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You are here: Manager factsheet

Gordon Grender

FE Alpha Manager
GAM Sterling Management Ltd
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FE Trustnet verdict
Overall, performing better than the peer group composite. However, over a long track record, the manager has, period by period, over- and under-performed roughly equally. Good stockpicking has had a material positive impact on results, which have not been particularly exposed to falling markets.
Manager profile
Gordon Grender is an independent Investment Adviser to a GAM US equity fund. Gordon has been associated with GAM since 1983 and has been actively involved in fund management in North American stock markets since 1974. Between 1964 and 1990, he was also associated with the London stockbroking firm Kitcat & Aitken. He is based in London.
Total return for Gordon Grender
Rolling Alpha Quartile: Discrete three year periods
Rolling Alpha Quartile shows a manager's alpha score in quartile terms, plotting his or her risk adjusted performance against all other managers in the UT & OEICs universe. The best managers are those who are consistently ranked in the first or second quartile.
Quartile 1
Quartile 2
Quartile 3
Quartile 4
Discrete calendar year performance : Gordon Grender

Manager career performance
Discrete performance
  0-12m 12-24m 24-36m 36-48m 48-60m 60-72m 72-84m 84-96m 96-108m 108-120m
Gordon Grender 7.4 24.3 21.0 8.6 14.4 -1.1 7.0 -6.5 -1.1 12.9
Peer Group Composite 13.7 21.9 17.0 10.0 7.9 -8.7 -0.5 6.2 0.6 13.3
Over / Under -6.3 2.4 4.0 -1.4 6.5 7.6 7.5 -12.7 -1.7 -0.4
Performance vs peer group composite: Gordon Grender
How a manager matches up against his peers gives you some idea of how talented he is. Very few managers perform equally well in rising and falling markets, so knowing which type of market a manager is capable of performing well within is also important.
Overall markets
Outperformed peer group composite
5 years
out of a possible 10
Overall markets
Underperformed peer group composite
5 years
out of a possible 10
Rising markets
Outperformed peer group composite
3 years
out of a possible 8
Falling markets
Outperformed peer group composite
2 years
out of a possible 2
Funds currently managed
Fund Sole/Co-managed Sector Periods
GAM North American Growth Lead manager UT North America since Jan 02 1985 to present
Funds managed previously
Fund Periods
GAM Star American Equity since Jul 06 1998 to fund close
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