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FE Alpha Manager Savvides’s punchy portfolio changes that weathered 2016

By Lauren Mason | 16:00 | 17-Feb-2017

FE Alpha Manager Alex Savvides, who runs the top-performing JOHCM UK Dynamic fund, tells FE Trustnet why his proudest achievement of last year was selling the underperforming stocks in his portfolio. ...

The Trump rally: Why there could be more to come

By Geoff Spiteri | 14:00 | 17-Feb-2017

Schroders' Lee: Three headwinds for Asian markets

By Rob Langston | 12:00 | 17-Feb-2017

How the most equity-heavy unfettered funds stack up against their fettered peers

By Jonathan Jones | 07:00 | 17-Feb-2017

Fund managers consider Donald Trump’s next big move

By Rob Langston | 18:00 | 16-Feb-2017

The alternative income source the top managers are buying

By Jonathan Jones | 16:00 | 16-Feb-2017

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