FE Analytics

FE Analytics enables you to have a holistic view of your entire investment proposition, ensuring investment suitability and increased efficiency, so you can demonstrate the value of your investment proposition to your clients.

With over 300,000 portfolios and instruments to browse and compare, including UT & OEICS, ITs, Offshore, Onshore and DFMs, you can easily shortlist funds based on your suitability criteria.

FE Analytics is one system for all your fund research and analysis, trusted by more than 3,900 independent financial adviser firms.


We've pulled together some of the guides, how-tos and training videos for existing clients or anyone interest in finding out more.

FE Analytics How To Guides

A selection of videos, each built to explain a core feature on Analytics and how to use that feature effectively.

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FE Analytics - Quick Tips

Short videos that focus on the smaller details of Analytics and some best practice ideas on how to use Analytics efficiently.

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FinXL Training Series

A series of training videos to get the most from FinXL.

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FE Analytics Training Pathway Series

A structured training series that explores the core features of Analytics and how they fit together.

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Browse all the FE Analytics videos on YouTube

To find out more about FE Analytics, to explore training or, for new clients, get a free trial on FE fundinfo