What's new on Trustnet?

Thank you for choosing Trustnet as your investment research platform. 

We have recently improved the look and feel of Trustnet to better support your investment research. In a survey we asked for your feedback and any features you would like to see on Trustnet to make sure we understand your needs and can keep improving the site for your benefit.

As a first result it’s our pleasure to present our new improved search. The new search will make it faster and easier to find funds. Just start typing a search term and after three character you will get relevant suggestions.

After you have completed typing you have the option to select a fund to go directly to its factsheet, show all related results in one table or filter your search by selecting a universe.

You can search for a fund group, fund name, ISIN, Citicode, specific search term and many more. Just give it a try… and don’t worry about upper and lower case typos - the search is not case-sensitive.

If you are looking for further information about Trustnet, please check out our Help page.


Thank you very much for using Trustnet! We appreciate your visits.


Your Trustnet Team


P.S. In the coming weeks and months we will release further improvements based on your feedback. If you have further feedback in the meantime, please use our Contact us form.