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Kames’ Wells: Five outstanding UK domestic stocks for income

By Rob Langston | 10:00 | 22-Aug-2017

Iain Wells, co-manager of the Kames UK Equity Income fund, highlights five companies with greater exposure to the domestic economy and compelling yields. ...

The EM and Asia trusts on the widest/tightest discounts relative to their own history

By Jonathan Jones | 07:00 | 22-Aug-2017

Policy error danger shouldn’t be ignored, says Aberdeen Standard’s Milligan

By Rob Langston | 18:00 | 21-Aug-2017

How to play improving Japanese economic data, according to Schroders

By Jonathan Jones | 16:00 | 21-Aug-2017

Nordea: Why we backed China as investors worried about a 'hard landing'

By Jorry Rask Nøddekær | 14:00 | 21-Aug-2017

Passives jump to top of balanced portfolios during Q2’s “significant turnover”

By Gary Jackson | 12:00 | 21-Aug-2017

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