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Life Funds / Legal & General Assurance Soc

Portfolio Bond - Initial Charge

Fund overview
Funds available within this product156
Number of funds holdable at same time50
Fund switching availabletick
Unlimited free switchestick
No minimum switchcross
Minimum amount per switch (£/%)£ 1000

Legal & General Assurance Soc

User rating:

star rating :

Based on 85 respondent(s)
156 funds available
Annual Charges
RankName Basic Additional 1y 3y 5y FE Crown rating 
1L&G Aberdeen Asia Pacific Equity1.302.7523.4219.44-2
2L&G Aberdeen Emerging Markets Equity1.302.2630.6420.8639.323
3L&G Aberdeen MM Cautious Managed Portfolio1.302.8410.0215.67-2
4L&G Aberdeen UK Property Feeder1.302.50-8.4716.6117.30n/a
5L&G Allianz Emerging Markets Equity1.302.5833.2926.7326.445
6L&G Allianz PIMCO Gilt Yield1.301.918.8717.93-3
7L&G Artemis European Growth1.302.3619.3621.8581.493
8L&G Artemis High Income1.302.096.9515.68-1
9L&G Artemis Income1.302.177.6818.0658.543
10L&G Artemis Strategic Bond1.301.946.6911.2932.201
11L&G Artemis UK Select1.302.24-1.6211.3358.371
12L&G Artemis UK Special Situations1.302.159.2316.4061.972
13L&G Aviva Investors Property1.302.10-4.3313.6617.06n/a
14L&G AXA Framlington Biotechnology1.302.585.4055.08191.461
15L&G AXA Framlington Health1.302.2817.1757.44127.393
16L&G AXA Framlington UK Select Opportunities1.302.156.4512.8352.201
17L&G BlackRock Gold & General1.302.1979.21--3
18L&G BlackRock UK1.302.287.0620.1958.243
19L&G BlackRock UK Absolute Alpha1.302.460.8620.9015.334
20L&G BlackRock UK Income1.301.988.30--4
21L&G BlackRock UK Special Situations1.302.288.9411.8752.251
22L&G Cash1.301.30-0.33-0.84-0.765
23L&G Distribution1.301.308.1517.7239.894
24L&G Distribution Growth1.301.308.9518.5142.834
25L&G Dynamic Bond1.301.80-0.075.6623.621
26L&G Equity1.301.3011.2017.5351.583
27L&G Ethical1.301.501.5110.4257.673
28L&G European1.301.3018.7926.0472.953
29L&G F&C MM Navigator Distribution1.303.7910.7322.28-3
30L&G F&C MM Navigator Moderate1.303.4511.0921.7850.384
31L&G F&C Responsible UK Income1.302.194.5622.4771.644
32L&G Fidelity American1.302.3623.5842.87-1
33L&G Fidelity Asia1.302.7432.96--5
34L&G Fidelity European1.302.4019.1128.15-3
35L&G Fidelity WealthBuilder1.302.4018.7331.3874.794
36L&G First State Global Listed Infrastructure1.302.2630.1051.79-5
37L&G First State Global Resources1.302.0943.23--5
38L&G First State Greater China Growth1.302.2828.2933.8672.583
39L&G Fixed Interest1.301.307.6416.9919.423
40L&G Global 100 Equity Index1.301.3024.4333.3366.95n/a
41L&G Growth1.302.0015.1225.9354.714
42L&G Henderson Cautious Managed1.301.986.2013.69-2
43L&G Henderson China Opportunities1.302.2433.7950.3084.455
44L&G Henderson European Growth1.302.3921.0633.3574.525
45L&G Henderson European Selected Opportunities1.302.1014.6627.0377.114
46L&G Henderson Multi Manager Active1.303.0118.23--4
47L&G Henderson Multi Manager Income & Growth1.303.226.9213.4428.933
48L&G Henderson Multi Manager Income & Growth1.302.688.40--3
49L&G Henderson Multi Manager Managed1.302.9612.47--3
50L&G Henderson Preference & Bond1.301.884.9912.9932.992
