What’s Hot: Potential for EU sanctions on Russian aluminium

As the two-year anniversary of the Ukraine War approaches1, there is speculation that another round of sanctions on Russia will be announced. However, the European Union is running out of things it can feasibly sanction. An article in the Politico magazine2 raised the possibility of sanctioning all Russian aluminium. Previous rounds of sanctions left around 85% of Russian exports to the EU untouched. In December 2023 the United Kingdom widened its aluminium sanctions to include almost all Russian material. The US applies a punitive 200% tariff on Russian aluminium. Hence the speculation in the EU will follow.

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1 The war started on 24th February 2022, when Russia invaded Ukraine

2 https://www.politico.eu/newsletter/brussels-playbook/ursula-von-der-leyens-campaign-rules/

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