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We welcome any feedback and will respond to your comments, suggestions or questions wherever possible. The information you provide will help us to further improve the Trustnet site. Please note that legally we cannot provide any financial advice or opinion.

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Editorial & Content Enquiries

Jonathan Jones

Editor, Trustnet

E/ Jonathan.Jones@fefundinfo.com

Tom Aylott

Reporter, Trustnet

E/ tom.aylott@fefundinfo.com

Anthony Luzio

Editor, Trustnet Magazine

E/ Anthony.Luzio@fefundinfo.com

Gary Jackson

Head of editorial, FE fundinfo

E/ Gary.Jackson@fefundinfo.com


Commercial Enquiries

For advertising, sponsorship and content distribution enquiries please contact: ads@fefundinfo.com


Marketing & PR Contacts

For Ad Operations including copy supply, please contact: operations@fefundinfo.com