51L&G Henderson Sterling Bond1.301.927.5612.7726.173
52L&G Henderson Strategic Bond1.301.925.4416.1139.402
53L&G Henderson UK Property PAIF Feeder1.302.27-4.40--n/a
54L&G High Income1.301.307.6912.1629.622
55L&G Index Linked Gilt1.301.3021.8138.3051.993
56L&G Invesco Perpetual Corporate Bond1.301.884.639.3129.492
57L&G Invesco Perpetual Distribution1.302.174.3812.1643.041
58L&G Invesco Perpetual Global Bond1.301.8812.6015.24-2
59L&G Invesco Perpetual Global Smaller Companies1.302.1824.0936.09-3
60L&G Invesco Perpetual High Income1.302.173.3224.9462.795
61L&G Invesco Perpetual Income1.302.191.8619.5952.874
62L&G Invesco Perpetual Monthly Income Plus1.302.034.0712.2141.781
63L&G Investec Cautious Managed1.301.9010.347.7624.001
64L&G Investec Global Energy1.302.2619.42-18.37-9.151
65L&G Investec Global Strategic Equity1.302.2920.9335.9490.443
66L&G Investec UK Smaller Companies1.302.170.3518.99-1
67L&G Investec UK Special Situations1.301.897.9812.36-1
68L&G Japan Equity Index1.301.3026.7633.8362.89n/a
69L&G Japanese1.301.800.000.0017.34n/a
70L&G JPM Emerging Markets1.302.2731.4019.8932.293
71L&G JPM Natural Resources1.302.2944.28-10.61-36.453
72L&G JPM US1.302.2821.4742.6289.781
73L&G Jupiter Distribution1.302.006.3616.93-5
74L&G Jupiter Ecology1.302.3923.8026.8470.172
75L&G Jupiter Emerging European Opportunities1.302.5836.96-6.745.523
76L&G Jupiter European Special Situations1.302.5515.2824.40-3
77L&G Jupiter Financial Opportunities1.302.4615.8727.0582.123
78L&G Jupiter High Income1.302.476.2120.1554.732
79L&G Jupiter Income1.302.3418.2829.12-4
80L&G Jupiter Merlin Balanced Portfolio1.303.1014.8127.6555.954
81L&G Jupiter Merlin Growth Portfolio1.303.2614.4824.7347.755
82L&G Jupiter Merlin Income Portfolio1.303.265.648.7726.141
83L&G Jupiter Merlin Worldwide Portfolio1.303.2519.63--2
84L&G Kames Ethical Corporate Bond1.301.726.9517.5333.114
85L&G Kames Ethical Equity1.302.283.82--2
86L&G Kames High Yield Bond1.302.035.4011.95-2
87L&G Kames Sterling Corporate Bond1.301.797.2716.70-3
88L&G Kames Strategic Bond1.301.923.638.2026.961
89L&G Lazard Emerging Markets1.302.2836.0913.6629.353
90L&G Legg Mason IF Royce US Smaller Companies1.302.1924.65--1
91L&G Liontrust UK Growth1.302.1918.4432.47-4
92L&G M&G Corporate Bond1.301.837.7016.9831.973
93L&G M&G Feeder of Property Portfolio1.302.28-6.5613.9920.02n/a
94L&G M&G Gilt & Fixed Interest Income1.301.838.4419.32-2
95L&G M&G Global Basics1.302.1730.2222.6127.504
96L&G M&G High Yield Bond1.301.836.4711.5036.183
97L&G M&G Managed Growth1.302.2824.3124.2234.941
98L&G M&G North American Dividend1.302.2428.1142.1386.271
99L&G M&G Optimal Income1.302.274.727.5125.321
100L&G M&G Recovery1.302.018.742.8423.001
101L&G M&G Strategic Corporate Bond1.302.396.7514.1030.312
102L&G Managed1.301.3013.9121.9248.044
103L&G Managed Bond1.301.307.4814.4432.814
104L&G Managed Income1.301.309.3618.7335.123
105L&G Mixed Managed1.301.3010.3918.3638.564
106L&G Money Builder Investec Guaranteed1.301.905.252.1310.16n/a (sector not rated)
107L&G MultiManager Balanced1.302.6010.5715.47-1
108L&G MultiManager Growth1.302.6312.3517.53-2
109L&G MultiManager Income1.302.549.4214.41-2
