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FE Adviser Fund Index: Panellist

The FE Adviser Fund index, or set of indices, are designed to act as indicators of the UK funds market. The FE AFI provides a benchmark against which the investment community can compare fund portfolio performance, as well as offering a relevant flagship index for the funds market.

Select one of the Panellist below for further information.

Company Name
Beckett Financial Services Tim Hines
Brooks Macdonald Asset Management Jonathan Lau
Brown Shipley Alex Brandreth
Charles Stanley Shauna Bevan
Chelsea Financial Services Darius McDermott
City Asset Management Michael Paul
Close Brothers Asset Management James Davies
Dart Capital Limited Richard Whitehead
Dennehy Weller & Co Ltd Brian Dennehy
Equilibrium Asset Management LLP Mike Deverell
Gemmell Financial Services Limited Chris Wise
Holden & Partners Stuart Ryan
Investec Wealth & Investment Beccie Williams
Killik & Co Mick Gilligan
Minerva Fund Managers Limited Paul Warner
Rowan Dartington Tim Cockerill
The Share Centre Andy Parsons
Towry Ltd Dawn Mealing
Whitechurch Securities Limited Ben Willis
Dennehy Weller & Co Ltd Photo of Brian Dennehy
The ideal fund is one that consistently provides above average gains by taking below average risks. It is not always a straightforward job, as pure statistical analysis can overlook hidden dangers, and these are the seeds of a fund’s future volatility. Our analysis is a two part process. Firstly we apply our statistical analysis (the objective test) to build a short list within a sector. Secondly we apply our subjective test, taking into account other matters based on years of experience, to narrow this down to the very best of the TopFunds. There are a number of approaches to the asset and geographical split. Over many years we have seen a variety of reviews that, with the benefit of hindsight of the recent past, tell us you should have "more invested overseas", then "most invested in the UK", or "greater sums invested in the US". And computer models are increasingly used to create the chimera of a rational portfolio structure, but tell you nothing of the "accidents of history" and lack the input that only experienced practitioners can provide. For some consistency we apply a rule of thumb that the low risk element of your portfolio should be equal to your age. So if you’re aged 25 the low risk holdings would be 25%, and if you’re aged 75 they might be 75% of your total investments. It's as good a starting point as any.
Company Name Dennehy Weller & Co Ltd
Company Website
Year Established 1981
Client Base 3,000
Funds Under Management (£) not stated
Number of Employees 10
Number of Offices 1
Annual Company Turnover (£) 800,000
Area Service available
Investment Yes
Pensions Yes
Life Assurance Yes
Tax Planning Yes
Corporate Yes
Mortgages Yes
Healthcare Yes
Offshore/Expats No
Name Job title
Brian Dennehy Managing Director
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