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March 2023

Investors increasingly seek access to comprehensive ESG information to make informed investment decisions aligned with their values. To meet this growing demand, we are pleased to announce the integration of a new 3rd party ESG rating into Trustnet.

  • ISS Rating - Provided by ISS, each fund will now receive its own rating, derived from a weighted average ESG performance score which evaluates issues across environmental, social and governance performance metrics. The overall rating is graded on a scale from 1-star (worst) to 5-stars (best).

This rating can be found on the My Custom Tab on the Price and Performance page.

Please note, an ESG rating is provided to a fund which makes available the necessary information required to assign a rating. For more information about how the rating is assigned, please read

Previous releases

January 2023

SDFR types

We've added a new filter for SFDR Product Type to the Price and Performance table. You can also add the SFDR Product Type as a column to your 'My Custom' tab.


Article 8 funds/products are where “a financial product promotes, among other characteristics, environmental or social characteristics, or a combination of those characteristics, provided that the companies in which the investments are made follow good governance practices”.  In other words, these are funds that are marketed as ESG, although they don’t have to invest only in ESG/sustainable companies. These are sometimes referred to as “light green”.

Article 9 is where “a financial product has sustainable investment as its objective”, sometimes called “impact funds” or “dark green”. In other words, they must have an objective to achieve something sustainable, eg to reduce greenhouse gases, or to help achieve the Paris Climate Accord target of 1.5 degree rise in global temperature. 

Article 9 funds must invest only in businesses deemed to be sustainable.

What are usually referred to as Article 6 funds are everything else, ie traditional funds that do not claim to be sustainable, etc, although they may also take sustainability risks into account in the investment process, ie the managers may consider sustainability in their valuations of companies they invest in, as one of their metrics.

Image 1: Example of SFDR Product Type Price and Performance Filter:

Filters as they appear on Price and Performance Table down the left hand side including the new SFDR Product Type dropdown.

Image 2: Example of SFDR Product Type as a column for your 'My Custom Tab' filter:

In the coming weeks and months we will release further improvements based on your feedback. If you have further feedback in the meantime, please use our Contact us form.


December 2022

PDF Export

Price and performance tables can be useful in seeing pertinent data for a lot of funds at the same time, and we've had feedback that it would be easier to manage if results could be exported. We have implemented a PDF Export feature at the end of said tables. You can now export up to 300 rows of your search as a PDF.

This is a free to use feature for those with a Trustnet account, if you haven’t please register a new account here. You can find the PDF Export button on the bottom of the Price & Performance page. Use the search and the filters to create a list of funds you are interested in. If you are logged in and your result list doesn’t exceed 300 results, you simple click on PDF Export and the generation of the PDF will start.

Example of pdf download button under the price and performance table

Depending on your result list, this might take a while. You also might need to allow pop-ups for Trustnet in your browser settings, since the PDF Export will be opened in a new browser tab.

You can choose one of the tabs of the Price & Performance page (Fund Overview, Discrete Performance, Annual Performance and Ratings) as columns for the PDF Export.

Please note that by creating an account for Trustnet you also get access to our free to use Portfolio Tool. To give it a try click here.

Expanded search

We have also made further enhancements to the website’s search by improving the performance, resolving bugs and adding new functionality. You now have the option to search directly for News in the search. Just select News on the left of the search and after typing in three character you get results.

Example of search results

October 2022

As a first result it’s our pleasure to present our new improved search. The new search will make it faster and easier to find funds. Just start typing a search term and after three character you will get relevant suggestions.

After you have completed typing you have the option to select a fund to go directly to its factsheet, show all related results in one table or filter your search by selecting a universe.

You can search for a fund group, fund name, ISIN, Citicode, specific search term and many more. Just give it a try… and don’t worry about upper and lower case typos - the search is not case-sensitive.

If you are looking for further information about Trustnet, please check out our Help page.