110L&G Neptune Balanced1.302.0711.4717.3937.411
111L&G Neptune Global Equity1.302.2811.1121.1638.831
112L&G Neptune Income1.302.2912.4820.8550.272
113L&G Neptune Russia & Greater Russia1.302.4342.53-9.74-2.043
114L&G Newton Asian Income1.302.2330.7622.7355.334
115L&G Newton Global Equity1.302.1023.3440.38-3
116L&G Newton Global Income1.302.3027.1740.8974.824
117L&G Newton International Bond1.301.7926.4328.2024.213
118L&G Newton Multi Asset Balanced1.302.0013.7321.3739.743
119L&G Newton Multi Asset Growth1.302.0917.3836.4874.685
120L&G Newton UK Equity1.301.888.3028.0968.525
121L&G Newton UK Income1.301.9016.3631.1466.365
122L&G North American1.301.3029.3453.37105.134
123L&G Old Mutual Corporate Bond1.301.936.2311.9129.222
124L&G Old Mutual UK Mid Cap1.301.9813.4542.05-3
125L&G Pacific1.301.80-1.63-7.8211.172
126L&G Pacific Ex Japan Equity Index1.301.3031.2120.7047.38n/a
127L&G Property1.301.301.7531.0137.44n/a
128L&G Rathbone Income1.302.098.4028.69-5
129L&G Royal London Corporate Bond1.301.598.11--4
130L&G Schroder European Alpha Plus1.302.2817.1517.4153.381
131L&G Schroder European Opportunities1.302.0911.46--4
132L&G Schroder Global Cities Real Estate1.302.3620.5934.7374.483
133L&G Schroder Income1.302.179.7914.5767.262
134L&G Schroder Income Maximiser1.302.289.70--2
135L&G Schroder MM Diversity1.302.753.663.2821.212
136L&G Schroder Multi Manager Diversity Tactical1.303.06---2
137L&G Schroder Recovery1.302.1911.3515.34-2
138L&G Schroder Tokyo1.302.1026.5436.2969.193
139L&G Schroder UK Alpha Plus1.302.297.319.2848.742
140L&G Schroder UK Mid 2501.302.29-0.245.2679.251
141L&G Schroder UK Smaller Companies1.302.292.7820.4285.233
142L&G Standard Life UK Equity High Income1.301.81-0.3315.6560.431
143L&G Standard Life UK Real Estate Income Feeder1.302.34-5.4516.16-n/a
144L&G Standard Life UK Smaller Companies1.302.006.9322.5869.962
145L&G Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Leaders1.302.1022.4235.8461.025
146L&G Stewart Investors Global Emerging Markets Leaders1.302.1922.2521.1747.965
147L&G Stewart Investors Indian Subcontinent1.302.8622.8382.6296.205
148L&G Threadneedle Equity & Bond1.302.0012.3518.2837.734
149L&G Threadneedle Global Equity1.302.1014.8022.9153.143
150L&G Threadneedle Global Equity & Bond1.302.3911.5719.3044.714
151L&G Threadneedle Global Select1.301.9823.6338.7274.263
152L&G UK Alpha1.302.003.284.2231.791
153L&G UK Equity Index1.301.3011.0814.7046.40n/a
154L&G UK Special Situations1.301.8016.3024.2961.224
155L&G US Equity Index1.301.3027.4051.02103.94n/a
156LGIM UK Smaller Companies1.301.80-2.9013.9571.092
Data provided by FE. Care has been taken to ensure that the information is correct, but FE neither warrants, represents nor guarantees the contents of information, nor does it accept any responsibility for errors, inaccuracies, omissions or any inconsistencies herein. Past performance does not predict future performance, it should not be the main or sole reason for making an investment decision. The value of investments and any income from them can fall as well as rise.

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