategic Bond5add to basket
M&G Property Portfolio A Acc GBP5.88.6 Property2add to basket
M&G Strategic Corporate Bond A Acc GBP3.23.0 Sterling Corporate Bond4add to basket
M&G UK Inflation Linked Corporate Bond A Acc1.13.0 Sterling Strategic Bond1add to basket
Majedie UK Income A5.824.1 UK Equity Incomeunrated sectoradd to basket
MGTS AFH Strategic Core Acc1.36.0 Unclassifiedunrated sectoradd to basket
Morgan Stanley Global Brands A Acc1.31.1 Global4add to basket
Newton Asian Income B Acc GBP-4.1-9.3 Asia Pacific Excluding Japan5add to basket
Newton Global Higher Income B Acc1.82.7 Global Equity Income4add to basket
Newton Real Return B Acc0.60.9 Targeted Absolute Return1add to basket
Old Mutual Global Strategic Bond A Inc-2.4-7.3 Global Bonds2add to basket
PFS TwentyFour Dynamic Bond A Ret Gr Acc GBP6.810.7 Sterling Strategic Bond5add to basket
PFS TwentyFour Monument Bond A Ret Net Acc GBP4.15.6 Specialist3add to basket
Premier Income A Inc3.616.1 UK Equity Income4add to basket
Premier Pan European Property A Inc10.823.0 Property5add to basket
R&M UK Equity Income A3.618.3 UK Equity Income4add to basket
Rathbone Global Opportunities Acc0.412.7 Global4add to basket
Rathbone Income Inc3.212.1 UK Equity Income5add to basket
Royal London Short Duration Global High Yield Bond Z Inc2.65.7 Fixed Int - Globalunrated sectoradd to basket
Royal London Sterling Credit Z Inc2.91.6 Sterling Corporate Bond5add to basket
Royal London UK Equity Income A Inc5.322.2 UK Equity Income5add to basket
Saracen Global Income & Growth Acc2.39.8 Global Equity Incomeunrated sectoradd to basket
Schroder Asian Income A Acc-1.3-6.3 Asia Pacific Excluding Japan5add to basket
Schroder European Alpha Plus A Acc-0.85.4 Europe Excluding UK3add to basket
Schroder Income A Acc1.315.2 UK Equity Income5add to basket
Schroder Income Maximiser A Acc0.412.1 UK Equity Income4add to basket
Schroder MM Diversity A Acc-0.14.7 Mixed Investment 20%-60% Shares5add to basket
Schroder Strategic Credit A Acc2.13.4 Sterling Strategic Bond1add to basket
Schroder Tokyo A Acc-7.6-8.4 Japan3add to basket
Schroder UK Alpha Income A Inc1.014.0 UK Equity Income5add to basket
Schroder US Mid Cap A Acc1.613.7 North America1add to basket
Smith & Williamson Global Government Bond A Acc-0.8-8.5 Fixed Int - Globalunrated sectoradd to basket
Standard Life Investments European Equity Income Ret Inc1.411.0 Europe Excluding UK4add to basket
Standard Life Investments Global Absolute Return Strategies Ret Acc2.41.3 Targeted Absolute Return3add to basket
Standard Life Investments Global Index Linked Bond Ret Acc0.6-5.6 Global Bonds4add to basket
Standard Life Investments UK Equity Unconstrained Ret Acc4.032.0 UK All Companies2add to basket
Standard Life Investments UK Smaller Companies Ret4.822.5 UK Smaller Companies2add to basket
SWIP Absolute Return Bond A Acc-1.10.6 Targeted Absolute Return4add to basket
SWIP Defensive Gilt A Inc-0.4-2.0 UK Gilts2add to basket
SWIP Property Trust Acc9.112.6 Property1add to basket
Threadneedle American Ret Acc GBP2.211.5 North America3add to basket
Threadneedle Dollar Bond Ret GBP-2.4-10.0 Global Bonds4add to basket
Threadneedle Global Equity Income Ret Acc GBP-1.92.4 Global Equity Income3add to basket
Threadneedle Short Dated Corporate Bond Inst Gross Inc1.42.2 Sterling Corporate Bond4add to basket
Threadneedle UK Equity Alpha Income Ret Inc GBP3.020.4 UK Equity Income5add to basket
Threadneedle UK Equity Income Ret Inc GBP4.218.5 UK Equity Income5add to basket
Threadneedle UK Property Ret Acc4.46.3 Property1add to basket
Trojan O Inc0.1-3.9 Flexible Investment1add to basket
Trojan Income O Acc5.911.0 UK Equity Income5add to basket
Unicorn UK Income A5.330.1 UK Equity Income5add to basket
Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Index Inv USD-1.91.9 Equity - Emerging Markets3add to basket
Vanguard FTSE Developed World ex UK Equity Index Acc1.67.8 Global3add to basket
Vanguard FTSE UK Equity Index Acc2.19.8 UK All Companies3add to basket
Vanguard US Equity Index Acc3.910.7 North America3add to basket
Veritas Global Equity Income A GBP4.37.3 Equity - International3add to basket


Aggressive FE Adviser Fund Index - FE Balanced FE Adviser Fund Index - FE Cautious FE Adviser Fund Index - FE
Index Value Week
AFI Cautious 172.0 0.9%
WMA Stock Market Income 2,716.2 0.6%
IMA Mixed Investment 20%-60% Shrs 397.7 0.8%
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